No Sign Of Nissan LEAF e+ Sales Splash In Japan

MAR 6 2019 BY MARK KANE 23

Surprisingly, instead of growth, we see a decrease

While introducing the Nissan LEAF e+, Nissan announced that sales of the longer-range version will start first in Japan in January. However, as we got sales numbers for the first two months, there is no good news.

In February, LEAF sales decreased by 50% year-over-year to 1,867, after a 25% decrease in January.

It’s hard to say whether demand is weaker than anticipated or customers are waiting for the 62 kWh version, constrained by production capacity. Since 2010, almost 120,000 LEAFs were sold in Japan with peak monthly results when the second-generation (40 kWh) entered the market.

Let’s hope there’s just some production issues and that this isn’t tied to some sort of low level of demand for the LEAF e+. This is the car Nissan is counting on to boost its EV sales in the coming years ahead of the introduction of all-new from the ground up electric vehicles.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – February 2019

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Tesla Model 3 and Y Osborne effect?

You bet.
They waited way too long to update the LEAF. They playfield changed a lot since.

I’ll say Osborne but I’m not a expert.

Nope new Leaf e-plus is Osborne effect. I think many are holding off to wait for the more range version. Nissan has always had a very strong brand following in Japan.

Until they don’t. The arrest and detainment of Ghosn may have tarnished him and his brand in the eyes of the Japanese people. One thing the European’s that frequent this site, always harp about is how country centric Americans are. No doubt, but we’re not the only ones.

How can that be true in Japan when they drive on the wrong side of the road for Model 3?

But they drive on the right side of the car.

Probably more like Kona, Niro Osborne effect.

Japan doesn’t need long range. Makes no sense. Only the US drives that much.

I think whether need it or not if you can afford to get longer range version and wait a few months you would. I believe this is what’s going on and its 100% normal.


Long range is good no matter what, lets say you have very good range but you don’t need it daily, so you charge maybe once a week instead of once a day, which means if you charge once a week and the battery has lifespan of 1000 cycles for example, the battery lasts 18 years, 2000 cycles is 36 years and that’s helluva a lot years

When life span of 1000 cycles while charging daily doesn’t even get you 3 years

Living in a city in Japan means little use of the car. Everyone uses mass transport because there is little room for parking spots.

People in Japan don’t seem to be very much Plug-In minded (yet).

What needs to be done to change that?

It’s has to do with with that The Japanese don’t do road trips and the bullet train is much faster and efficient way to travel in Japan

Exactly. They’d rather just buy some tiny little car that gets great mileage. The Leaf is a pretty big car for Japan. Almost all city to city travel is via train. Oh and the last time I drove between cities there (southern part nowhere near Tokyo) it was about $60 in tolls for a 2 hour drive.

@ Tom

“The Leaf is a pretty big car for Japan.”

Would an electric Kei-car be more successful in Japan?

Hmmm, who knows what’s really happening…


A car is a big purchase. If waiting a couple months will net you a 50% increase in some key performance metrics (range, power, battery charge rate), for a 15-20% price premium, it is hard to imagine many people opting not to wait.

The question is, was the E-Plus version widely available during this time?

WBAC have just text again offering more money for my Leaf. 2nd hand Leaf prices going up in the U.K. Now I just wish I could get a discount on a new one.

Another Euro point of view

Maybe it is a great car to drive but it does not look sexy at all.