UPDATE: Non-Employees Finally Get Invite To Order Tesla Model 3


And here it is … non-employees finally get to configure their Tesla Model 3.

Well, it was supposed to happen by the end of October — customer deliveries that is — but we’re heading into late November and although deliveries may not happen for awhile, the first step starts today.

The even better news is that we received word from non-employee Model 3 reservation-holder, Daniel Zorrilla, that his estimated delivery date is in just four weeks. This is a pretty lofty goal for Tesla since we are aware that the automaker was just recently still building vehicles for employees or those with connections to the company.

A delivery date of four weeks from now puts the Model 3 is Daniel’s hands just prior to Christmas, and would also assure that he can take advantage of the federal EV tax credit for 2017.

Check out related images via Daniel below:

Tesla Model 3

Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Model 3 order confirmed!


We noticed in the comments that many of you had hoped for a little more info about Daniel, and he graciously shared what he could. He’s actually contributed at InsideEVs in the past. Daniel currently resides in Florida and has absolutely no affiliation with Tesla, aside from the fact that he is a current owner. He simply stood in line on the first day to reserve his Model 3. Daniel also changed his delivery address to a friend’s home in Oakland, California. His current delivery window is November to January, although his delivery estimate upon configuring is now mid-December. He will take delivery in California, partake in a factory tour in Fremont, and then drive back to Florida.

Follow the link below to his original post on the Model3OwnersClub for more information.

Hat tip to Daniel Zorrilla!

Source: Model3OwnersClub

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Wait, of the ~3000 employees Tesla has they only bought ~600 M3’s????

Employees are not finished buying Model 3’s. If they want to buy the small battery pack, or skip the premium pack, or get a different color interior, or get AWD, or get the performance model…they have to wait like everybody else.

Hard to afford a $45,000 car on $18/hr

Lol, afforable my butt. Waiting for my Leaf test drive in Jan

As usually, you get you pay for. Metro commuter vs road trip machine.

The Chrysler Pacifica is the road trip machine.


It’s killed by lack of a tow rating though.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a good contender, albeit much smaller.

Road trip shhh please more then 8 hrs im flying. Plus my bf has a explorer very comfortable

A boyfriend who doesn’t give a s*** about a sustainable future.

Economy no doubt. With an Explorer and a Leaf, perhaps a Model 3 will be out of your price range for quite some time. Enjoy mediocrity. Actually, it looks like you already celebrate it, so nevermind.

I wonder what percentage of Tesla S or X owners actually go on road trips! Still limited by location of Supercharger stations. For example, only five in Ohio that I know of. 🙂

Model X is the ultimate road trip machine. We put 34k miles on our X90D since end of May 2016.
With autopilot and superchargers its a breeze. I used to insist on flying anything over 340 miles but now prefer driving up to 1000 miles. Love the all wheel drive for the winter season. And for our day to day we just plug in at night and it’s full in the morning. Currently on a ski trip with the kids, and the hotel has a destination charger so it is full in the morning just like at home here as welll.

Similar experience here. 2013 Model S with 173000 on the dial based on lots of road trips.

I have put almost 35k miles on my Model S since I got it in August of last year.

Employees have been receiving vehicles… likely around 700-900 in 2017 thus far. The will continue to receive vehicles for the next 4 weeks before this non-employee gets his car. Production has definitely ramped up somewhat from last month.

Tesla has many more employees than that! 17 800 according to Yahoo finance, but I believe that isn’t up to date either – IIRC it’s near 30k now.

What is the “something special”? I assume the first non-employee invites are all day one persons who stood in line.

Does this mean the NDA requirement is gone?

I didn’t see one, but I was just clicking as fast as I could.

I think it’s safe to say Tesla won’t ask members of the general public to sign any NDA just to be able to buy a Model 3. I mean, can you imagine the outrage if Tesla did so?

On the other hand, I can easily imagine Tesla continuing to enforce the NDA for buyers who are employees of Elon’s companies, as well as investors, Tesla insiders, and friends & family of Elon and other Tesla board members.

We can expect Tesla to rescind the NDA at some point, but my guess is not yet. Maybe Tesla will rescind it when the first non-employees take delivery of a Model 3… and maybe Tesla will continue enforcing it for another month or three. Obviously Tesla is going to do what it thinks is best for its public relations. And given how much all those Tesla haters used social media to attack Tesla over early production problems with the Model X, that appears to be entirely sensible and understandable to me.

I’m sure the Tesla haters will disagree. 😉

Tesla haters never agreed with you on anything Tesla.

You said: “On the other hand, I can easily imagine Tesla continuing to enforce the NDA for buyers who are employees of Elon’s companies, as well as investors, Tesla insiders, and friends & family of Elon and other Tesla board members.”

Why should “investors” need to sign a NDA? (I assume “investor” includes someone who just holds some Tesla stock? I trade hedged Tesla options, collecting option premium from all the FUD/speculation about Tesla. Does that make me an “investor” since I hold no common stock?)

