Norway Becomes Fourth Country In The World With 100,000 Registered Electric Cars


A look at new plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – April 2016

A look at new plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – April 2016

Postal rounds with Kangoo Maxi Z.E. in Norway

Postal rounds with Kangoo Maxi Z.E. in Norway

Up until recently, only the U.S., China and Japan had more than 100,000 plug-in electric cars registered.

Now, Norway joins the rare list of nations with 100,000-plus registered plug-ins.

As Hybrid Cars points out:

“That bastion of plug-in electrified vehicles – Norway – has outdone itself again in becoming the fourth little nation among comparative giants to register 100,000 units sold.”

“Through April, the tally has grown to 100,600 new and some technically used all-electric and plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles, plus pure electric utility vans.”

Norway has a long way to go to catch #3 Japan (150,000 plug-in electric cars registered through the end of March 2016), but what amazes us is that Norway went from just over 3,000 plug-ins registered in 2010, to over 100,000 today.

Hybrid Cars provides a breakdown of the numbers as follows:

“Of the 100,600 total through April, about 81,500 of these were all-electric passenger vehicles – but notable here is almost 12,000 were used imports from neighboring countries.”

Those figures show that Norwegians overwhelmingly prefer pure electric (81,500) over plug-in hybrids (17,100).

If we look at plug-in electric car registrations by year starting in 2012, the rapid growth story is evident:

  • 2012 – 4,370
  • 2013 – 10,636
  • 2014 – 23,048
  • 2015 – 39,632
  • 2016 through end of April – 100,600

Lastly, Norway’s electric car market share often exceeds 10% and has hit 25% on occasion, compared to the ~1% in the U.S., it’s clear that Norway is in a league of its own.

Source: Hybrid Cars

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Which country will be next?

probably NL,GB,FR,DE although order could be different


North Korea.
THAT nutter will claim ANYTHING!

The Netherlands had 92,583 hwy legal light-duty plug-in vehicles registered by the end of April 2016.

France is next with almost 87,000 PEVs up to April 2016.

Because the Dutch market is still in hangover after a surge in demand at the end of 2015 due to a change in the tax incentives, the French might reached the 100k barrier first if the Netherlands continues selling only about a thousand PEVs per month.

Norway is a great test case for electric grid adaptation for EV’s.

Go Norway!

What is the ratio of plug ins to fuel burning total registrations? And is gas or diesel the most common fuel?

April sales: Petrol 39,8%, diesel 30,3%, plug-ins 29,9%

Last april diesel sales had 44%.

Another couple of top selling models coming in a PHEV version and we will see plug-ins go on top.
And then comes the 200 mile BEVs…

A per capita look at it might be interesting to see the depth of adoption among all potential vehicle owners

Anyone knows why the EV case works so well in Norway? Special goverment incentives/public awareness?

A combination of several factors.
To start with taxes on cars are very (as in extremely) high.
Incentives as Zero taxes on EV’s makes them a popular choice for any wallet. Free Public parking, free ferries, bus line availability and free driving on Toll Roads are included. Add almost free electricity from hydro power and you have a winning combination.
I can charge my iMiev for a quarter from empty.
A Very good charging network besides the Tesla monopoly helps a lot too.

Correction: I can charge my iMiev for 3x quarters.

Don’t forget the amazing awareness. Both for the nature and environment but also for EVs which Norway has been working hard at for at least a couple of decades.

Spot on

Why? They are insanely rich and can afford it. Norwegian buying a car and Romanian buying a racing bicycle. Similar relative expenditure. I know, crazy.

Her in Norway we have the highest carprices in the World. A vw golf 1.6 d cost 37 000 euro. But EVs have no taxes at all. An e-golf is 10 000 cheaper.

So, kinda of a “Carbon Tax” for vehicles that use hydrocarbon fuels.

Cool. 🙂

It should be like that worldwide. Use oil to make products instead of burning it. We have plenty of energy from wind, solar, waves, hydropower, geothermal, etc.

Ev market share in 2016 is at 30%, with March hitting 33%.

The Netherlands is currently at 91.000 PHEV and EV’s and adding 1.000 per month. More on

Plus 1,500 electric utility vans to make a fair comparison with Norway.

The darling EV of the world. Norway, NL etc. isolated countries with specific density and small population and non-existing car manufacturing to worry about ……

I wish every country could do that.

Norway has a small population but it is not a tiny country. The Netherlands – yes quite small area with high population density but so what? People drive abroad a lot. Most EU countries don’t have borders anyway. Just google Schengen.

Canada is coming strong,just watch it!!!(sorry for the tar sands…)

we are already hitting 0,47%!!!!!

Already at 0,47%? You don’t set the bar high…

I would say Canada is at 0,47%, still lagging far behind comparable countries.

But if you put half of those in the second largest province, as it is, in Québec, then the number for this “isolated countries with specific density and small population and non-existing car manufacturing to worry about …” push the % close to 2%.
Not outstanding, but ahead of many.

5MM People 100,000 EVs Hip, Hip Hurray 4 Norge:)

Heia Norge!