No Electric Porsche 911 Coming In Near Future, Instead More Petrol “Fun”

AUG 31 2016 BY MARK KANE 50

The Porsche Mission E

The Porsche Mission E

The Porsche 911

The Porsche 911

Porsche doesn’t want to develop all-electric 911.

The famous German brand leaves a door open, but in the near term we can forget about 911 EV. Maybe in “10 years” Porsche will change mind.

In other news, future 911s will be slower than your mom’s Tesla.

According to an interview with August Achleitner, the main reason is the expected lack of demand and insufficient performance after increasing the weight by adding electric powertrain (batteries).

“August Achleitner, the man responsible for developing the German brand’s 911 and 718 sports cars admits he is open to the concept, but doesn’t see a market for it anytime soon.”

“Right now it wouldn’t make sense in our opinion to offer an electric 911, or hybrid version, because there are so many disadvantages of such a concept within this narrow layout of a 911,” Achleitner told Drive. “Of course, we could do it but such a car would get so heavy with so many disadvantages that we would not offer it.”

We think probably Mr. Achleitner is just a little bit behind the times/stuck in his ways, as he mentions that the upcoming all-electric Mission E (0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds) is being build (up to ~15,000 per year) not just for Porsche to get involved in the EV market as a viable product, but to help out the brand’s average fleet emissions…so it can build more petrol burners.

“Such a car like the Mission E gives us more freedom to act a little bit more free with these cars that produce a lot of fun.”


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“Maybe in “10 years” Porsche will change mind.”
Lets see what’s left of Porsche in 10 years.

Exactly, Tesla is already faster, and then there’s BMW.

Quicker is not the same as faster. 911 is not as quick from a standing start but has a faster top speed, top end acceleration, better cornering, and better braking.

Stop bandying with words. Quicker and faster mean exactly the same thing.


For cars, “fast” refers to absolute speed, whereas “quick” refers to the time required to accelerate to a particular speed.

For example, car A can be quicker than car B (car A requires less time to accelerate to 60 mph than car B) even if the same car B is faster than car A (car B has a higher top speed than car A).

This is, in fact, the case with the Model S. The Model S is much quicker than most cars, but at the same time many cars are much faster than the Model S.

The 911 Turbo S does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds according to car and driver tests.

Throw in a couple of turns and the Tesla won’t have a chance. It’s the old muscle car versus sports car debate. A Tesla is the modern muscle car. Mind boggling fast in a straight line, but would be crushed on a simple road course.

Of course unless you drive on a race track or the german Autobahn at night, you won’t have much chance to use these specs of the Porsche. As a daily car and for the one or two times a day I’m the first at a red light – I would always chose the 5+2 seating Model S.

Given that Porsche, Audi, VW, Lamborghini are the same company groups, there will be plenty left.

Porsche has already proven what it can do with the 918. It will redesign the 911 when it makes sense to them.

And Seat and Skoda…..


My Thoughts on “EV’s”. They are like the 1st generation Electric watches . Very reliable ,Very Expensive ., HOWEVER…The Purists still, for it’s Clout or the Mystique and as a Status symbol, will Prefer the old HI-END traditional “Complicated” mechanical automatic watches,self wind watches & windup watches,etc: that need regular costly maintainance.((ie: Rolex, Patek etc:). “A Status Symbol For the Purists and/Or Rich” … These Hi-End ICE Cars will Also become such a “Status Symbol” of Complication for the Rich, & Even for Most that Can’t even Afford them! Like the hi end mechanical Watches of today. For this reason, I don’t think Hi-End ICE will ever go away. But Electrics,Because of their Simplicity & ease of maintainence just like the electric watches of today , will become mainstream & I believe, and will dominate the mass markets in the very near future as Prices drop..”THE TABLES WILL HAVE TURNED”

The 911 will soon be treated like horses are today. You’ll have a special building for it, with a staff of people specially trained to care for it, and you’ll enjoy it in venues specially designed for this type of activity.

On this, I actually agree. 911’s drive like nothing else. An EV, or PHEV 911 wouldn’t be a 911.

Porsche will electrify the rest of their lineup, and the 911 will become a hobby. Much like horses are today.