Come on, what are the details? Is he a current Tesla owner? Did he camp in line on reservation day?

He is a current owner from California, and reserved on the first day. That’s the only non-employee demographic getting invitations so far. (I have two of the three and have not been invited yet).

He didn’t necessarily camp out though; he could have reserved online at home at any time on the first day and his owner status would place him where he is.

I waited in the line day 1.

You sure about that? The online reservations did not start until that evening.

Reservations started in ten AM at Tesla stores ans Service Centers. I was at mine in Sunnyvale at about 7:00 AM and was about 75 or 100 spots from the door.

Sorry, the not ten

It does not matter if he waited in line or not or when he placed his order. He could have waited a week to do so. A a current Tesla owner he jumps ahead of all non-owner orders.

@Gasless in Seattle

This is in the article: “He simply stood in line on the first day to reserve his Model 3.”

I am a current owner in Florida. I am picking up in CA.

I don’t think many posters are catching on. Perhaps you could do a longer post with more details.

@Dan Z

I’m pretty sure that California, unlike all other states, will charge you sales tax on your $50k+ Model 3 if you take deliver in California, even though you will register it out-of-state in your home state of Florida where you will be required to pay sales tax on your purchase of a Model 3.

Can anyone verify that this is correct?

Yep, if you take physical delivery of a car in CA, you pay CA taxes no matter where the car ends up going/ultimately registered.

So add 6k on 50k car just in taxes. No bueno

more like $3600…..

If it’s in CA’s highest taxed region, that’s 9.25%….or $4,625 in taxes.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” you pay CA taxes no matter where the car ends up going/ultimately registered” = “Bend over and take it with no KY”

CA will suck up any money you have just so they can keep passing stupid nanny laws and feel good BS laws.

Can’t wait to retire and move outta CA.

Anything we Cali EV drivers can do to help you cross the Cali State line, once and for all, for the very last time, we would gladly oblige!

Just sayin’. And, your welcome!

Wow. Good old CA, the land of taxing people to death. It’s a wonder ANY out of state folks want to pick up a car in CA.

You pay the CA sales tax, but FL gets paid its rate out of that. I only lose the extra over amount. You don’t get double taxed.

Sorry Dan but not true in most cases. I bought a truck while on a trip to CA. The dealer had a salesman drive the truck to the Nevada border on a one-way trip permit. There he got a fuel receipt and we had our photo taken to prove we were both there for the dealer’s record. I then took over and drove him to the airport and paid him for his time and return flight to Burbank, CA. I then drive home to Montana where there is no sales tax and very cheap license fees. But it takes knowing the rules and coordination with the dealer.

Donn — Yes, you are correct that you have to look into your own state’s laws on out-of-state tax credits. But in Florida, you get the first 6 percent of California sales or use taxes you payed to California applied to the Florida 6% use tax. So really the only tax hit would be about $1,800 to pick up at the Fremont factory:

“Is there a credit for any tax paid at the time of purchase?
Yes. If you paid 6 percent or more sales tax to an out-of-state seller at the time
of purchase, no tax is due. However, if the out-of-state seller charged less than 6 percent tax, you must pay “use tax” equal to the difference between what you paid in tax and the 6 percent tax imposed by Florida.
You purchase an item from a company located in Georgia. The Georgia company charges you a lawfully imposed Georgia sales tax of 4 percent. You must pay an additional 2 percent Florida use tax.”


There is sales tax reciprocity. Not sure if it works with CA-FL but would have for PA-FL when I looked into it. A little extra paperwork but he shouldn’t have to pay sales tax twice.

Sales Tax is normally paid in your home state. If he is taking delivery while on vacation for example he can get a one-way trip permit. But he must exit the state quickly. Used to be 24 hours. This way he avoids sales tax and license fees in CA and will pay those upon return to FL. FL gives you 30 days to get back and get car registered.

Sales tax, for this major purchase, is based on state residence of the buyer. Dan might have to file a Ca. tax exception form. Federal law protects out of state buyers from being taxed twice & Florida is entitled to collect Dan’s Sales Tax, (Not CA.) Dan still has to pay the Destination Fee whether it’s Freemont, Oakland or Florida, so why not have it delivered to Florida?

Do we know if they plan to short-circuit delivery to employees? That is, will the first non-employee delivery occur before the last employee delivery (for employees that have placed orders)?

I would say based on their launch strategy that a good number of non-employees take delivery of the first build spec prior to the employees getting their base Model 3.

I would have to agree. Right now Tesla is only building one configuration price wise or no less than $49,000 plus delivery fee. So if an employee wants a standard battery as appears to be the case, current Tesla owners can jump ahead of them if they are willing to pay $49,000+

This confirms no $35k Model 3 this year. Maybe next year!
Hopefully this means the death of the infamous NDA.

