Nissan’s Motorsport Director Shows Us Automaker’s Formula E Race Car


Following the debut of its new Formula E race car, Nissan’s global motorsport director provided us with an exclusive look at the electric race car.

The black, silver and red color scheme was presented at the Geneva Motor Show on the aggressively-style second generation FE car, which was given a physical launch for the first time at the event.

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The Nissan Formula E season 5 car explained


Nissan’s Global Director of Motorsport, Mike Carcamo, shows us around the new Generation 2 Formula E car that Nissan will race in Season 5 – starting in late 2018. 
The electric racer was ready for it’s photoshoot with the Concept Livery ahead of it’s unveil at Geneva Motorshow. 

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A whole lot sleeker. Halo driver protection like F1. City racing doesn’t call for huge rear downvorce, so less wing.

The huge news, though, is obviously no mid-race driver swap. Battery technology is marching on, solid state or no solid state. The infant race series is hitting toddler stage. So nice to see It’s growth.

Look out, F1- the big OEMs are here. Now Tesla needs to join the fray.

Cool, but they need other team colors. Silver will always be Mercedes.