Norway All-Electric Vehicle Sales Report June 2014

JUL 11 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

Unconfirmed Report:  The Model S In Black Is Quicker Than Other Colors

The Model S

Electric car sales are still growing in Norway leaving behind the 10% market share mark.

In June, new passenger all-electric registrations amounted to 1,446 which is over thousand more than in June of 2013.  June 2014 brings the second highest result in terms of market share – 12.6% according to official data!

After six months, we see two EVs on the Top 5 overall automobile sales list in Norway, which is rather unusual. Tesla Model S took second place with 3,134 registrations and 4.3% market share (just behind Volkswagen Golf 3,631), while Nissan LEAF is fourth with 2,665 new registrations and 3.7%.

Tesla Model S is leading the pack for June too with 536 registrations, while LEAF had “just” 313. Then we have Volkswagen e-up!, but sadly without confirmed data (we expect ~250) and first e-Golf sales too! BMW i3 was fourth best selling EV last month with 146 confirmed registrations.

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Adding up the 1,986 Model S Tesla sold in Norway last year and the 3,134 sold in the first 6 months of this year we get a total of 5,120.
Since Norway’s population is about 5,019,000, there are now more than one Model S every 1,000 population in Norge!

We get a much bigger proportion if we consider the number of cars circulating on Norway’s roads (about 2.5 millions – 2,433,244 at the end of 2013 – out of about 4.9 million total vehicles).
That is: more than 1 Model S every 500 cars (0.2%).

Try and beat that… 🙂


I read somewhere (either at or on a Norwegian -Google translated- car magazine) that 881 PHEVs were sold in Norway in the first 6 months of the year.
A respectable 1.2% market share of its own (not much, if any, support from the government for them, AFAIK).


Support in Norway is about the most generous in Europe, with exemptions from their very high car duty, not to mention access to bus lanes and a lot of other perks.

Jouni Valkonen

Does anyone know how long is the queue for new Model S in Norway?


I wonder how much this having on the air quality? It was around 3-4 months last I read as Norway sort of has carte-blanche with Tesla. Go figure.

Ocean Railroader

I think it’s going to take at least 150,000 to 500,000 electric cars on the roads in Norway to get any type of major benefit to smog and oil demand. This is based off of the fact that we are dealing with two million and half cars which mostly are gas powered. In the US we would need at least 10 million EV’s to make a difference in our oil and smog demands.