“Early 2018” So sometime in the first half of 2018 the base models will be available to order, maybe delivered, as well.
I have to admit that I didn’t believe that Tesla could deliver a $35k Model 3 in 2017. I got half of that right, at least. I still find it hard to believe that they will actually be able to sell them for $35k but it looks like I am way wrong on that.
Here is hoping they have gotten the kinks out and can deliver quality 3’s at a steadily increasing pace! 5,000 a month would be great. 5,000 a week, again, seems hard to believe, but I will love to be proven wrong, again!

No guarantees that the base model will be available for $35k, for some time. All that they have said is the standard range model will be. It may still require the premium upgrade, or even with enhanced autopilot. My guess is you won’t see the base model without options available until late 2018.

Even if the base 3’s at $35k don’t get delivered until the last quarter of 2018, it will still be a huge achievement. That would also be when the Tesla credits run out, so that may end up being the case. Hope the base 3’s show up sooner rather than later, though.
Up until several months ago, I really didn’t think Tesla would deliver more than a handful of 3’s this year, and I have a feeling November is going to a decent, if not great, month for 3 deliveries.

There’s still no plan to offer leases, it appears. That will raise the monthly cost by $200 or so.

Is there some reason you keep bringing that up? What company in their right mind would have a lease program for a product for which they’ve pre-sold all conceivable production 2 years out?

Consumers expect leases. It’ll be $838 a month for a 60 month loan, not including the tax credit. That’s similar to leasing a Model S 75D.

So some people may choose to lease a Model S instead. Or lease a BMW instead, or lease a Chevy Bolt..

Tesla would still be able to sell a megaton of Model 3s for cash.

Tesla would have to carry the cost of the car for two to three years. The idea of leases is to make cars more accessible financially so that you can increase sales. Tesla doesn’t have a need to increase sales on the Model 3.


I think you just answered your own question – haha.

Hmm… Why would Tesla, who would rather get you in a Model S right now, not lease you a Model 3 for less and instead set it up so the payment for either car is basically the same!? 🙂

“Four Electrics” continued his ever more desperate attempts to find anything bad to say about Tesla:

“It’ll be $838 a month for a 60 month loan, not including the tax credit. That’s similar to leasing a Model S 75D.”

So, you’re saying that Tesla is anti-selling the Model 3… or more precisely, anti-leasing it.

In other “news”, water is wet and the sun will most likely rise in the East tomorrow.


It seems your logic is hard to argue with, in the Tesla anti-sell Model 3 by the anti-lease Model 3 proposition.

Go figure!

Plus most of those reservation will want to lease or they dropping off that reservation list

What an odd thing to say. Is this more Tesla bashing FUD, or just lack of knowledge? Leases don’t have to be in-house thru the auto maker.

If leasing is that important to a potential buyer, then they can arrange that with their bank.

If you buy your cars then the Tesla has stood the test of time. Rather buy a Tesla than a Leaf.
And all these comments about cost, how does it compare to i3, BMW is more the market they are aiming for, not Leaf.

I would like to see a lease program in place as well, especially as the base Model 3s are delivered. For clarity:

“It’ll be $838 a month for a 60 month loan, not including the tax credit”

I assume this monthly payment is in regards to a fully loaded Model 3 at nearly $60K including sales tax and excluding the Federal Tax Credit. To state the obvious, a base Model 3 will be substantially less.

Because 75% of EV “buyers” actually lease versus buy.

That figure does not include Teslas. Teslas often lease poorly, since they do not offer any official discounts off MSRP and Tesla plays games with the residual/money factor math. But not even having an option to lease a Model 3 will definitely not help sales.

LOL… “not help sales.” 450,000+ waiting in line to buy. They can arrange their own leasing if necessary.

Many people cannot afford a $48,000 car, but, they can afford to lease payments for three years, and then buy at the residual value of the vehicle at end of lease.

If a person can’t afford to buy, they can’t afford to lease and are deluding themselves that they can.

Thank you.

That is nonsense. Remember this was supposed to be the mass-market Model 3. $800/mo is not a mass-market payment.

You can lease a Bolt for $200/mo for 36 months with 15k miles per year. The purchase payment is about $500 for 72 months. How many people do you think are buying Bolts?

Why do you think Tesla is already open to current owners? out of 33,000 employees plus what? 50,000 family members and insiders maybe 2,000 bought a $50K Model 3.

These are not priced as mass-market. Reservations are going to tumble fast when people realize what this car is going to cost.

