Nissan To Show Electric SUV Concept At Paris Car Show


Could this be an electric Nissan Murano?

According to Jeff Fisher, Nissan Australia’s General Manager of Media Enquirers, at next month’s Paris auto show, Nissan will show a battery-electric SUV concept. “At Paris,” Fisher said to, that Nissan will “have an SUV concept, with zero emissions; so an electric SUV concept vehicle.”

Although Nissan hinted this might be a replacement for the Nissan X-TRAIL, the look coincides with the current USDM Murano.

Fisher went on to explain that there is no definitive model that this EV SUV falls under, however hinted out a concept car and a currently manufactured vehicle with much skepticism. “[Hi-Cross] was a compact SUV concept; X-TRAIL is a compact SUV so you can draw your own conclusions.”


Based on the pictures of the Hi-Cross concept, this swooping crossover style SUV has a style similar to the state side Murano, but if Nissan is hinting the vehicle is a replacement to the X-TRAIL, the US might not see an EV SUV from Nissan since that vehicle is currently not in the US Marketplace.


To learn a bit more about the concept, take a look at Motoring Australia.

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