No More Waiting List For Tesla Model S CHAdeMO Adapter – Order Yours Today


Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter

There’s no longer a waiting list or a backlog for Tesla’s Model S CHAdeMO adapter.

If you click this link, you can order the adapter right now.

It’s only $450, unless your Model S requires what Tesla refers to as “Fast Charging Onboard Hardware Activation” (Supercharger enabled, we think)  If that’s required, then the price jumps to $1,900.

The $450 entry fee provides you access to nearly 1,000 CHAdeMO stations in the U.S.

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So what’s the total number of QC & SC locations available to Tesla Model S & X drivers?

Guessing Tesla owners have access to the largest electric highway next work for any model of EV. (only counting charging locations that supply 20+ kW of power for 65+ MPH, 110+ kph of charging speed … anything less is NOT highway speed)

By far the highest value tesla product ever offered:

A Tesla converter and Model S jack, for only $450?

Far more economical than the $750 j1772 adapter for the roadster.

I bet almost every model s superchargered vehicle orders one since why wouldn’t you?

And it will be a popular accessory with Model 3 owners, too.

Anon, that is just untrue. When Model 3 comes to markets, all Chademo charging sites are already equipped with adapters for Tesla cars.

Not in the US.


Nope… a relatively few order the CHAdeMO adapter. For many people, between starting each day with 170-220 miles of range and available Superchargers, CHAdeMO is just not necessary. It’s also expensive, as energy from CHAdeMO is usually the most expensive, especially with NRG’s eVgo network.

Tesla is doing this wrong way. Instead of selling adapters to its customers, all Chademo charging sites should be equipped with an adapters that enables not only Tesla car charging but also adapters for CCS supporting cars. In bulk scale proper adapter cost at most few hundred bucks per charging site.

So Tesla should wait for the world to catch up?? No, Tesla doing it right by increasing access to charging sites. The array of adapters they offer and have offered far exceeds what any other EV manufacture has imagined to date.

Maybe someday the CHAdeMO and CCS sites will accommodate all types. But that’s not going to happen without some commitment from all manufactures of EV’s. Right now other than Tesla the only one that might “get it” is Nissan. All the others are in “let’s do a little as possible” mode.

Agreed, a Model S is by far the easiest EV to charge. You can basically use any outlet on earth (except CCS L3).

Older, – if Nissan – Really ‘Got it’ – as you say, can you tell why they have not yet bought up some of these to build reverse engineered adapters to give LEAF Owners access to Supercharging Sites? – Or – to connect with Tesla to build such an Adapter?

Or – do you think they will wait until they get a longer range EV ready – to pop this balloon!

Supercharger stations require vehicle VIN # before they will charge. In theory you could find a wrecked Tesla and hack together a charge adapter though.

Robert, My statement of “get it” was my way of saying they are putting more effort into actively promoting EV’s. Kind of part of this discussion in my view. I’m not a Leaf promoter per say but at least Nissan realized early on that they needed to provide more than the J1772 charging standard. Tesla has a amazing thing going with the Superchargers. Now if ALL EV’s could access them or something like it we could pop this balloon!!

It’s sure interesting to hear others views on this. The only thing I want to see is more EV’s on the road. I really don’t care who makes them. Living in a charging desert I do care how they get charged though.

Great disscussion everyone.