Donn said: “Remember this was supposed to be the mass-market Model 3. $800/mo is not a mass-market payment.” With 455,000+ reservations, it certainly fits any sensible person’s definition of a “mass market car”. “You can lease a Bolt for $200/mo for 36 months…” Tesla certainly won’t stop you from arranging a lease with a bank, if that’s what you want. With demand this high, there’s no rational reason for Tesla to offer in-house leasing. “How many people do you think are buying Bolts?” Not nearly as many as will be buying TM3’s next year, that’s for sure! GM is only making ~30,000 per year, and my understanding is they are not planning on increasing production next year. 🙁 “Why do you think Tesla is already open to current owners? out of 33,000 employees plus what?” Tesla hasn’t stopped selling to its own employees. Why are you insinuating they have? Are you just another Tesla basher? “These are not priced as mass-market.” Well, let’s see what the dictionary says: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mass mar·ket noun the market for goods that are produced in large quantities. verb market (a product) on a large scale. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nope, you’re wrong. “Reservations are going to tumble fast… Read more »

Sales require no help. They have a back log of 550k ordered.

Those sales/reservation numbers include people expecting to lease.


So take out a loan, what’s the big deal? Tesla proven to have good resale value, and batteries proven to last very well over the long term.

“Very well”, could also be stated “among the best in the battery EV business.”

Then they will have to either give up their spot in line to some other reservation holder while they wait for Tesla to start up their Model 3 factory lease program, or find a third-party/indirect lease provider.

I don’t see how that will impact Tesla’s sales or production numbers between now and when they launch their Model 3 lease program.

“Those sales/reservation numbers include people expecting to lease.”

What’s with the sudden flood of Tesla bashing comments suggesting that nobody can lease unless it’s thru an auto maker’s own finance company? If someone wants to arrange a lease with their bank, Tesla ain’t gonna stop them!

It used to be that Tesla didn’t offer any leases at all. That it’s not offering any on the Tesla Model 3 during this initial period, when demand is so much higher than supply, should not surprise anyone.

bro1999 desperately continued trying to paint high demand for the Tesla Model 3 as being somehow a bad thing:

“…75% of EV ‘buyers’ actually lease versus buy.”

I think you mean, non-Tesla buyers/lessees.

Too bad for those other auto makers. I’m sure that if they had demand greatly exceeding supply, they wouldn’t have to offer leases either. For example, they certainly didn’t right after WW II, when everybody wanted a new car!

Go Tesla!

So PuPu, master TSLA propagandist troll, are you saying that none of the several hundred thousand reservation holders plans to lease their Model 3? Is that what you are saying, troll?

bro — are you under the false impression that the only way you can get a lease on a new car is through the dealership?

Credit Unions have been doing third party/indirect leases for 3 decades. Anybody who wants to lease a Model 3 is certainly free to find any third party/indirect lease provider they want.


Yes, thank you business establishments, such as Golden One Credit Union!

Is that what I said? Of course not.

Your ability to twist truth into lies is certainly impressive, troll. But then, you’ve had a lot of practice.

You both need to take a breather. Every time someone posts a negative view of Tesla, your “serial Tesla basher” and “FUD data” comments come out. Many here said Tesla wouldn’t make their schedule milestones and those same tired descriptions were used on them.

Stop the personal bashing and stick to fact based opinions and debating what those are.

ClarksonCote said: “You both need to take a breather. Every time someone posts a negative view of Tesla, your ‘serial Tesla basher’ and ‘FUD data’ comments come out. Factually incorrect. I only use that language in response to those who actually are serial Tesla bashers and FUDsters. Not anyone expressing honest opinions. By falsely accusing me of indiscriminately calling out people for being FUDsters and trolls even when they’re not, aren’t you doing exactly what you’re accusing me of doing? “Many here said Tesla wouldn’t make their schedule milestones and those same tired descriptions were used on them.” I’m one of those who said Tesla wouldn’t make its schedule milestones for the Model 3 production… and I was right. I haven’t noticed any comment where I called myself either a Tesla basher or a FUDster. Perhaps you could point to one of those? /snark “Stop the personal bashing and stick to fact based opinions and debating what those are.” I’d be very happy to not have any occasion to point out when someone is practicing a disinformation strategy of repeated intentional lies about Tesla and its cars. If everyone stuck to honest opinions, negative or not, there wouldn’t be any… Read more »

Clarkson — If you believe you can do a better job of calling bro out on his notorious bullpucky and endless lies, then certainly step up and do so.

It is bro himself who says he makes up crap as part of his daily assault on Tesla “Just to rile up people”. (direct quote from bro on November 6, 2017) So there is no rationally debating with somebody who has shown their intentions so clearly. But please, feel free to give it a shot.

CC, I was going to comment but I figured I’d wait to eliminate all doubt. With one guy its useless since that’s all he has to do down in MOMMY’s basement (she must be pushing 90 by now), and the other guy is dumb. Complaining about them doesn’t do any good. You have to go someplace that doesn’t allow them. Its different than the situation in your work place. You are where you are because you KNOW something. Not the situation here.

CC since we were talking about 12 volt BOLT charging, I looked at the website Brian belongs to, but, at first it said I was already a member, then it let me login, but then when I went to post it said I was logged out and wouldn’t let me in…. Anyways. IEV’s at least is easy to login to. Every place else is too self-important.

