Norway All-Electric Car Sales Stable at 1,400 and 11% Market Share


Nissan LEAF in the UK

Nissan LEAF

Electric car sales in Norway seem stable at a level of approximately 1,400 units a month.

In October ,1,398 new electric passenger cars were registered at 10.8% market share (up 51.1% year-over-year), but after including 413 used electric cars imported into Norway, the total number stands at 1,811.

There were also 56 new and one used electric van.

Nissan LEAF leads the model rankings with 372 and 4,117 YTD, however Volkswagen is just behind and sold more EVs as a brand. e-Golf at 324, while e-up! was 230.

BMW i3 takes fourth place at 130 ahead of the Kia Soul EV – 86.

Tesla Model S is missing in the top five, which must be a consequence of Tesla retooling its factory.

Coming soon, we will try to check shares of electric versions vs. ICE for Golf, up! and Soul.

Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – October 2014

Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – October 2014

Source: Best Selling Cars – Matt’s blog

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5 Comments on "Norway All-Electric Car Sales Stable at 1,400 and 11% Market Share"

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With only two months remaining in 2014, is VW going to overtake Nissan with regard to the most EV’s sold in Norway in 2014?

I’m surprised that none of the TSLA shorts have made a comment on this yet.

Let me see if I can stand in for them.

“Tesla’s not in the top five because nobody wants them”

“The good people of Norway are just waiting for Toyota to bring a fuel cell car over there.”

“Tesla’s are only selling well today. Clearly this will all end when some other OEM releases [insert Tesla killing technology here]”

“Please sell off your Tesla stock! I shorted it and lost my shirt!”

There. They can all take Sunday off now. 🙂

That is the problem with confirmation bias. You take a position and then cherry pick data to confirm your analysis.

If the future of EVs revolves around Tesla – then the future of EVs has no future. It must be all automakers working together to drive down prices and drive up acceptance. In Norway, you see the buying public reaching across many of the EV makers and buying according to their needs and price ranges. This is the point of the EV marketplace.

I think the reason why EV sales are not growing past 11% of total sales now is range is holding them back. Such as you can only find so many people willing to buy a 60 to 90 mile range car. While at the same time Tesla which has main stream range is unaffordable for 95% of the population.

But the good news is once the ranges of the cheap cars doubles then we will see a tripling of EV sales.