Funny, I often use the same argument when I try explaining the joy of EVs to my petrolhead friends. Nobody even forbade horses, it has never been declared illegal (and that’s a good thing).
True, there is nothing that drives like a 911 (especially my dad’s 1984 carrera 3.2 Targa (hehehehe!)), but don’t agree that an EV 911 would not be a real 911. Nope. In fact, from a purely technical point of view, converting my dad’s 911 into an EV, would, technicaly, make it a better car… No doubt! It would accellerate better, brake better, have flatter cornering behaviour, have more space inside, be cheaper to run, and wouldn’t be spewing toxic gasses out the back… But it wouldn’t go vroom vroom,… Ermmmm,… Ok, so what…? Never is a very long time. I think Porsche will probably still make ICE engined 911s for another decade, maybe two, but I’m pretty sure they will build a BEV version. Once we go past about (cell level) 500-600wh/kg 1200wh/l, cost < 100$/Kwh, Porsche (or any other sportscar builder), will just run out of arguments against it. 2022 I say…

Not in your lifetime.

Too bad you’ll miss it. Darn.

A fully electric 911, done right, could be a thing of beauty, driving pleasure and sustainability.

Unfortunately, Porsche isn’t the company willing to bring it to market…

I think the new Roadster, based on the larger Model 3 Platform, will fill and redefine that niche.

A few years ago, there was a company in FL, IIRC, that would find older 911s and convert them to EV. I would imagine they’re still on the road, though I think the company closed.

Yes, there were a number of companies who offered kits to replace air-cooled gas engines in VW beetles and older air-cooled Porsche’s. For the most part, these kits offered performance and range was more suited for a VW beetle than a Porsche.

An EV 911 would be awesome!! True. Porsche will get there, they’re still a bit scared of it for now…

The 911 has become a problem for Porsche. Rear engine is not the best platform for performance, but they are tied to it by their consumers. On top of that, they can’t create a car that’s better than the 911, for less money than the 911. The cayman is the perfect example. Mid-engine, solid roof, a true supercar platform. Yet they’ve artificially restricted its performance to fall exactly in between the 911 and the boxster. Expect the same for an electric car. Unless it’s more expensive than a 911, it will not be allowed to have better performance.

And I think that’s all Achleitner is saying. Put too much weight in front of the rear axles and it’s no longer a 911. I still think they could go with hybrid, but no way BEV. The weight and performance issues make absolutely no sense for this car.

Exactly right Sublime, +1!

That sounds a lot like a quotation from Wilhelm II. “I believe in horses,” the German Kaiser said in 1905. “Automobiles are a passing phenomenon.”

10 Years
Ok so Porsche has nothing to offer when it comes to new technology, so I guess nobody mind when I call it a classic!

There’s always a place for wooden roller coasters.

Porsche is not only building the 911. The 911 wouldn’t be a 911 anymore as BEV, so why not just build a new car as BEV or electrify the others. To me that makes a lot of sense.

In their defense . . . why change a well-known brand that petrolheads love?

They will just create a new brand for EVs. They’ll probably eventually create something with a similar body style.

And what will Porsche do if customers start lining up for the Mission E and leave the 911 rusting away at the dealerships?

I would be shocked if the Mission E hurts 911 sales. They are completely different customers.

If Harley came out with a legitimate Ninja or GSX competitor, it would not impact their cruiser sales one bit.

Model S sales hurt the German luxury brands’ sales of gassers, so why not in the case of in-house competition?

It comes down to the one-car types, who street and track the same car. In that case, I could see an 800Volt Mission E pulling from 911 sales.

The Porsche Club has evolved into much more of a trailer group, from my experience. The two-car types will buy on function, where manual shifted fire breathers will maintain their energy density and heat advantages. That said, I already know of three instructors with the Model S as their daily driver.

They all could have Panameras, but I suppose form follows function.

So said, Porsche’s “concept” Mission E is one whole second slower than Tesla current P100D.

A lot of people forget that Ferdinand Porsche invented the first hybrid electric and one of the first fully electric cars, with hub motors nonetheless, over a hundred years ago. Long before Musk’s parents were even born.

Porsche has the technology to produce a very capable fully electric car, but whether it be corporate greed or consumer desire, have decided it is not time to release such a vehicle.

The 911 is one of the least changed production models of any car, period. People lost their shit when the Carrera got a turbo charger standard.. To stick some electric motors and a half ton battery in the boot would fundamentally change the car, necessitating a name change.

Once consumer desire is there, like with the cayenne, Porsche will launch their Mission E and probably some other sporty electric coupe to fill that niche.

The 911 chassis is a poor starting point for a performance EV using current battery technology.