On the charging – some guy went into a great discertation as to the 7 charging modes of the DC/DC converter. What a Rube Goldberg convoluted method of charging a battery.

One thing he talked about was a DRIVE MOTOR/GENERATOR mode – in a sentence or two he seemed to indicate the power for the inverter comes from an aux stator winding on the motor.

At first blush I’d say this guy is clueless, but he does know a bit about electricity and motors so I just wondered if you thought there was anything to it. I do know the accessory jack voltage comes up a few volts when you turn the car on, just like the volt, and i dont hear any ‘drive motors’ running as I’m standing still.

75% of EV drivers lease because like me it makes no sense to buy a car that has a weak battery with an 85 mike range(really 65 or 70 miles). I drive a Leaf and my wife drives a Honda FIT EV. Both are leased and they are the first and only leased cars either of us have ever had.

As they should considering the disastrous resale value of every non-Tesla EV.

Bro1999 says “75% of EV “buyers” actually lease versus buy”

To add a bit of context, I’d say:

XX% of early EV “buyers” in say 2010 – 2016 knew that their Nissan Leafs etc. would be well and truly obsolete when coming off lease (largely due to their range, rinky-dink sized batteries and thermal management issues).

Tesla model 3 doesn’t come anywhere close to that set of limitations.

That’s why I’ll be jumping the lease-buy gap when my M3 number comes up.

Because those leases where for compliance cars that the manufacturers had to push because of CARB, the lease deals were very attractive, i.e. subsidized by the manufacturers. Of course that won’t last when rules get stricter and they can’t afford to “give” cars away anymore.

You do realize that about half of these reservations are international and would not qualify for the lease anyway, right?

People lease evs because they are waiting for something better. My eGolf has serious limitations that the TM3 will handle handsomely and the tech is constantly upgraded so i would not have a problem buying it.

What an idiot you are MadBro, your information is from 2015 and its no almost 2018.

On of the reasons that there were so many EV leases is because the rapid improvements being made in range, charging. etc.

Another reason is that many of the purely compliance EVs like the Fiat 500E or Spark were being lease out at sometimes less then $100.00/month for the Carb credits.

Most people have leased EVs because the quickly changing tech and ever increasing range. That’s what I did with my Leaf and my i3. I bought my Model S though. It has enough range to handle all of my short and medium range trips and the Supercharger network is robust enough to handle my long range trips.

Yes please, when and where did Daniel place his reservation? FWIW, I got a ride in an employee M3 on Saturday (VIN# 583). Great ride and cabin finish, of course awesome acceleration and regen. Rear seating and headroom less spacious than my i-MiEV, but more than a Volt. With no rear footwell, feet rest high and the seat is low, so not comfy for adults. Despite reclined front seating, feet feel high on the battery.

You don’t get the feet high feeling on a Bolt, but that car is significantly higher on roofline than a lot of cars.

Color me skeptical – By “placing your order”, is this the real decision time – are you signing a purchase contract and do you have to back up your commitment with an additional significant non-refundable deposit?

Behind the scenes and away from the press, I suspect that the major institutional stockholders like FMR, Baillie Gifford, and Vanguard have absolutely been hammering Musk to resolve TSLA’s cash flow issues and turn the company around before the stock tanks and they have to sell too, which would kill TSLA.

The timing of both the semi truck and the Gen 2 Roadster roll-out with moderate to massive pre-payment requirements – all smell of a cash-grab.

Turning refundable uncommitted reservations to committed non-refundable deposits on sales contracts would further help alleviate both the cash issue and calm nervous investors.

When Tesla can actually make vehicle delivery on those new orders? We’ll see.

Yes, $2,500 non-refundable deposit in addition to the $1,000 already put down.

That is not true Dan. You can use the $1,000 reservation money towards the $2,500 non-refundable deposit.

In previous screen shots, the final screen was a $2500 deposit and that made your $1000 also non-refundable. So I think you are in for $3500, so make sure your financing plans are all lined up before hand.

I’d like to be there for that conversation. “you want to be prequalified for what? A Tesla model 3? There is no such car sir…”

The Semi event was delayed from Oct and planned a long time ago. It’s part of the Master Plan Part Deux and the Roadster has been talked about for quite some time too.

In any case, it is clear that Model 3 production has picked up pace with the rate of new sightings going up.

You don’t understand. I have an account with Vanguard they don’t hold Tesla stock or any stock, for that matter.
Don’t you understand.

You call them institutional holders which means: “large entities that manage funds on the behalf of others.”

The power of Vanguard holding your index fund, and using that to persuade management to some course of action is what they do.

Except for index funds, the Fund Manager is the only person who chooses what stocks are included in any type of stock fund you may invest in.

So while they indeed don’t own the underlying shares in their stock funds, they certainly do make the investment decisions in those funds, not the actual investor. That is how it is considered to be the institutional investors who are choosing to invest in individual stocks.

