Norway BEV Sales At 2,000 & Over 15% Market Share

MAY 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

2015 VW e-Golf ...  Complete With Over-The-Top EV Badging

2015 VW e-Golf

Norway plug-in electric car sales again reached 20% last month with 1,975 passenger all-electric cars and 584 plug-in hybrids for a total of 2,559.

Data includes 282 used imported zero-emission passenger cars and 35 new vans.

In other words,almost 3,000 new/used plug-ins added to already over 50,000.

We don’t have confirmation yet, but probably more than half of all passenger BEVs were Volkswagen e-Golf and e-up! (expected over 1,100 – usually about 60-70% of total for those models).

Tesla Model S would be second then – 230 in April and 1,762 YTD (3.7% overall market share).

Then we see Nissan LEAF at 167 and 1,249 YTD (2.6% overall market share).

Renault ZOE, with 154 last month and 515 YTD, managed to exceed BMW i3, which had 102 and 438 respectively.

But let’s turn our attention back for a while to the Nissan LEAF, which seems to weaken almost every month, scoring in April its worst result since December 2012.

The Japanese flagship monopolized the market in the early days taking market share from Mitsubishi i-MiEV, but then since new models entered Norway (Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Reanult ZOE, Volkswagen e-up! & e-Golf, etc.) is losing ground. Now, only 8% of new passenger BEVs are Nissan LEAF and e-Golf is finding almost 3-times more customers.

Nissan LEAF registrations in Norway – April 2015

Nissan LEAF registrations in Norway – April 2015

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Heia Norge!

The Leaf sales show the classic shape of a product’s life cycle, now entering its waning year (waning for Gen 1, that is).

Well, a lot of competition entered the field and stole sales away from the LEAF.

Upgrade it to 3 phase charging and it will be top again!

If only plug-ins were 20% of sales here. What would the price of oil be?

The price of oil would be . . . who cares? 😀

How long will it take for the 15% to be 100%?
Let us assume that it will double every year so next year it will 30% 2017 60% thus by 2018 it should be 100%

I am expecting that it will be even sooner with the introduction of new laws that doesn’t allow diesel cars to enter Oslo. I am hoping that this will be applied all over Norway and Scandinavia in max 2 years.

I would not so assume. My problem: I am plagued with a thinking mind which prevents me from adopting the unreasonable assumptions of others, not so inflicted.

It’s not correct that diesel cars will not be allowed in to Oslo.

First, it’s only on days with high air pollution. Maybe 3-8 days a year. Second the law is against any vehicle that does not meet Euro6 requirements.

It’s also a nationwide legislation that gives local authorities the possibility to stop polluting vehicles on the bad days.

In Norwegian… but

To some degree, considering all the incentives that EVs are given in Norway, it is amazing how small of a slice the plug-ins get.

I guess that is a testament to how stubborn people are and how resistant to change they are. People just like to do things how they’ve always done things unless there is a very clear and strong benefit for them and not much cost (like smartphones).

But getting people to switch from gasoline to EVs . . . that is pretty tough considering the range issues (for BEVs) and the up-front costs (for all plug-ins).

My guess is that this have 3 primary reasons:
– A lot of car segments does not have viable electric or plugin-hybrid options available
– Many car manufacturers does not offer electric or plugin hybric cars, and many people have high brand loyalty
– Electric range is still a large issue on all cars except from Tesla

Most of the used imports are Leafs.