Nissan Ups The LEAF Discount In Canada: $6,000


Last month we highlighted the fact that Nissan USA was deeply discounting their LEAF by $5,500 to move old 2012 inventory ahead of the newly updated 2013s (more range, less money).

At the same time, Nissan Canada, who lists the LEAF at $38,395 ($38,900 USD) offered customers $5,000 off the MSRP to also move an over supply of the 73-mile EV.

Apparently that did not go as well as hoped as Nissan has upped the offer to $6,000 in an effort to clear out the 2012 LEAFs that are still unclaimed by customers.  So if you are in the market for a LEAF, and you live in Canada; this might be your time to pick up a deal.

This offer can be used against a lease (which are notoriously not as good as in the US), and a Canadian dealership was nice enough to run the numbers for us.    $343 over 36 months with $446 due on delivery.

…of course, the dealer “may still sell for less”.

New $6,000 Off MSRP In Canada Pushes Down Lease Rate As Well (via Nissan Quick Quote System-click to enlarge)


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10 responses to "Nissan Ups The LEAF Discount In Canada: $6,000"
  1. Herm says:

    Why dont the Canadians get good lease numbers?

  2. Bonaire says:

    I see a 5.9% interest rate on that lease. Kind of high by USA standards.

  3. Jay Cole says:

    I was going to add some new info to the story (however it appears I’m too lazy to do that…so I’ll just put it here in the comments), a friend of mine at Nissan Canada just told me the ’12 LEAF has been added to the VPP program.

    So if your an employee, family, or part of the zillion co-operative/approved parters (like a bank employee), you can get in on that as well. Another 1,000-1,100 + 1,000 Jan money, or up to $8,100 off.

  4. berenger says:

    What do you mean by 1000$ + 1000$ Jan money?
    I thought it was 6000$ discount plus around 1000$ for EPP.
    That would make around 7000$ off, wouldn’t it?
    What is that other 1000$?


  5. Jay Cole says:

    Where are you located berenger, if you are looking for a LEAF (and in the GTA) I can hook you up with my guy to get it for you (provided you qualify for the program)

    Drop me a note if you like here at the site:

  6. berenger says:

    Mail sent!

  7. bacamero says:

    It should be interesting to see the January sales numbers with the current $6k discount. Nissan Canada only sold 27 LEAFs in December and they were offering a $5k discount for most of the month. Not sure how they are going to move 200 vehicles before March when the current discount doesn’t appear to be working to improve sales.

    1. rborba says:

      Nissan sold 37 units in January. Dealers in BC are now offering a $7,000 discount on 2012 models. Nissan has confirmed 2013 MY will only be available in Canada “around June.”. More info at the Canada Leaf Owners group on FB. Cheers.

  8. Mark V says:

    What’s MY?

    1. Jay Cole says:

      MY = “model year”