In Norway, 60% Of New Vehicle Sales Were Plug-In Electric Cars

Tesla Model X

OCT 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Plug-ins reach record market share in Norway.

September brings a massive 22.3% decrease year-over-year in new passenger car registrations in Norway, and even plug-in electric cars dropped down by 2.1% to 6,387.

However, with the market shrinking so much, plug-ins were able to achieve an all-time record market share of 60.1%!

All-electric cars are selling better and better, while plug-in hybrids…not so much:

  • BEVs: 4,802 (up 24.7%, 45.2% market share) + 1,252 ‘used’ + 186 vans (174 new and 12 used) + 8 FCV
  • PHEVs: 1,585 (down 40.7%, 14.9% market share)

Tesla delivered 2,016 electric cars in September – Model S (782) and Model X (1,234) – which in total was about 19% of all new passenger car registrations.

Nissan LEAF remains #1 for the year with a huge advantage (9,083 YTD and 1,071 in September) over the next models (all the Volkswagen Golf versions combined are at 6,630 YTD).

BMW i3 is the third best-selling model in Norway so far this year (4,000 YTD) followed by the Tesla Model X (3,580 YTD).

Those four models represent almost 75% of total BEV sales in September.

We are not sure about Hyundai Kona Electric sales (probably low three-digit), but the Jaguar I-PACE improved from 26 in August to 114 in September.

In around five years, plug-ins replaced diesel market share of new sales in Norway. In September, just 12.4% new passenger cars were diesels.

Top 20 models YTD:

New passenger car registrations in Norway – September 2018, source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

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“We are not sure about Hyundai Kona Electric sales (probably low three-digit), but the Jaguar I-PACE improved from 26 in August to 114 in September.”

How long will customers in Norway be willing to wait for their EV?

I would say “not long” according to the high sales of Tesla. If people where waiting on Hyundai, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes etc.. Tesla sales should be lower.
Maybe Norwegians where disappointed with the German releases last month and went with Tesla anyway? – it is a rather high jump of sales this September.

Tesla ships the cars in bursts.

Yes, but this seems to be larger that normal.
Edit: Last year Sep2017, Tesla seems to have sold about the same amount of vehicles.

Nah, loads of people waiting for Hyundai, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes etc… Also for the Model 3. If all could deliver as many vehicles as the buyers would want then the numbers would be much higher.

All EVs shipped to Norway are sold ASAP. There are waiting lists for all models from all brands.
Just wait to see M3 sales, when they arrive. Only Teslas ability to deliver will limit sales.
But all this will change in 2 years time. Supply will be greater then demand.

Years.. there are 2 year waiting time for many models. Some parentes reserve cars for their kid that is 1-3 years too young to get their drivers license.

LOL… Reminds me of GDR 🙂

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Given the absolutely drop in plug-in sales, this seems like it’s more about the overall market. But maybe it’s because so many people in Norway are on waiting lists for BEVs. :p

Yes the absolute number of PEVs sold was basically flat. While the absolute number of non PEVs sold dropped massively. This might indicate people are delaying car purchases waiting for more PEVs.

More likely it is connected with the lack of WLTP compliant models and a resulting sales stop. Most manufacturers certified their hybrids first and still have a backlog of conventional models until the end of the year. September was the deadline for WLTP certification

Could be, but I guess the oncoming Model 3 throws a shadow to the overall market as well. Norway will be prioritized, and sales will be epic. I mean, Tesla just managed a record of 19% marketshare among all cars with two premium models, imagine what will happen what a car of half that cost will mean for sales. Tesla’s gonna neeed a bigger boat for shipping them all.
The drop in PHEV is clearly a result of loss of incentives during earlier this year (and WLTP), but the BEVs are growing nicely.
In other news, German new car registrations in September were down 30% YOY, mainly because of VW (-62%), Porsche (-76%) and Audi (-78%). The attempt to delay WLTP by just not certifying blew up in their own faces.

180 Hyundai Kona Electric was registered in September:


You can find all Norwegian BEV registrations here:
By clicking on the model, you get the detailed history.
This site is kept updated in real time.
Note that these are registration (‘new’ + ‘used’)

That is a huge drop in overall sales. It fits the peak auto thesis quite well.

The drop in overall sales is due to WLTP. September was the first month requiring WLTP compliant cars. Several volume driving cars have yet to complete their WLTP certification.

The rest of Europe is switching to WLTP and some manufacturers have problems to produce WLTP data for all models in time which prevents them from selling. The German market also shrank by 20%+ in September. It is likely only a transient effect.

People pay $12K extra for Hyundai Kona, so people invest money that way. Reserve 5 cars and you make $60K when you sell them.