Northernmost Tesla Supercharger Now Open – Update: Now With Pics!


Tesla Setermoen Norway (via Lennarth K!)

Tesla Setermoen Norway (via Lennarth K!)

Tesla Motors opened supercharger #233 October 28th 2014 in Setermoen Norway.


Location Of Tesla Supercharger

68 degrees 51 minutes latitude North

68 degrees 51 minutes latitude North

So, what is so special about this supercharger? It has six stalls. Check. It is open 24/7. Check. Close enough to grab a Nøgne. Check. Oh yeah, its GPS reading is 68.860, 18.349,  or 68 deg 51 min latitude North. That is some serious latitude.

If you have ever been to Fairbanks Alaska, that is 64 deg 49 min. Setermoen, Norway is roughly 275 statute miles north of Fairbanks, just for a U.S. comparison.

Tesla notes the following amenities in the area:

  • Veksthuset Bardu (Cafe)
  • Esso (07.00-23.00 hrs)
  • Coop Extra (08.00-22.00 hrs – Closed: Sunday)
  • Bardu Hotell 24hr reception
  • Several restaurants and cafes in the area

Well way up north where the air gets cold
There’s a tale about Christmas
That you’ve all been told
And a real famous cat all dressed up in red
All he spends all year workin’ out on his sled” 

Little Saint Nick just got an upgrade, and it’s a Tesla….

Tesla Setermoen Norway (via Lennarth K)

Tesla Setermoen Norway (via Lennarth K)

Tesla Setermoen Norway (via Lennarth K)

Tesla Setermoen Norway (via Lennarth K)

Our thanks to Lennarth K for the pics!

Baby it's cold outside

Run, Run Reindeer

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Did they post a picture? Should be pretty pitch dark there in this time of year…

I wonder if they have heat for the batteries.

Spec9, no need for additional heat. Charging at 135kW is enough.

Intent taken, but in Europe is Tesla really pushing 135 kW through the modified Type 2 Mennekes standard coupling? Commentary is usually much less.


Still a few chargers missing even further north before you can go to the North Cape.

But at the rate that the norwegians are buying Teslas I guess the whole country will be covered sometime in the future. 🙂

I dont like the tesla worranties,
It say if you park your car in minus 20 C for 24h you void the wattanty. That is a problem for us up here. (Sweden/norway/finland)

Any link?

sorry, it say -30C not 20 still it pose a problem here.
here is the text from teslas quick guid manual

In addition, damage resulting from the following activities is not covered under this Battery Limited Warranty:

Exposing the vehicle to ambient temperatures above 140°F (60°C) or below -22°F (-30°C) for more than 24 hours at a time;
Physically damaging the Battery, or intentionally attempting, either by physical means, programming, or other methods, to extend (other than as specified in your owner documentation) or reduce the life of the Battery;
Exposing the Battery to direct flame (excluding from Battery fires as specified above); or,
Flooding of the Battery.
The Battery, like all lithium-ion batteries, will experience gradual energy or power loss with time and use. Loss of Battery energy or power over time or due to or resulting from Battery usage, is NOT covered under this Battery Limited Warranty. See your owner documentation for important information on how to maximize the life and capacity of the Battery.

you can find a link here

I would hope that the thermal management system will help, if the car is plugged in, with that situation. I would call Tesla to ask them. It is possible that since it would not be “intentional” it would be okay.

I can’t speak for other drivers, but in relatively population – dense buffalo, new york I find my self often in a position where it is almost or indeed IS impossible to plug in overnight.

I can just imagine the situation in Northern Norway. Southern Californians can’t picture this, but machinery gets VERY COLD VERY FAST.

A problem indeed. A volt or ampera can be started to warm things up for a few hours. As they said, Tesla views it as serious also since it could be a Warranty TERMINATING event.

No big deal as long as the car is pluged in or driven.

And most people in Scandinavia live in the south were even minus 20 degrees is rare. More like 0 degrees now days with a great global warming.

As long as the car is pluged in it is ok.
You can also forgett starting a Disel arter a – 30 degree night.
Minus 30 ususally dose not last long.

Speaking of the Cold, I just testified this evening at the Clarence, NY town board meeting, where Tesla is apply
ing to install an 8-stall (that is, four boxes of chargers) Supercharger station.

I testified that the Supercharger Installation would remain safe if knocked over by a snowplow, since any wiring would only have less than 15 volts on it (pilot signals) and would not constitute a shock hazzard since there would be now Model S there providing the handshaking.

The only other concern was that of ‘screening’, which the 3 Tesla reps in attendance assured the board the end result would have extra emphasis placed on being aesthetically pleasing to the community, to which a Board Member advised Tesla that its good Advertising for your company if your facilities are properly landscaped, to which the 3 in attendance apparently took to heart.

The meeting ended on a good note, and the proposed 8 stall facility proposal passed unanimously. I’m proud to have some small part in that.