Nissan’s Electric Taxis Surpass Three Million Mile Mark In UK

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Nissan EV Taxis Pass Three Million Mile Mark in UK

Nissan EV Taxis Pass Three Million Mile Mark in UK

Nissan celebrates the three million mark milestone accomplished by all-electric LEAF and e-NV200 Combi taxis in the UK.

In total, there are more than 140 Nissan EV taxis in operation across Britain and dozens more on order, according to Nissan.

“Had the same distance – equivalent to six journeys to the moon and back or 120 times around the world – been covered in the diesel vehicles the Nissan EVs replaced, it would have cost an estimated £350,000 in fuel. A whopping 899 tonnes of carbon would also have been generated*.

However, with average running costs of just two pence per mile, covering three million miles in the LEAFs and e-NV200s would have cost around £60,000 – a massive saving of £290,000.

With zero tailpipe emissions, the models would also have emitted no carbon during operation, helping to improve air quality in the towns and cities where they operate.

*Figures calculated using DEFRA carbon footprint methodology”

The Nissan LEAF that sparked an electric taxi revolution in Cornwall has clocked up its 100,000th

The Nissan LEAF that sparked an electric taxi revolution in Cornwall has clocked up its 100,000th

Nissan mentioned six of the largest and longest-established LEAF/e-NV200 taxi fleets, which in total crossed 3 million miles (including smaller fleets, the number could be significantly higher):

  • Phoenix Taxis in Blyth, Northumberland
  • C&C Taxis in Cornwall
  • Premier Cabs in Blackpool
  • 203020 Electric in Dundee
  • eConnect Cars in London
  • eCorporate Travel in Edinburgh

And here are some stats for those cars:

  • 203020 Electric in Dundee surpassed one million pure EV taxi miles in less than one year with its fleet of 30 Nissan LEAFs
  • At least four LEAF taxi have passed the 100,000 mile mark with more than 30 having covered over 30,000 miles
  • The first LEAF put into service by C&C Taxis in Cornwall passed 100,000 miles without losing a single bar of battery life and on its first set of brake pads. (see our report here and here)
  • The average Nissan EV taxi is rapid charged (a process taking as little as 30 minutes from zero to 80%) hundreds of times a year with minimal degradation.
  • Many Nissan EV taxi drivers are taking home thousands of pounds extra per year as a result of fuel savings. At 203020 Electric, in Dundee, for example, drivers are between £120 and £130 a week better off.
C&C Taxis's Nissan e-NV200 Combi

C&C Taxis’s Nissan e-NV200 Combi

Karl Anders, National EV Manager at Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, said:

“There can now be absolutely no doubt that the Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 make brilliant taxis.

“Operators across the UK have put them to the ultimate test – running them 24-7 and rapid charging them time and time again to keep them on the road and making money.

“And no matter what challenges the vehicles have faced they have come up trumps.

“As a result, we’ve seen more and more taxi operators, seriously looking into electric vehicles as their existing diesel and petrol vehicles come up for replacement.

“This is a trend we expect to continue and accelerate as the charging infrastructure across the country continues to expand.”

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I would love, love, love to have an estimate of total global EV miles driven, along with the safety stats.

The last US safety data I read is a couple of years old now, but it showed the Infernal Combustion Engine catching fire 30x per billion miles due to collisions and another 60x per billion due to a fundamental design flaws.

Current batteries can catch fire, and the ICE does not like Hollywood suggests when it rolls off a cliff. Its looking like the EV however is proving to be 100x safer. We need the data to back it up.

Congrats to the 3 million mile fleet.

Many Nissan EV taxi drivers are giving away thousands of pounds extra per year as a result of waiting for a charge. Well, that might just about offset the savings. As a customer, I would really appreciate riding in a Leaf, though.

I think a 30 kWh battery would help, but I’ve not heard it’s available in the ENV200.

It’s offtopic, but it’s interesting.

First MODEL X spotted in Europe hapens to be near AUDI headquarter.


Maybe they could expand the Taxi Fleet to include the Soul EV? Then compare that to the e-NV200!

Soul is not suitable, a car where the company Kia do not stand behind it, not at all. Look on the service intervall for the Soul in Europe 15.000 km is joke and the battery price 14.000 Dollar. Nissan Uk give the Taxi drivers a new for £4,920. And what do you think a UK Taxi company will buy a Korean car or a Leaf build in UK with million investments and thousands jobs in both, car and battery assembly.

This is REALLY BIG NEWS!! They use miles instead of Km in the UK! Did not know that. /s

Did Nissan tell them to use miles? I don’t get it.

Agree, the UK needs to get with the rest of the world and go metric, they sell petrol in litres.
With all the overseas drivers that only use to KM’s the UK and USA need to change.

Officially they are on the metric system. However, nobody tells the brits what to call their units (-: …

Last time I was in London, I recall vegetable markets selling produce by the pound… Only by “pound” they meant 0.5kg, and of course there’s an Imperial pint which is different than the US one.

Give up and hour for lunch/charge to save 80% on energy, no problem.

Just imagine how well a Chevy Bolt could perform in taxi service! I really think GM won’t be able to build Bolts fast enough.