Norway is World’s #1 in Electric Vehicle Sales – Netherlands #2


Prices For EVs in Norway in Norwegian krone

Prices For EVs in Norway in Norwegian krone

The numbers for 2013 are all finally in.  The result?  Norway is #1.

Bjorn's Model S in Norway

Bjorn’s Model S in Norway

For 2013, plug-in vehicles accounted for 6.1% or all passenger vehicle sales in Norway.

In the #2 spot was the Netherlands at 5.55%.

Three through five are as follows:

  • Iceland:  0.94%
  • Japan: 0.91%
  • France:  0.83%

Where does the US place?  Wherever 0.62 % lands it.  Well outside of the Top 5, that’s for sure.

Though the US bought the most plug-in vehicles out of any nation in 2013, the market share was low due to how HUGE total automotive sales are in the US.  0.62% ain’t bad, but we’re going to have to kick that figure up a few notches to have a chance at making the Top 5 for 2014.

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If California were a Republic and not a State it would rank #3.

Actually, Washington State and perhaps even Hawaii might have beaten it.

Actually, I never made any reference to Washington or Hawaii.

I did not say CA was the state with highest EV market share nor did I presuppose a polity where all US States are independent.

But Yes Washington and Hawaii have 1.6% market share while CA has 1.4%

According to the residents, we are a republic.

Indeed, it would be very good idea to divide United States into 50 independent countries!

How do you get an american to see other countries?

“divide United States into 50 independent countries”


I thought 0.20% or 0.30% was modest or at least a bottom standard of acceptable! Still, 0.64% for the US sounds very good! I wasn’t too long ago when hybrids or one specifically made 1% of the US market in its heyday.

Oh dear. I just noticed. The Outlander PHEV costs as much as the Model S. 4WD is the only thing going for it.

That’s in Norway, where Gas vehicles are heavily taxed but EVs are exempt. Which is also why they are #1.

All countries in the Top 5 have subsidies for EVs and tax gasoline at a high rate.

Norway is just the most extreme example.

But none of the Top 5 countries would be there without carrots and sticks.

I agree. I was responding to offib who pointed out that the Outlander costs as much as a Model S. Norway has very strong incentives for EVs, and the lack of sales tax is probably the single biggest. If the US had something similar – say a rebate rather than a tax credit – enough to make the prices competitive with gas cars, we would probably have better than a 0.6% take rate.

You think people putting 461k nok down for a car care about 2k a year road tax?

Its cold here, but atleast we arent shilling.

So they actually DO buy EVs in Europe . . . at a higher rate than the USA.

Not if you look at all of Europe combined compared to the US. But in specific countries, yes.

Yeah, it is heavily dependent on the subsidies available. And with Germany, they don’t seem to want to buy EVs unless they are made by German automakers.

The “Buddy” looks like it came right out of the 1970’s…

It is not from the 70’s but it has been around along time . . . since 1991. Thus it pre-dated the EV-1 by nearly a decade.

The Zoe is missing from the chart. I believe it is sold in Norway.

The ZOE just was starting to sell in Norway (hope Renault did their job well to adapt to the unique electrical distribution settings that Norway shares only with…Albania in Europe)
It is priced from 199,900 NKR which is quite aggressive…Now what good it will do to the Zoe up there, coming after the battle, with a heat pump instead of a standard heater in a very cold country, where the average adult has amply the money for a Tesla, I don’t know.
IMHO Norway’s not the ideal market for the ZOE. It will sell, for sure, but in small numbers out there.

My guess is, Zoe will be a great second electric car in Norway. I would favor it over the samely priced i-MiEV and its charger is definately a plus over the e-up. On the other hand Norwegians like VW. Will be a nice battle between these two cars in this price range.

How many years will it take Norway to reach 100% if at 2013 they had a 6.1%?