Norway Begins 2019 With Strong Growth Of EV Sales

Nissan LEAF

FEB 4 2019 BY MARK KANE 30

More than half of new cars are plug-ins!

Norway continues its unprecedented rise of electric cars. In January, the total number of new passenger plug-in electric cars amounted to 4,699, which is 27.3% more than year ago at market share of 52.2%! The conventional diesel car sales shrunk below 18%, while gasoline barely maintained 19%, the rest are hybrids.

The major force behind the growth are all-electric cars, and that despites us Norway still waiting for volume deliveries of new models:

  • BEVs: 3,400 (up 60.0%, 37.8% market share) + 789 ‘used’ + 164 vans (149 new and 15 used) + 6 FCV
  • PHEVs: 1,298 (down 17.1%, 14.4% market share)

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – January 2019

It seems that the Nissan LEAF (top model in 2018) begins the year 2019 with 673 at #2. There’s a high probability that Volkswagen e-Golf was #1 in January (small number are still ICE, as the plug-in hybrid GTE was discontinued). BMW i3 surprised with a very high 619 new registrations.

In January  17 registrations of Tesla Model 3 were noted, as well as 8 Audi e-tron. Jaguar I-PACE registrations stands at 79, while Hyundai Kona Electric 326.

Top 20 new passenger car registrations in Norway – January 2019

Source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

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100% BEV by the end of 2019.


how? 60% of new car sales in Q4 2019

let’s say if plugins keep their trend and 2000/3000 Tesla Model 3s arrive in February to Norway, then we could see 6699 or 7699 plug in cars sold in February which would result in 74 – 86% market share, unless those Model 3s will eat the current plug in sales, no matter what happens I am really looking forward to March to see what will happen

Meanwhile the Saudis are doing 6000rpm donuts on their weekends in rental Land rovers…

Norway’s public oil profit reserve fund now has $200,000 per capita invested in global capital.

F—ing socialists, showing us how it’s done.

Norway “rules” the world. In how they use the funds by buying stocks and try to alter the course of the company to be more “green”.

The most interesting mix between capitalism, and socialism. My respect to Norway.

Norway is not a socialist country. Most of the things you see in Northern Europe even “conservative” parties in Canada won’t openly support. Private Healthcare? Check. School choice (look at Sweden). Check. Support for pipelines and their native industry? Check. People easily confuse generous welfare policies with socialism, but actually they are a result of economic freedom and success. And low immigration also. (Good luck running equivalent social programs in the U.S., because the programs would completely collapse). I think Japan in the future if they can right their economy might have similarly generous social programs, but would be far from socialist also. I wish the NDP in Canada had policies like the “socialist” Norway… they are too ideologically in a straight jacket for that to happen. Speaking of the stupidity of labels for politics, a border isn’t controversial among “socialist” countries or in New Zealand, Korea, Japan either. Identity politics and the politics of race are mostly what is happening in the U.S.: nothing intelligent about it. Kamala Harris thinking border control is like the KKK…. I turn my TV off and avoid talking about the stupidity of politics for the most part, but it irritates me seeing Northern… Read more »

They also get emission free electricity from hydro power too. They are doing it right. Their power bills are some of the lowest in the world.

And more than 6k Tesla model 3 in feb

I think they will have trouble to deliver that many in one month, even though they have hired more people. Will be interesting to see though.
How many will order the expensive model, how many will wait for the cheaper model?
I think some people have been waiting so long, that they will go for the first car they can get their hands on.

Will Model 3 dominate February already?! My test drive guy said they miiiiight be starting deliveries a bit earlier. Here’s hoping!

Interesting to note in a mature EV market like Norwegian one, Tesla is very far from top selling . In this market it gets real competition and it is a view of the future in other markets in Europe

Too early to tell. The top selling EVs are the affordable ones. Will be interesting if Tesla ever competes in that price range how they do. Currently their cars are double what it costs for any of the top sellers so no surprise they sell fewer.

Price is important for sure, and people tend to choose the vehicle that works best for them in regard to price, range and so on.
The cheapest EVs are not on the list here, but cars that are medium priced. Right now, Tesla only sells very expensive cars here, especially since they dropped the current cheapest model.

Will be interesting to see how the Model 3 will be on the list. I think we will have 2-4 month with very good sales, and then it will level out in the lower top 5.
A cheap model 3 should do very well when/if that arrives.

As shown in the graph above, since September the plug-in market share has been above 50%, and under normal circunstances, I think the market share will be above 60% at the end of 2019.
However, due to a shortage in supply of electric cars, as of October last year, there were 40,000 customers in waiting lists, led by Tesla Model 3 (10,000), Audi e-tron quattro ( 6,300), Hyundai Kona Electric (6,000), Kia Niro Electric (5,900), second generation Nissan Leaf (3,000), and Jaguar I-Pace (3,000), and others. No doubt this will generate a sales peak when this demand is satisfied, just like it happened in the U.S. during Q4 2018 with the Model 3. So, if the carmakers deliver in time, the market share could rise above 70% (about 10K to 12K new cars are sold in Norway monthly).
Check here for the waiting lists (Google does a decent translation to English):

Tesla did NOT provide data, their number is just a third party estimate.

The E-tron pre-orders are very impressive. Audi have had 6300 pre-orders in less than one year. The E-tron Quattro is made as a hatch-back and has option for tow-hitch. This car is very practical for Norwegians and will sell very well.

BEV sales from february on will be north of 60%, love IT!
Had a model 3 testdrive last week, the car is faboulus and gonne hurt ice sales big time. Thank you Elon and Tesla!
And if they will sell Even more, just bring the hitch option, preferably unbundeled and we Norwegians will go crazy.. myself included

Where’s the i-pace? It seems sales are not that great for Jaguar.

The table is for the top 20, as reported in the article, only 79 i-Pace cars were registered. See my other comment below, there is a waiting list of 3,000 customers waiting for the Jaguar I-Pace.

Found some numbers in a norwegian car magasine..ipase sold 1081 last year
In 2017 they offered no bev and sold 299
Jaguar have some 1500-2000 i-pace on order, and they aim for 4000 deliveries this year
Ice only brands will feel the pain this year😁

In Norway yes, but worldwide numbers of EVs will still be small.

If they keep the current growth projection – over 3 million will be delivered in 2019, then 100 million by 2025.

It has to start somehow you know, in few years it will only be memories, when there will be many countries like Norway

Member when Norway was leader in addaptation of electric vehicles?

(They probably will be in the future as well)

Norway is one of the most advanced countries in all orders, so is logic that they will be pioneers in the change to EV. Advanced and cultured society with more concience about global problems like energy, susteinability, enviromental responsability, with main social demands covered, advance economy that provides resources to push the change with reforms in taxes, infraestructures and regulationes, smart politicians…. most of countries without so high development in many orders, have other priorities and must expend resources in other areas, EVs aren’t one of the most important problems for most of countries, so they go forward but slowly.

Jaguar i-Pace sold well. No 17 in the Top 20 YTD 2018.

Going to be a lot more interesting for February and March.

“The major force behind the growth are all-electric cars, and that despites us Norway still waiting for volume deliveries of new models”. What ??

Great news another 4 or 5 thousand gas cars ore off the roads. They will love their EVs.

Great numbers, does the VW total include the diesel models too? Oh I see that mentioned in the captions. This is total sales of all cars. Great to see EVs and PHEVs in the top slots.