Nissan to Lease Out 50 LEAFs in London Under Low Carbon EV Trial Program


Under the UK Power Networks’ Low Carbon London EV trials, up to 50 Nissan LEAFs will be made available to lease for two years.  The lease deal includes free charging stations for homes or offices and is part of a grander effort to “understand the impact on the electricity network of larger numbers of electric vehicles being plugged in to recharge.”

Two Gents Smiling While Leaning on a LEAF

Two Gents Smiling While Leaning on a LEAF

The 50 LEAFs will be monitored to track “charging patterns including the time of day, duration, location and amount of electricity transferred.”

This data will then be “scaled-up to model the impact on the electricity network under various scenarios.”

The LEAFs will be made available to residents of the London area and to commercial organizations.  The going rate for commercial leasing is £299 ($450 US) per month (plus VAT), excluding insurance and it appears as though individuals interested in leasing a LEAF under this program are provided with insurance and subject to a monthly rate that’s largely determined by income or ability to pay.

One of the immediate benefits of leasing the LEAF in the London area is that it’s one of the few vehicles that are still exempt from London’s £10 ($14.90 US) daily congestion charge.

An additional benefit that goes along with leasing one of these LEAFs is that the deal include a free membership to Source London, which means free charging at some 1,300 public stations.

Additional details, including criteria for applying to lease a LEAF, can be found by clicking here.


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