Norway: 15,000 Registered EVs by End of 2013


Tesla Model S is a Hit in Norway

Tesla Model S is a Hit in Norway

Back in September, the Tesla Model S was Norway’s top-selling vehicle.

Nissan LEAF Was #1 in October in Norway

Nissan LEAF Was #1 in October in Norway

In October, the Nissan LEAF was Norway’s #1 seller.

Norway loves electric vehicles, so much so that by year’s end, there should be over 15,000 EVs (*current crop of plug-ins only, dating from LEAF launch to present) registered in Norway.

In the first 10 months of 2013, approximately 5,200 new EVs were registered in Norway.  By the end of November, that figure crested 6,609.

But it’s the imported EVs that mess up our numbers.  Those EVs, which are imported into Norway from nearby countries, don’t show up as new vehicle sales.  Instead, we track them separately.  As it stands right now, see Norway pushing past 15,000 registered EVs (6,609 new sales in 2013 + 3,000 new sales in 2012 + some figure for new EVs sold in pre-2012 and a few thousand imported EVs) on its roads before 2013 ends.  Yeah, its confusing when you try to track Norway EV registrations, but trust us on this one, as we’re certain the figure will surpass 15,000 before 2013 ends.

Other countries near Norway show no such love for electric vehicles.  For example, when Norway hits 15,000, it will have 10 times the amount of EVs of Denmark and Sweden.

EV market share in Norway is growing at a rapid pace.  Last October, approximately 3.4% of auto sales in Norway were EVs.  This October, that figure shot up to 7.2%. In November, EV market share shot past 10% for the first time ever in Norway.

Lastly, Norway expects to add several EVs to its available here list soon.  Those include the BMW i3 and VW e-Golf, both of which are expected to sell well in Norway (the conventional Golf is routinely at the top of Norway’s auto sales chart, so the electric version should be a huge hit there if VW decides to produce it in volume.)

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David Murray

Norway will probably be the first country to reach that tipping point. That 7.2% sales figure is important because after a year or so at that rate, almost everybody will know somebody who drives an EV. This is what will really make the difference. Where I live in Texas, most people are unaware of the existence of such cars and even if they are vaguely aware, they don’t know anyone who drives such a thing. So they aren’t going to take the plunge themselves.


Hi, Eric!
Do you rely on Wikipedia info? (one should check the sources…)
Wikipedia gives a figure for total plug-in registrations in Norway, including plug-in hybrids, used imports and years before 2011 (from 2008).
That’s 15,502 as of September.
Adding October and November sales would take the total to about 18,000!

Also, lots of other country figures.

Eric Loveday

Gotcha…Post should have mentioned that we talking only the current crop of plug-in vehicles, meaning we exclude the Roadster, Reva and such. Like LEAF launch forward and trikes and NEVs and such don’t count.


Of course, I should have known…

Eric Loveday

Added a * in the post to clarify


Yeah. I think that’s in terms of 2013 sales alone.

According to the already linked wiki page,
taking out Roadster (why???) and Think City and adding data for the last two months, registrations from 2010 to end of November are at about 18,000. December sales are expected to be between 5,000 and 7,000 (exceptional deliveries of Outlander PHEV).

There has been recently the overtaking of Norway by Netherlands in terms of total EV registrations. (Of course, more than 3 times the population…)