Per NASDAQ top institutional Holders:

#3 – Vanguard Group: 6,784,792 shares as of 9/30/17. At $300/share, that’s $2 billion of stock value at-stake. As TSLA’s 3rd largest institutional holder and as an index stock type fund group, they typically just buy stock to mimic whatever index model they are marketing – total stock, Large Cap, etc. Nonetheless, they have investment analysts who watch things, are not just passengers, and may have an opinion if it is clear a ship is not being well-sailed.


timing the release of the Semi as a stock manipulation gimmick is a foolish argument. There are thousands of man-years in those working highly polished prototypes.

You’re thinking of Ford: Sketch and Press Release.

“timing the release of the Semi as a stock manipulation gimmick is a foolish argument.”


But when did appearing foolish ever stop a serial Tesla bashing troll?

Or TSLA propaganda-spreading cultist fans, for that matter.

Did you see John Oliver’s last show?

He covered the three tools of deception:
1) Discretizing the media.
2) Whataboutism.
3) Trolling.

It’s neat/disconcerting to see this in normal discourse everywhere.

Aspects of the world as envisioned by Brave new world / 1984 is playing out.

Help us all.

If facts and honest opinions are “propaganda”, then I’m very happy to be a Tesla “propagandist”.

But in the real world, there is a very sharp difference between people like me who always seek the Truth and never, ever say anything they don’t believe… and people like you, Bro1999; people to whom truth and facts are irrelevant, and who are motivated by greed to attack the reputation of a company which is trying hard to make this a better world.

“company trying hard to make this a better world.”

Yes, let us all bow down to Elon, the savior of the human race. :rolleyes:

I finally read that Rolling Stone piece about him. The dude seriously needs to step back from his work life and get control of his personal life, because he sounds like a trainwreck. Handing the reigns of Tesla to someone else would be a good start.

You don’t have much room to talk there son.

HA! Good point!

It is, indeed, a foolish argument, but one that some actual auto journos are making. In public!

Strange days.

No, I don’t think so. They have probably jerry-rigged their production line to get at least a couple of thousand units out. They really need to get going, their suppliers are pushing parts on them according to contract.

It’s funny, a year ago Elon Musk played the tough guy and claimed that if any supplier wouldn’t be able to keep up with the July launch of the model 3 Tesla would drop them like a hot potato. Look who turned out to not be able to keep up 😀

The part of the line that failed was build and run by a third party contractor. Tesla had to fire them and take over where the contractor failed after the contractor hid that their junk couldn’t scale to higher volumes.

Now since Tesla stepped in, they rewrote the code, installed new hardware, and they are moving forward with higher volumes. How is this Tesla being the problem, when it is actually Tesla stepping in and turning around a failed contractor’s work?

AWD in Spring and possibly before the base Model 3. Looks like they are doing the logical thing that I anticipated, maximizing profits (which is a good thing for turning the company around financially).

I think “early” probably comes before “Spring” in Tesla-speak. I infer this partly because here in flyover country, the guesstimator says “early 2018” for the base model and “July – Sep 2018” for AWD.

But until they’re on the road it’s all Magic 8-Ball.

The AWD date shifted way up based off of what was provided in this article. “Early” could technically be anywhere between before July, but only the most optimistic would think that it’s in Q1. Notice how the first build is somewhat specific. The AWD date is less specific and the base model is vague.

I would guess most employees are getting the basic 3. That will be Jan or later.

Congrats Dan! How are you planning to option it (i.e. color, AP, FSD, wheels, etc.)? If you aren’t sure, I’ll suggest blue or red, upgrade wheels and AP! 🙂

Blue, PUP, upgraded wheels, and AP.

What is “PUP”?

Premium Upgrade Package. DUH

Also, a younger four legged co-pilot, that hangs its head out of the passenger window, while incessantly barking at FUDster Tesla Trolls, like bro1999!

Well, let’s wait and see the delivery numbers before reading too much into this. It wouldn’t be unlike Tesla to bump a few customers up the queue in the hope of generating some positive speculation, and as usual refuse to comment when asked… In other words, it’s not at all certain this means ask the employee (long range RWD) cars have been delivered.

I think you meant to say “ALL”. If by ‘all’, you mean employees that want the single motor premium cars, then you may be correct.
On the other hand, if you meant every employee that wants the car, then no, not even close.

“…it’s not at all certain this means ask [all?] the employee (long range RWD) cars have been delivered.”

Nor is Tesla making this claim; it’s just speculation here.

As I understand it, there are four factors affecting what someone’s place in line is:

1. Employee/ non-employee, with employees getting first priority

2. Location, with those closest to the Fremont assembly plant getting first priority

3. Date and time of reservation, with those reserving earlier having priority

4. Options, with those Tesla is putting into production first getting first deliveries. Those choosing other options will have to wait.

* * * * *

We don’t know just what weight Tesla is giving to factor #1 in relation to the other factors.