Porsche is smart to start with a brand new dedicated platform like the Mission E, where they can put the batteries in the proper location (the floor).

Once they have made the larger Mission E successful, they can work on making a Mission E variant more the size of a 911.

I don’t see much reason for outrage in this story. They seem to be on the right track for development, instead of going down the wrong track and trying to build both gas and EV versions on the same 911 chassis. This is exactly what they should be doing.

Now it would be nice if they sped up development on the Mission E, but that’s what happens when a big company like Porsche/Audi/VW gets caught sleeping and they have to play catch-up.

An iconic sports car is not going to use technology that is simply not ready to replace its current ICE…
While the EV is ready to replace most every passenger vehicle it not technology wise ready to lap tracks at 150 plus MPH all day long…

This might be a real story in another five years…

“In other news, future 911s will be slower than your mom’s Tesla.”
What a moronic scream. They tell you load and clear that there is no space in 911 for big battery, nor an option to add 1000 extra weight without making it handle like a pig, and you should be able to get it by yourself just by looking at that car. That is why they are doing Mission E on different platform which will be pure electric car.

You may try to get your mom’s or dad’s or granddad’s Tesla and try to catch decent 911 on a track. You will have exactly 3 minutes to even try before it will overheat and get power limiter at 200 kW. No chances to catch it anyway once you will need make some turns and reach top speed again.

Electric Boxster S will be fine.

There are 3 mules running.

2 Base RWD, 1 S AWD !!

I think going after the 911, or the earlier story on Stryker for not building EV’s is really going after the wrong cars.

The hard questions about why car makers aren’t making EV’s/PHEV’s are much more appropriate for the larger car makers who have midsize cars and CUV’s that are very popular, who have not electrified those very popular and common vehicles.

The national rollout of EV’s and PHEV’s isn’t going to be impacted by an electric 911 or electric Stryker. Those are a rounding error on US car sales.

What really matters is why there is no CUV with Voltaic drivetrain? Why no midsize EVs from the major manufacturers?

Going after 911’s and Strikers just makes us EV enthusiasts look crazy to ICE enthusiasts. IF we want to attract more ICE drivers to driving electrics, going after the 911’s and Strykers and other extremely low volume performance cars isn’t the way to do it.

Well said

Stryker ==> Spyker

Thanks for the correction.

“The national rollout of EV’s and PHEV’s isn’t going to be impacted by an electric 911 or electric Stryker. Those are a rounding error on US car sales”

Totally false. You ignore the halo effect. Tesla has done more to promote the advent of EV’s than any other company/government in the world. Not by selling so much cars, but by positioning EV’s as sexy and desirable. Electric 911’s and Spykers would do the same.

Halo cars would be the justification for a high performance Ford Mustang EV, or Corvette EV, or Nissan GTR EV, etc.

That way these car makers could sell a bunch of mass market cars based upon the halo draw.

But Porsche and Spyker not only do not have mass market EV’s to sell using a halo EV, they don’t have ANY mass market cars at all to sell.

And a Halo EV doesn’t work for Ford or GM or Nissan (or even Tesla) unless/until they have a large volume mass market car to sell behind the Halo car.

You are confusing a mass market car maker marketing technique, with high end boutique car makers.

Also, there is a big difference between it being nice to have cars like the Model S, and BMW i8, and Porsche 918 plug-in supercar show that electric can mean performance, and bashing a random car maker because they haven’t chosen to make one car or the other into an EV in order to Halo the entire EV industry.

That’s just not justified.

You people are delusional. Enjoy this little fishbowl of validation while it lasts.

By 2020 most car manufactures will be screwed.

While I disagree with Becker, this is what I was talking about in my earlier post.

This could be the beginning of the death knell for the 911.

Ten years from now, with increasingly warm and violent weather all over the globe, and the cause quite obviously being fossil fuels putting carbon into the atmosphere and oceans, oil-burning cars will have big targets on their backs.

If the 911 doesn’t have a BEV successor in an advanced state of development – or release – by then, Porsche will have been relegated to the back of the bus.

By 2026, to describe a car that pumps out poisonous gases and fumes everywhere you drive it as “fun” will be the height of irresponsibility – and quite possibility illegal.

If Porsche waits until it faces regulatory pressures to change its cars, it will be way behind the curve and risking financial trouble.

Who controls Porsche. Its VW and their bosses drink Diesel.

There is so much news about Porsche producing an EV to compete with Tesla. All that has gone up in smoke.

Steam cars also had a loyal following.