Nissan ZEOD RC In Detail – Video


ZEOD RC Battery Pack

ZEOD RC Battery Pack

Engineering Explained takes a detailed look at the Nissan ZEOD RC racer.

“The ZEOD RC is an electric racecar designed to make the first all electric lap at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in June, 2014. The ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car) will be competing under garage 56 at the Circuit de la Sarthe, where it does not have to follow the exact regulations of the other vehicles.”

States Engineering Explained, who adds:

“The car features two unique powertrains, which it is capable of switching between on the move. It has an electrical system with two 120 kW electric motors, as well as a spark ignition system capable of producing up to 400 HP.”

This may well be the first in-depth look at the Nissan ZEOD RC.  Few outside of Nissan’s NISMO racing division have had a chance to examine the entire workings of the ZEOD RC.

Engineering Explained sends thanks to NISMO for this rare opportunity and we thank Engineering Explained for putting out this detailed ZEOD RC video.

We're So Jealous

We’re So Jealous

Engineering Explained Gets To See Everything

Engineering Explained Gets To See Everything


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The young man didn’t answer the main question on my mind:

When in gas mode, Is there a mechanical link between the engine and the wheels???….and if so , is also capable of running in both pure series mode or link mode like the Volt?

Reading between the lines, I would assume it DOES make a mechanical link in gas engine mode, but the details of the transmission would be nice to know.

If I understand correctly, this is indeed not a REx, so there is a direct connection between the ICE and the wheels.