One thing is obvious: Some non-employees are going to be getting their Model 3’s before some employees do, depending on which options are chosen by both employees and non-employees.

Oops, I left out:

5. Previous owner: Existing Tesla customers get priority over those who have never bought a Tesla car.

Over at Tesla Motors Club forum, lots of pictures of semi trucks loaded with Model 3s, showing up. Looks like they’re pushing hard.

Here’s an important catch: You’ve now given Tesla $3500 in *non-refundable* money for a car you’ve never driven, or even sat in.

I don’t think I can do that. I need to be sure I can fit comfortably in the vehicle (I’m 6’6″), and can safely read the display (my eyes are aging a bit). For example, I’ve driven a P85, but its headroom is really too low for me to own one. The paper specs for the Model 3 indicate it will be OK, but I need to be sure.

Long ago, Musk spoke of stocking stores with pre-built cars (like other mfrs do). My expectation was that my reservation would lead to an *invitation* – not a commitment – to buy the car. I need to feel comfortable with the car before committing non-refundable money to it. Just because it’s a Tesla doesn’t mean it’s automatically ok for me.

It is actually quite common for people to order a car that they have never driven if it is a new model!
Take the Bolt for example – it got several thousand orders (real orders, not reservations) in Europe without being available on dealer lots.

“I need to be sure I can fit comfortably in the vehicle (I’m 6’6″), and can safely read the display (my eyes are aging a bit).”

Plenty of Tesla Model S and Model X owners chose to delay converting their reservation to an order, either because they weren’t sure of what they would be getting, or because they wanted to let Tesla work out early production problems before they took delivery.

I’m sure some Model 3 reservation holders will be doing the same.

Hopefully you have already contacted your local Tesla store to be contacted when you can test drive a Model 3? If not, do so today!

At 6 foot 6, you would be well past the 95% of males who are 6 foot 1 or shorter. Being well outside that 95th percentile, you definitely need to test cars yourself. Because car makers typically don’t design cars for people above or below the the top and bottom 5%. Sad but true. And don’t get me stared on airlines…

But the other 95% of reservation holders shouldn’t have to worry as much as you need to. With that said, I would want to test drive one myself first too.

If you are 6’6″ and you were not comfortable in the Model S DO NOT ORDER a Model 3 until you can test drive one.

Here are the model S stats.
headroom 38.8″
legroom 42.7″
Shoulder 57.7″
Hip 55″

Here are the Model 3 front seat stats
headroom 40.3″
legroom 42.7″
shoulder 56.3″
hip 53.4″

You only get about 1.5″ more headroom in model 3.

I went thru same thing with Ferrari. Saved up to buy a used 348GTS and found I could not fit unless I had the roof off!

I can assert that another current Tesla owner non-employee was asked to finalize today. He currently lives in Palo Alto, but I don’t know if he changed his address with Tesla since moving this year from Minnesota. My guess is he did, but he was a day-one reservation, in person, I was there for the spectacle of 35 degree temperatures in a light rain, and 1200+ people waiting hours.

Day one reservation holder (waited in line), current Tesla owner, and live in California (Southern California). I have not received my invitation to configure yet.

Just fyi for others in my position.

So, how many times a day are you checking your email and logging in to Tesla.com?

Just received my invite and Model 3 is ordered. Says delivery in 4 weeks. I am in California, waited in line on day one, and am a current owner.

bro1999 (Improved version)

Go Tesla!

Another Euro point of view (improved version)


Leave it to the Tesla propagandist trolls to stoop to impersonation. Mister G/PuPu/Nix have way too much time on their hands. Lol

This is the one thing that trolls can’t stand: Being laughed at. They take themselves sooooooo seriously!

😀 😀 😀

Well, it wasn’t me who posted that. But it is definitely a massive improvement. So the “Improved version” comment is indeed the most factual thing associated with your name in any Tesla story…..

Funny how you whine about other people having too much time on their hands, considering your posting habits, Mr. Pot.

How could I forget Get Real. That rounds out the 4 TSLA stooges.

Much better version of Bro. I say wee keep that one…

Bro1999 is really Bob Lutz

Now, that is the best (most entertaining) conspiracy theory, that has been postulated on this IEVs site!

“What about Bob”!
He be takin’ “baby steps” on IEV!

I am still frustrated by the fact that heated seats are not standard! Even the Leaf has standard heated front seats and steering wheel!!

The whole point being that it takes less energy for the passengers to feel warm by using heated seats instead of cabin air heating.

WTF?? It must be to get people to buy the premium package. If heated front seats were standard, I would not get the premium package.

I’ve heard different things about that, and haven’t been able to confirm. One theory is that the heated seats in the premium package refers to heated front and REAR seats. And that heated front seats will be in the base interior. But Tesla hasn’t actually published the full specs for the base interior yet. So impossible to know at this point, unless somebody has inside access to specifications that Tesla hasn’t released yet?

And what about a heated steering wheel? Based off current info, it is not even an option.

