Norway Figuring Out How To Eliminate Gas, Diesel Cars By 2025

MAR 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 25

Norway now has more than 100,000 electric cars

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – January 2017

Norway, which saw a record 37.5 percent share of plug-in electric car sales in January, thinks that level isn’t good enough. The country is aiming to have a national car fleet made up of 100% zero-emission vehicles. Currently, the EV rate is below 20 percent!

Opel Ampera-e coming this summer to help meet goal.

A phase out of the internal combustion engine (ICE) cars will be conducted through 2025. This will be done by making purchases of them very expensive after that date, which leaves around eight years left with mainstream ICE sales in Norway.

Of course, even with 100 percent BEV sales, there would be still some time needed for before the older ICEs age out of service, but at least Norway has given us a vision of having only zero-emission cars within our lifetime.

The switch from ICE to BEVs will be made possible with special government policy, focusing on a tax system that rebukes polluters. The more emissions a vehicle emits, the higher the taxes that will be applied, encouraging all-electric alternatives. In some simple way, it’s already working. BEVs are exempted from Norway’s 25 percent VAT (value added tax), and qualify for other incentives as well. By 2020, Norway should increase its all-electric car fleet from over 100,000 to 250,000 and expand its charging network to 25,000 points.

Source: Autocar

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Someone out there

My suggestion is that all new cars sold after 2020 should be able to go 50 km without using fossil fuel.


Or any other fuel (i.e. natural gas). This is a very good idea.

Better if the can be plugged to recharge a minimal amount of batteries.

Micke Larsson

That is super easy and something all cars can do today.

It is called biofuel.


Well you’ve greatly misquoted the target established in the Parliament resolution (which BTW is a target, not a requirement).

They did NOT say they would “Eliminate Gas, Diesel Cars By 2025” as your title claims. Nor, as you state later on, are they planning “a phase out of the internal combustion engine (ICE) cars [that] will be conducted through 2025.”

Specifially, they “decided on a goal that all new cars sold by 2025 should be zero (electric or hydrogen) or low (plug-in hybrids) emission.”

Practically speaking that’s not at all what you stated.

This reminds me of the equally mendacious tactic of comparing nameplate capacity of solar installations vs actual Coal, Nuclear or NG capacity and stating that “Solar now makes more power than Coal”. Or stating that xx state or local utility is “trying to kill Solar” merely because they will not pay retail prices for all excess power generated by rooftop solar.

This rhetorical sneakiness is electrek-grade. Stop it, please.


Get a grip dude. The headline of the original article:
Norway to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2025


Yeah, dude. So the insideev “author” was content to avoid an extra 30 seconds of work to check out the story, and you’re OK with that.

Awesome.. dude.


The best message for the combustión cars: f*ck them. It is time to end pollution and deaths causes by them. Shame!!.


You talk about rhetoric but then say things like “pay retail prices for all excess power generated by rooftop solar”. Net-metering utilities don’t *pay* anyone retail prices for power. If they did, I would get a check every month. Any excess above zero is paid at wholesale. Solar penetration is so small there is never a need for curtailment like there is with wind, so every watt generated is used on the grid. To the utility it just looks like lower peak demand, which is actually of value to them.


Don’t spoil good dreams with this unpleasant reality stuff. Tesla zealots are going to wake up from dreaming and will bite you.

Pu-pu, are you here yet? New attack target detected!

Mark D Larsen

Uh… you decry “rhetorical sneakiness,” yet do just that by stating that utilities “will not pay retail prices for all excess power generated by rooftop solar.” In truth, utilities do not pay anything. The only transaction taking place is they TRADE, straight across, their fossil-fuel generated, dirty, polluting kWh for solar homeowners’ clean, renewable, non-polluting kWh. Now, who is getting the better deal in that one-for-one swap? And in my case, at the end of March every year, the utility simply confiscates any excess kWh that have not been traded, and sells them to other customers at the full rate. Pure profit.


Free charging in cities. Pay stations that are along highways or at rest stops.


Must be a charger in every hypermarket and street in cities (including big cities).


that’s only if your EV can only make it 1 way to the grocery store, modern EVs can go a week before needing a charge (unless you drive hours each way…)


“Of course, even with 100 percent BEV sales, there would be still some time needed for before the older ICEs age out of service…”

Why? Why not just ban all ICE powered cars from operating in the country? Make a law, decree it, mandate it and force the people to obey.

Use the power of the para military and military power of the government to force people to bend to the will of one group’s policy at the threat of prison, or death. Make people do it at the end of a gun barrel. That’s how it’s done.

That’s how you get to 100% of whatever…


We don’t have death sentence in Europe, so we won’t be as efficient as you suggest


You do actually. Any country with an armed police force, or military does. If you refuse to comply with a law and the police come to arrest you and you defend yourself with a weapon, what happens next? You get shot dead.

Micke Larsson

You are wrongfully assuming that the norwegian police wear guns on them.

The rest of your post was just trolling.

Mr. M

In Europe they train to stop you without killing you. The goal is to arrest you not to bury you. First shot in the feet or so. We live different here than in the USA.


This is a very good idea!!!.

A message for companies: the BIG business is converting ICEVs (internal combustion engine vehicles) to EV.

By the way, too small amount of electric buses in cities. Natural abusing its position.

Time for stronger electrification.


Last time they tried to enforce “scientifically proven” “greater good” and “better future” in Europe in the first half of XX century, it didn’t ended that well. Not just in Europe eventually.


Exactly! It seems to be lost on the majority here. I was being sarcastic but people here think it’s actually a good idea to have technocrats make policy and enforce it with a militia.

This is largely why Trump and the GOP is now in power. Many on the left have completely lost sight of what freedom and liberty means and is. Many folks did not like the direction towards this militant technocratic future.

Unfortunately, they went to far and we ended up with a fascist militant reality with a moron in charge. We really are doomed as a species.

Mr. M

Why usw such a drastical measure? Let the few people live with an old car… You really want to put someone in prison because he can not afford to buy a new car???


Suggest use ICEV for Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle in short.

An All-Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle (AICEV) means a car without an electric motor (only uses gasolina, diésel or natural gas).

The cars to be banned ared the AICEVs.

And we are late, would be banned now.

Best wishes.


How about tying a vehicle’s IM inspection results to their registration fee. The more they emit, the higher their registration fee would be.

No emissions, (almost) no fee.

Sorry diesels.

Ocean Railroader

If they taxed gas five dollars a gallon to $20 dollars a gallon EV’s would rise. But I hope they buy everyone making under $50,000 a year a new EV though.