Nissan to Focus on Money Savings, Payback Period in Future LEAF Ads


By now, we’ve probably all seen Nissan’s first spot focused specifically on advertising the lower-priced, US-built 2013 LEAF.  If you missed it, then this link will take you there.

RMI Chart of Simple Payback for 2012 LEAF and 2013 LEAF versus 2012 Nissan Versa hatchback.

RMI Chart of Simple Payback for 2012 LEAF and 2013 LEAF versus 2012 Nissan Versa hatchback.  This Chart was not Published by Nissan.

Nissan’s focus in that first spot was on presenting “just the facts” as we like to say, but that apparently won’t be the precise approach the automaker takes with its upcoming LEAF ads.

The automaker is readying a series of ad spots for the updated 2013 LEAF and these will reportedly focus on the money saving aspects of going electric and on pay-back periods, similar to the chart shown to your right.

Nissan will sway from its LEAF-saves-the-planet approach and instead focus on something we all can easily relate to: money.

Eric Gottfried, director of LEAF sales and marketing, states:

“We’re focusing on the value and economic equation of having an EV—what impact that would have on your household budget.  If the car is affordable on a monthly basis and it’s saving you a significant amount on what would be gas expense, that’s a whole different mindset.”

This focus on money is aimed at expanding LEAF sales beyond the early adopters and into the general buying public.  The public, it seems, is more interested in saving money than it is in rescuing our planet.

Additionally, the ad spots will go national and no longer be targeted at certain areas of the country where LEAF sales are already strong.

Though we’re unsure of exactly how Nissan will present the LEAF in the news ad spots, the main message will be on cost and the LEAF’s $199 per month lease.

Is Nissan finally on the right track?

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Sounds like they are on the right track to me. You don’t think Toyota sold all of those millions of hybrids to tree-huggers do you? While their commercials all concentrate on saving the planet, I suggest they have sold all of those hybrids DESPITE their tree-hugging ads, not because of them.

The public is full of idiots — there is no way (or really no point) for them to save money when the planet is lost.

So yes, Nissan is on the right track, sell the car to the idiots! 😉

First big problem – the Versa is rated at 35MPG combined. You cannot use the fleet average to compare two specific cars.

Second big problem – 17,000 miles/year is much higher than average, is it not?

Third big problem – the 2012 shows $9,800 worth of incentives. The 2013 shows $8,800. What is going on here? Depending on where they show this, most people will only get $7,500 worth of incentives, if they even qualify for that much.

I think Nissan is right to tackle the question of cost of ownership. They got the environmental point across, and have probably made about as many sales as they can off of that line of marketing. Time to change gears and show another great reason to consider an EV. But I really wish the numbers made more sense.

I believe a better comparison is the lease price. According to the Nissan website, a lease on a Versa S is $189 with $1999 down, and the Leaf S is $199 with $1999 down. Given that the Leaf S is better equipped and will save much more than $10/month in energy savings, there is no comparison.