Norway Talks Down Any Petrol Vehicle Ban, Looks To Incentives For EV Growth

AUG 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model X Unveiling In Norway

Tesla Model X Unveiling In Norway

The news of Norway’s initial ban of gasoline and diesel cars by 2025 was a false alarm as it turned out to be more a plan to make ICE vehicle ownership hard through high taxes, and plug-in ownership easy via incentives.

Now, the leading country for EV adoption again re-iterates the phasing-out of fossil-fueled cars, but there will be no outright bans, and it seems no increased dis-incentive for ICE ownership – rather continued strong incentives to own plug-in vehicles.

A Norwegian transport ministry spokesman said:

“This government wants to encourage more environmentally friendly vehicles by using the carrot instead of (the) stick

EV ownership is currently high in Norway, and ICE cars should continue to lose market share from here on out, as Norway aims for an average CO2 emissions for new cars at 85 g/km in 2020.

So far this year plug-in electric car sales in Norway averages around 25 to 30% of the market (once even hitting 33.5%), so using Elon Musk terminology, “Norway rocks” regardless of future policy plans.   Truly, it is hard to find any fault with a country that so far ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to EV adoption.

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For the record on Norway: they largely bill by the minute for charging.

See this great article:

There is an interesting dramatic TV series out of Norway where the premise is that Norway invents a good Thorium reactor and in order to stop climate change, they decide to ban oil exports. The Russians then occupy them to keep the oil flowing.

Interesting series. It is on Netflix and called “Occupied”.

Norway really is into doing something about climate change.

In fiction at least… In reality they will export as much oil as they can and being a much bigger contributer to the increased global warming than most countries.

I actually watched like 1/2 of the first episode awhile ago. Sounded really interesting but I didn’t feel like reading subtitles the entire time 🙁

You should keep watching because the plot is rather interesting and surprising. At least for them who grab the point

s**t….. really

band ICE vehicle for ugly slow charging high expensive stinky EVs….

keep dreaming… EVs are never be practice…and they think they are really environmental friendly because of no what about explosive and toxicity huge li-ion battery pack under the car, are li-ion batteries environmental friendly??

EVs are fool and blind keep dreaming

You have completely convinced me. Your well chosen words, eloquence, and incisive rapier like logic, is just too difficult to counter.

I don’t often give +1’s so when I do they mean something!


Very nice reply!


Unfortunately I think that “david shown” is no real person… or at least i refuse to believe that he believes what he said…

Your first two words summarize the depth, quality and accuracy of your statements…

Garson !…Another round for all my friends!

Sounds like Big Oil stepped into to help ‘Clarify’ the language… hmmm…

Actually this is not dramatic. Taxing is a common way in Norway. this way you can get an ICE if you really, really want it. And are ready to pay for it.

“Truly, it is hard to find any fault with a country that so far ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to EV adoption.”

Yes, except for exporting all that climate-changing crude oil to the rest of the world to finance their generous EV incentives.

Saudi Arabia, like Norway, also exports large quantities of crude oil. They are two of the world’s richest countries, primarily due to their crude oil exports. If Saudi Arabia offered the same EV subsidies as Norway, would it also be hard to find any fault with Saudi Arabia? It’s like a crack dealer saying that nobody smokes crack in my house, while selling copious amounts of crack out of his house to the neighborhood.

I feel conflicted, but I must…


Saudi-Arabia exports way more oil than Norway and has bigger reserves. Norway will eventually run out of oil in a few decades, and if they don’t wish to pay billions a year to the Saudi’s and the other peaceful nations in that particular region of the world just for transportations, they do the smart thing now: Invest now some of the wealth in EVs, so that they save on gas money big style when the wells dry out. That way, Norway will stay a rich country. The Saudis build fancy buildings instead, but when they run dry eventually, it’s back to camel-riding.
A country that does not invest it’s riches wisely into the future, runs into the ground sooner than later. A few decades back, the Pacific island of Nauru was among the richest countries in the world (more cars than people, despite only few miles of roads), until their shit ran out (literally, as they were exporting only phosphate left by bird droppings accumulated over millenia). Now the island has a landscape that looks like the surface of the moon, and almost everyone is unemployed.

Norway was at peak oil around year 2000

This is not big news actually. They will not ban ICEs but tax them more or less out of the marked. A de facto ban.

There will be increased dis-incentive for ICE ownership. Oslo is now plan to make EVs pay road toll, but they will increase the toll for ICEs even more. And I think there will come a 0.1 usd tax increase on petrol and diesel.