Northern Ireland to Get 100 Additional Public Chargers

FEB 24 2014 BY STAFF 8

It’s being reported that Northern Ireland will invest some £600,000 (~$986,000 USD) to install 100 additional public charging stations.

Once installed, the region is expected to have nearly 500 public chargers in place.

According to BBC News, the 100 additional chargers will be “set in place at hospitals, health trusts, libraries and local council offices.”

The idea with these additional charger installs is to drive up EV adoption in Northern Ireland.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy stated:

“This is a very significant boost for our growing e-car infrastructure in Northern Ireland.”

Source: BBC News

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There’s more now than that map shows, albeit even this map in the link isn’t up to date by a few weeks.

What is the total sales of plug-in private cars from 2010 to present in Ireland and N. Ireland?

Most news outlets claim 600. It’s not specific if that’s only or totally from the new generation of EVs like the LEAF and Fluence Z.E, the single Tesla Roadster, the unknown amount of PSA van Electriques and small, low speed quadricycles like the G-Wiz.

Sales were dismal in 2013, less than 60 units I think, 70% less than 2012. Though January sales were way, way up this year. 51 LEAFs, which is more than all of the 46 LEAFs sold in 2013. (It actually outsold the Prius). So that number is going to sky rocket.

Oh, this is Republic of Ireland figures. I have no idea about NI, but since the UK got access to the new LEAF before us by several months, I suspect that EV sales are doing much better there.

Shouldn’t they have invested the money in hydrogen infrastructure? The money for those 100 charging stations would have paid for almost half a hydrogen station.


I’m thinking about taking a road trip through Ireland this summer.
Does anybody know a good electric car rental in Ireland?

I’m sorry, I’ve checked all over. There is no rental for EVs, let alone hybrids. I’ll take the blame for it as the majority of the people here are simply conservative and ill informed. Look at The Irish Times or The Independent, it’s like reading The Daily Mail and The Telegraph and there’s no real, contrasting alternative. They’re very asinine with EVs and hybrids. Unfortunately, all what’s on offer here are the beloved diesels, typically the Nissan Micra, Ford Fiesta and VW Polo. I’d say it’s easier to rent a Nissan LEAF or Zoe (the Zoe can take advantage of the thousand or so 22kW 3-phase AC chargers) in Northern Ireland and cross the border (no passport needed to do so) or rent an EV in Wales or the North/South West of the UK and catch a ferry to Dublin or Rosslare. To be honest, I don’t know if they will allow the car to go abroad. If you haven’t recoiled yet, then plan really early to see if any of those are possible. You’d have a great craic! There were people promoted on ESB blogs who tripped here in electric cars over the past 2 years. A family from… Read more »