In their defense, Southern California is the prime market for this vehicle. You can tell that because COLD is defined as 40 deg F.

I hope you’re joking about SoCal being the primary market. It would get awfully crowded with 500k Model 3s running around there.

California as a whole will get at least 30% of the domestic 3 deliveries, maybe as much as 40%. It is incredible how much of the US electric car market is in California. And it is admirably suited to it with regards to climate.

Why would that be a joke?

It hasn’t been that long since southern California had fully half the EVs registered in the entire USA, and it’s still by far the biggest domestic market. Tesla has always offered its new models in California first; that does not appear likely to change.

Hey Dan Z,
Wow good for you if it’s true, I trust and verify, I’m in Central Florida so I will be happy to verify your model 3 delivery reach me at ggslp71@live.com I’m also a reservation holder.

It’s true. If I’m one of the first in the state, I’m sure someone will organize a central Florida meet for everyone in the area.

What happens if you choose “Hold my place in line”? Does that mean, later on, the instant you decide to buy, there’s no waiting?

Also, where’s the “gift” for day 1 reservation holders?

We already got that, it was a design drawing of the car.

No, after the sketch:

8/7/17: “@elonmusk loyalty begets loyalty. Are you still going to announce the “something special” for day 1 reservation holders?”

“I agree. Working on it …”


Perhaps cars free of (obvious) fit and finish issues? 😀

Bro, a wrecked model 3 would sell better than that ugly bolt. Besides from what I have been seeing the fit and finish on the 3 is much better than what GM puts out by a long shot.

Bro1999 drives a gas guzzler he is Bob Lutz

The only similarities, that Bob Lutz and Bro 1999 have in common, are an inordinate amount of free time, to fritter and waste!

I would settle for free from mentaly ill trolls like MadBro.

I got the design drawing and I reserved on April 4th a few days after reveal

Couldn’t read all the comments, I hope Tesla doesn’t rescind the offer once they hear the car will be located in FL…

It’s being picked up in Fremont. Not that they knowing more than the general public, but a sales rep thought it was a sound idea. There’s already 3-4 Model 3’s in Florida, so it’s not like It’s the first car ever. I just might be one of the first non-employee owned cars.

3-4 model 3 in Florida? How do you know this?

I just want to know when they’ll hit showrooms so I can sit in one. I keep seeing them roll around the Bay, but not on the sales floor.

Same here. I really don’t think I can convert my reservation to non-refundable until I can try it out.

Ahhh… the unquestioning support of InsideEVs for Tesla

Just looking back on February InsideEVs post:
“Tesla Q4/2016 Earnings: Model 3 Confirmed On Track For July, Volume Production by September”

…and this absolute ROFL-inducing howler from late May:
“Tesla Model 3 Production Details From Insider, Thousands To be Delivered End Of July”

I hafta wonder when you guys will see how you’re being led around by the snout.

{Cue the Oil Shill conspiracists….. now}

I still stand by what I said way back in that story, and I think it accurately reflects consensus:

“I think everybody is prepared to hear about delays. It is just a matter of how long the delays will be, and how much impact they will have on deliveries.

On the other hand, are you prepared for the point where the delays are over, and Model 3’s come flying out the factory by the thousands?”

So keep complaining about the delays as long as you can, because after the delays have been worked through Tesla will just keep on building more and more Model 3’s and the delays will be behind them and ancient history. Sorry your nose is so out of joint about Tesla that it keeps you from seeing the forest from the trees.

My nose is in wonderful shape I will admit that, as part of my aged carcass, it is bigger and homelier than it once was. But since two nasty breaks as an unsuccessful collegiate boxer and then REbroken to straighten it out decades ago, the ‘ol snot locker is still doin’ great.

Nope: my proboscis doesn’t have a ring through it with a lead attached to Tesla’s latest set of excuses. That must hurt when Boss Musk gives it a yank and commands where to look.

I realize it is dark where your head is lodged, but clearly you didn’t actually read my post.

Sorry you can’t see the reality that Tesla has a very good record of getting cars into mass production. The reality is that Tesla will indeed start pumping out thousands of cars out their factory, and you still remain willfully blind to that reality.

You can whine until you are blue in the face, and the reality you cannot see with your brown eyes is that mass production volumes are inevitable no matter how much you want to remain blind to it.

But please, go ahead and get all your whining and crying out while you still can. It will just serve to prove the pattern when a new round of whining inevitably erupts when the Model Y comes out.

All the complaining and whining will all add up to much ado about nothing in the big picture. Sorry you are unable to that from behind your self-imposed blinders.

Maybe he’s already getting earlyonset dementia r parkinsons like many people who got hit in the head a lot?

Just received my invite and Model 3 is ordered! Day one reservation holder (waited in line), in Southern California, and current Model S owner. Delivery time is stated at 4 weeks. Additional $2,500 deposit required. I’m $3,500 in now.