In Norway, Buses Delayed By Electric Vehicles Clogging Bus Lanes


White LEAF In Bus Lane In Norway

White LEAF In Bus Lane In Norway

Electric vehicles are proving so popular in Norway that bus drivers are starting to sound off.

Per The Wall Street Journal:

“But the biggest prize may be the unfettered access electric cars have to bus lanes. Oslo’s traffic can be gnarly during rush hour, and people are increasingly turning to the Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and Peugeot iOn, vehicles that qualify them to take the faster track without worries about fines.”

“This is good for the environment, but bad for drivers of buses who are trying to stay on schedule.”

So, electric vehicles are so numerous in Oslo that buses are getting slowed by overloaded bus lanes.

One bus driver by the name of Erik Haugstad told The Wall Street Journal that “The EVs have to get out of the bus lane.”

Why do they have to get out of the bus lanes?  According to Haugstad, the bus delays are an everyday occurrence now.  Haugstad turned to the buses intercom to apologize to the riders by stating the following:

“I know you’re upset because the bus is delayed.  Again, I’m sorry, but there’s not much I can do. There are too many electric cars.”

It seems Haugstad’s bus is often behind schedule and passengers aren’t happy.  “I’m missing my train now, you know,” stated one passenger.

The Wall Street Journal adds:

“The clutter in the bus lane has tarnished a trend that otherwise has been a point of pride in this oil-rich nation.”

That trend is Norway leading the world in electric vehicle adoption rates, but even EV owners in Norway think a change is coming soon.  Erling Kagge, a Tesla owner, is quoting as saying:

“When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is… as soon as EVs get back into the normal car’s lane, that’s going to be worse for everyone.”

*See source link below video for complete article by The Wall Street Journal

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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11 Comments on "In Norway, Buses Delayed By Electric Vehicles Clogging Bus Lanes"

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I don’t recognize the car in the top pic behind the blue bus, but in the bus lane. Is it an EV?

Lol, no, but it could be a Taxi… or an a**hole

Or there is an exit coming soon, where everyone is allowed to cross the bus lane (obviously).

Impossible – they all drive Teslas 😀

That particular lane does not look all that clogged to me, and it seems to be rush hour.
Perhaps they should do a study about how much ev traffic is clogging bus lanes, anecdotal evidence can be useful in drawing attention to a problem, but it is not so good when it comes to quantifying said problem.

The video is 3 years old.

The long term solution to this is not going to be easy ether way but it has to be done. The first one is kick the EV’s off of the bus lane. The next thing is to build more bus lanes for the EV’s or more lanes in general on a lot of the major roads to get rid of this. This same thing is going on in California.

They should switch to battery electric powered buses. Many problems solved that way.

Hypothetical experiment: towards Oslo from west there are several places where electric cars must enter into the “normal” two lanes. Everywhere where 3 lanes are reduced to 2, traffic clogs. All 2000 ICE cars lined up are delayed 1-2s per electric vehicle blending in, and they idle or run slowly and thus use more gas. So isolated the electric owner believes he saves fuel, but does he really?


The end of EV popularity is coming to Norway…

How is this different from Prius Plugin clogging up California HOV lanes?

cant they drive faster