Norway All-Electric Car Sales Maintain 12% Market Share Again In November

DEC 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

Nissan Leaf in Norway

Nissan LEAF

Norway all-electric car sales again landed at ~12% market share last month and there are no signs at this time of further growth.

12.3% for passenger cars is a slightly higher result than in October, however 1,418 units is below last year’s 1,434. Higher share comes from a market that shrunk by almost 5%.

In Norway, there is a decently sized batch of imported BEV registrations – 296.

All-electric vans amounted to 58 registrations (plus three used imported).

Nissan LEAF with 311 new registrations and 2.7% market share was the most popular model among BEVs and is third overall after 11 months with 4,428 units.

This time we don’t have numbers for Volkswagen e-Golf (probably 250 units out of 870) and e-up! (likely up to some 200 out of 283).

Tesla Model S captured 1.8% of the market thanks to 202 units (3,773 sold this year gives Tesla fifth place in model ranking).

BMW i3 with 156 sales has 1.4% share (1,920 registrations YTD).

Renault ZOE had a promising result of 102 registrations (very first time above 100) and has been on the growth curve for several months now.

Renault Zoe Shark Edition

Renault Zoe Shark Edition

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Norsk Kraft!

Hey, I just learned that our 2012 West-Coast Leaf that was caught red-handed last August trying to sneak through a toll-booth in NJ (, might have actually been en route to a new life in Norway!

That’s what a Leaf-reseller here in Seattle told us, that they often export used Leafs to Norway via NJ. Only the cream of the crop goes there, I guess 🙂

Anyone knows the going price and tax benefits for used Leafs in Norway?

Do used EVs going into Norway endure the same benefits as new? meaning – do they get all the bus lane access, parking, tolls and other tax-free benefits? It would make sense for all used EVs to go to Norway for that matter if that is the case.

Used EVs gets exactly the same benefit as new EVs.
VAT exemption
TAX exemption
Bus lane/HOV lane access
Free parking and charging (on public lots)
Free toll road
Heavily reduced yearly car/road tax

Norway can be happy not be an EU member, because importing a car, that is not original manufactured for the EU market, is a bureaucratic monster and requires several retrofits.

It will be interesting when enough time has passed that EVs reach “compound interest”. Meaning, when the first EV buyers have worn out their first one, and are replacing it with another one, while EVs continue to pull in new customers from traditional vehicles.