Nissan To Bring The New LEAF To Thailand


With the introduction of its next generation LEAF (details here), Nissan will also expand the availability of its electric cars around the world.

2018 Nissan LEAF

One of the new countries that will get the LEAF is Thailand, which as of today is still waiting for its first mainstream electric car.

With that said, Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co. intends to begin sales, but has not yet revealed the time frame in which it will do so.

We figure that ‘late 2018’ is probably the earliest date to see the 150 mile+ EV in the country,  as the bigger markets are already awaiting the new LEAF, and will be served first.  So basically when the rest of the world is getting the longer range (~60 kWh/225 mile) version, Thailand will be getting the new entry level car…or maybe they will get lucky and see both launch concurrently

Nissan Motor Thailand Ltd. president Antoine Barthes said at the new LEAF global launch event in Tokyo:

“My goal is to make Nissan a major player in Thailand’s automotive sector, and one of the pillars of our customer-centric strategy to achieve that is to extend the range of Nissan vehicles available in Thailand by introducing our newest products like the new Nissan LEAF,” said Barthes. “While I cannot share a timeline or any other specifics at this time, I am excited to be able to announce that this state-of-the-art EV will join the impressive lineup of Nissan vehicles already sold in Thailand.”

“As concerns about air quality and the environment grow, innovative Nissan solutions like e-Power – and EVs like the LEAF – are essential to a smart, clean and sustainable driving future without compromising affordability or driving pleasure,”

“Here in Thailand, we are talking to and working with the government, local governmental agencies and policy makers on Electrification and the infrastructure and ecosystem necessary to make that successful,”

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Given the pollution levels in Bangkok, they can definitely do with more electric cars!

Guarantee, the first review will be from Bjorn.

I wonder how the battery will do in that year-round heat

Average temp varies 25-30C in Bangkok- so not THAT hot. Wonder if humidity plays a part?

Bangkok has a 6 month long hot season where the daily temp averages are 78-80 for the low and 90-92 is the high. Phoenix AZ has a 3 month long hot season where the average low is 75-81 and the average high is 104-107. Phoenix is one of the cities that saw the worst Leaf range bar loss.
I wonder if 90-92 is low enough that Bangkok won’t see much if any short term range loss given that it will be the newer Lizard pack, or something more advanced? Not sure.
I was surprised by the numbers for Bangkok. It seems hotter than that when you are walking around the place. It must be because they measure temps in celsius. Celsius temperatures are always more uncomfortable than temps measured by fahrenheit devices.

Great graph, jim! I am going to be flying in to Suvarnabhumi in January. Definitely going to have to get up early the next couple days for my walkabouts and enjoy the cool temperatures! 20 degrees celsius is about 68 F. so it is a bit cooler than usual.

Batteries don’t do good here. I have lived here for the last 16 years. No manufacturer will warranty car batteries for more than 6 months. I am lucky to get 2 years out of a battery, just changed another 3 weeks ago. Doesn’t matter which brand you buy.
3 years ago i saw a leaf for sale for 80K usd from a grey market importer from japan. Import taxes are crazy.
The air conditioner will have to be super strong because most days are 90-95F and the sun is intense. Thailand has very few hills so it is mostly flat and ev’s are good for that. I just hope they have a good battery cooling system on this generation or it will be a bust. I don’t see it selling for under 50K. Even the base model toyota Camry sells for that here and its made domestically with cheap labor.