Norway EV Sales Down Slightly In June, But Overall Market Share Still Increases

JUL 6 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2016

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2016

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

For the very first time in several years we see Norway’s plug-in market without growth.

Some 3,578 new passenger plug-ins registered moved the market down 0.7% (year-over-year), which maybe isn’t that big a tragedy – especially as the overall market shrank by 3.7%, but it is unusual nonetheless.

As a result, plug-in market share did still increase a little bit…to really pretty incredible 26.2%.

The reason behind the -0.7% move is high sales drop of all-electric cars by 27.2% to 1,906 (13.9% market share).  Plug-in hybrids still continue their strong growth (thanks to 2016 incentive changes), increasing over 69% in June to 1,672.

We should note that the above numbers also exclude 440 used imported passenger plug-in cars, as well as the 50 vans (45 new and 5 used).

The one all-electric model that caught our attention in June was the Renault ZOE with 398 new registrations.

Registration data for the model that cracked the Top 20 overall:

  • VW e-Golf – 305 sold in June and 2,859 YTD at 3.6% market share and 3rd place overall
  • Nissan LEAF – 318 in June and 2,592 YTD at 3.3% market share and 4th place overall
  • Tesla Model S – 284 in June and 1,241 YTD at 1.6% market share and 12th place overall
  • Renault ZOE – 398 in June and 1,230 YTD at 1.6% market share and 13th place overall
  • BMW i3 – 51 in June and 1,112 YTD at 1.4% market share and 15th place overall
New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2016

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2016

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It seems like Norway is hedging its bets, and promoting both EVs and hydrogen FCVs to replace ICE vehicles when it bans the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars beginning in 2025.

Norway wants South Korea’s cooperation to slash carbon emissions by making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that will be powered by Norwegian hydrogen made from renewable energy sources.

On a recent visit to South Korea, Norway’s Ambassador said “A great example of the Norwegian–South Korean energy cooperation can be found in the transport sector,” where “South Korean engine technology is paired with Norwegian hydrogen production and infrastructure technology to create hydrogen driven cars.”

Just sayin’.

Yes, in the distant future, all the way to year 3000:

Ok, I have to do it now too:

“…it is the distant future, the year 2000”

Some wind and solar production is technically wasted because the grid is “full” and cannot accept it.

It has been suggested that this excess production from renewables be put to use making hydrogen. Apparently this is something like what Norway has in mind. The resultant hydrogen would be clean since it would be produced from water using electrolysis.

Unfortunately, hydrogen producers will have to pay the windmill and solar utilities wholesale electric rates for the electricity. The Solar and Wind Farms are not going to give the electricity to the hydrogen producers for nothing.

The bottom line is that it will be just as expensive to hydrolyze H2 from water using surplus renewables production as it would be to purchase electricity from the fossil fuel grid and use that to hydrolyze water.

The solar and wind utilities are not going to voluntarily hand over the electricity to the hydrogen producers for free.

This is the big fallacy of the idea of so-called “Free” hydrogen from excess renewables production. This is just more nonsense like the old song and dance about “hydrogen is everywhere”

Could you also publish the ratio BEV/PHEV?
It looks like the full electrics did better than in may.

Still Norway has the highest percentage of EVs and soon we will see the increase there as new models hit their market.

You forgot the e-Golf with 305 sold.

2859 sold YTD, marketshare 24.3% YTD. Best selling EV model.

Hey Nils,

Whoops, that was at the top of the registration list summary, but got accidently removed when we added a graphic. Sorry about that, and good catch! /fixed

The Norwegian numbers are impressive as always, but I’d like to add a comment regarding the ratio of BEV. In my opinion, it only seems to have dropped a quarter, and plug-in Hybrids are growing partly on their share, but in reality it is only 10% down compared to last years numbers. You may notice that the absolute numbers of new cars are down 3.7% according to the statistic, but >400 used Plug-ins are mentioned. Given the small amount of EVs on the road outside of Norway and the Netherlands, the market for used EVs is small as well, no way to push >400 to private citizens in Norway. One important detail is missing: Most of those used ones are Kia Soul EV, with a milage of actually 0.0. These are imported mostly from Germany, where they have gotten a single day registration in order to get the EU-ZEV credits which allows the manufacturer to sell the more polluting models in the European Union without paying the penalty fee for excessive fleet consumption. According to statistic, a good deal of the EVs once registered in Germany is actually “missing”. For example, the Soul EV is the among the best selling… Read more »