Nissan’s Andy Palmer Discusses Why the Infiniti LE is Delayed


News of the actual reason for the delay of the Infiniti LE is a bit scattered at the moment.

I'll Break Through These Walls When Technology is Ready

I’ll Break Through These Walls When Technology is Ready

First, there was that statement by Infiniti boss Johan de Nysschen:

“There will be an Infiniti EV. The question is one of timing.  We have a whole host of product priorities. We have to make very substantial investments now, and it’s important that we expand our volume footprint quite quickly.  There has been no formal decision yet within the company to give the project the green light and let them start with investment.  In my evaluation of our business strategy, I introduced a whole bunch of additional considerations.”

Then there was a rebuttal of sorts by the head of Nissan global planning, Andy Palmer:

“There are some interesting advances in electric technology we hadn’t anticipated when we showed the LE, which, by delaying a little bit, we can incorporate into the car.”

Now, there’s more from Palmer:

“Certain technologies that we see now, which we didn’t see two years ago, are going to be available in a time frame that was relatively close to where we were going to introduce the Infiniti.  Rather than miss those opportunities, and then have to reconfigure the car to adopt them in its life cycle, what we wanted to do is to bring those from the beginning.”

Palmer adds that Infiniti choose to “push back the timing a little bit in order to give accessibility to those particular new innovations.”

The new launch date for the Infiniti LE is unknown at this time, though we do suspect to see it before the end of 2015.  Even Palmer confirms this, saying “It’s still within our mid-term plan.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Was the technology the wireless charging? I hope it was more than that.

Wireless charging was already promised for the LE. I am still thinking it is active thermal management for the battery pack, but then again, I am usually wrong :/

Very exciting.
This means our next gen battery is going to be a reality.
I want to see Nissan or GM give us a 200 mile BEV.
Discounts on a Model S anyone?

A 200 mile BEV from a major auto company will mean competition for Tesla.
TSLA stock price would go from $100+ to $65/share.


Time to short sell TSLA, Nelson?

I suspect either a more energy dense battery, or some type of range extender, possibly both. But I would bet on the better battery, Nissan has staked out the pure EV space and so far been dismissive of range extenders. The other possibility is radical weight reduction, carbon fiber? Same effect as higher energy density, especially for city driving.

I’m with you on better batteries. I’m ironically encouraged by this delay, maybe it means that batteries will see a big improvement by 2015/16, enough to deliver affordable 200 mile range EVs people want to drive (e.g. small SUVs and crossovers).

Here is a great article Jay wrote about the LE (and has already updated) from a long time ago.

vw has done it with lighter weight and less wind resistance it has a model that gets 250 mpg not electric but that design would extend the range of a ev doesn’t look like a golf cart very streamlined

If Tesla is coming out with a 200 mile $35k Gen 3 car in 2017, Nissan would want Infiniti LE to be in head-to-head competition with that and better than the Gen 3 in some ways.

Leaf never got serious competition (even though some pretenders like FFE came along) – but Infiniti LE will have to contend with BMW i3 & Tesla Gen 3.

I think LE will probably come in a year or two before Gen 3 and have similar capabilities. Fun times – but MY16 is too far away.

I think Nissan just bought & dissected the MODEL S and they are shocked to learn how to make a 200 mile EV. They are just waood!!! By the engineering feet of Tesla. Now back to REVERSE ENGINEERING. I see someone who’s late to the party….trying to make up ground by duplicating what someone else does.

Boils down to “Tesla Model S makes us look bad”

And yes it does, because you are stagnant status quo nitwits. The same stagnant minds doing an EV instead of the old ICE junk.
Light weight, aero, speed, fast charge. good looks. It’s quite trivial what you need to do. Inifiniti fail on all counts.
Gotta aim a little higher than Andy Palmer’s physique and integrity.

IMO first of all Bosch braking system then could be AC motor and DC/AC inverter. The least probable battery breakthrough or TMS.

A real bummer. I want this car so badly.