Nissan’s “Self-Cleaning LEAF” Hits Streets, Then Web – Video


Nissan LEAF with self-cleaning nano-paint technology

Nissan LEAF with self-cleaning nano-paint technology

The “Self-Cleaning LEAF” is back and will stay for some time in the US, as Nissan launched a new social media campaign to showcase a zero-emissions Nissan LEAF with self-cleaning nano-paint technology.

This feature could at some point be introduced as an aftermarket option, but there are currently no plans for this unique paint coating technology to be applied to Nissan vehicles as standard equipment.

The Japanese manufacturer already presented the first from series of online videos and announced a contest for fans of Ultra-Ever Dry paint.

“First in the series of planned activations, “The Nissan Paint Prank” will launch on YouTube today. A “Three Stooges” style calamity, the video catches expressions of innocent bystanders shocked to see what happens as a crew of painters “accidentally” spills buckets of paint on the Nissan LEAF. As bystanders are playfully made aware of the prank, viewers online will be encouraged to visit Nissan’s Instagram channel to participate in a related series of videos, which also launch today.”

“First up on Instagram, “Guess the Mess” challenges fans to guess the liquid being poured on the self-cleaning LEAF. After guessing the mess, it’s the fans’ turn to decide what gets poured on the LEAF in the final set of videos entitled “Will it Stick?” Fans will be called upon on Instagram to suggest things they’d like to see dumped on the LEAF – ketchup, honey, eggs… anything is in play. Starting next week, Nissan will decide “if it sticks” by sharing videos on Instagram that will include the liquids suggested by selected fans. To encourage suggestions for liquids to pour on the LEAF from Instagram users, all participants will be entered for a chance to win a gift card toward a car wash.”

Nissan LEAF with self-cleaning nano-paint technology

Nissan LEAF with self-cleaning nano-paint technology

Pierre Loing, vice president of product planning at Nissan North America, stated:

“The LEAF is already one of the cleanest vehicles around even without this incredibly innovative paint technology; that said, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty to take this to the next level. Getting fans involved via this social media campaign is a fun, creative way to show how the LEAF can stay clean no matter how dirty the world around it may be. A marriage with the Ultra-Ever Dry® exterior coating truly puts this LEAF in a league of its own, and we’re excited to see where this technology can take us.”

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Brian Henderson

Appears more “Easy-Cleaning” than pure “Self-Cleaning” … is the paint job requires a water rinse.

CounterStrike Cat

Self cleaning in rain.


I would love to get a self-cleaning surface on the back of the Leaf, since it seems to get dirty much faster than anywhere else on the car,I think due to aerodynamics.

Mark Hovis

Volts do the same thing. Yeah, I am so messy I will go for anything that helps.


Looks to me like Nissan have discovered Rain X.


It is the paint? or a paint coat?


That blue paint looks rather thin… just saying.


What’s with the pickle?