Nissan to Add Quick Chargers at More Than 100 US LEAF-Certified Dealerships

JUL 9 2013 BY MARK KANE 13

2013 Nissan LEAF connected to CHAdeMO charger

2013 Nissan LEAF connected to CHAdeMO charger

Nissan CHAdeMO charger

Nissan CHAdeMO charger

In an effort to increase LEAF sales in US, Nissan decided to install more quick chargers at LEAF-certified dealerships (just like in Japan).

After a 24-dealer pilot program, in which Nissan installed quick chargers at dealerships in the markets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and Seattle, the time comes for nationwide rollout with over 100 additional quick-charge points to be added by April 1, 2014.

Installation of the new chargers will begin in East Coast markets, starting this summer. Nissan’s charging partner AeroVironment will supply the quick chargers and will provide installation services for nearly all of the new quick charging units.

Brendan Jones, director of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy, Nissan stated:

“Nissan is undertaking a proactive, multi-pronged approach to expand charging infrastructure to enhance awareness of electric cars like the LEAF and instill range confidence in potential customers. We know that available charging infrastructure opens the doors for more Nissan LEAF sales.”

One of the first Nissan dealers to get a DC fast charger was Downtown Los Angeles and the unit seems to be very popular, averaging about 10 charging sessions per day. Richard Luengo, general manager at Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles, stated:

“We are located at the intersection of two of the country’s busiest freeways, so having a quick charger available for the thousands of commuters who drive by us every day is a boon for business. There is a steady stream of folks using the charger, and we’ve generated significant good will in the LEAF community. Over the past four months, our dealership has seen a marked improvement in sales, and some of that is clearly attributable to the new quick charger.”

Nissan adds that, since the pilot began, about 5,600 charging sessions have taken place, with each location averaging about 4.5 charging sessions per day and growing.

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Sidenote: thanks to Kelly Olsen on that vid. We have been trying awhile to figure out how to ‘pepper’ it into a post, (=

I don’t think this is a new concept. I remember reading about this years ago but Nissan is finally rolling it out. It is a good thing. A little like Teslas exclusive super chargers only for Leaf drivers.
Great idea as long as they are readily available and free.

They don’t even have to be free. If they are reasonably priced (that will be different for everybody, but I think it should be comparable to gasoline for a similar vehicle), and readily available, they should be quite successful. Remember, most people charge at home and at work, dramatically offsetting the price of an occasional quick charge.

Does anyone have a list of which dealerships will be among the 100?

I can try to run down some of that info for you David. I imagine Nissan has at least a partial list of dealers currently being finalized.

I tried to get some detail for Florida from Brian Brockman to no avail. From his statement they are still identifying dealers and it sounds like 1st quarter next year before any real work begins.

It’s good they are installing more chargers, but i’m not sure dealerships are the best location. Who wants to drive to a dealership to charge? Do they at least offer free coffee w/out harassing you too much?

They sent a survey out to LEAF owners (or at least me) regarding the installation of DC chargers at dealerships. I gave them lots of feedback about the reasons this was not a good idea (no food, no quick shopping (ala gas station or grocery), and no 24/7 access). In the end my final response to them was “it is better than nothing, but not the best solution.”

I am sure this is much easier for them to implement than trying to negotiate with external entities over sites.

There is one good reason for dealerships to have fast chargers and that is to demonstrate to potential buyers the benefit of fast charging. Within a reasonable time people can actually see range being added to the car.

There is another good reason for dealerships to have fast chargers and that is service. It would be a good practice to receive the serviced car fully charged. With more plugins at the dealership and with just a couple of L2 charging spots that may not be possible within a reasonable time.

I stopped at Harbor Nissan in Florida for a level 2 charge and was greeted by a friendly salesman that told me where to park to charge and offered me water and coffee. The waiting room for service was comfortable with a large screen tv and an assortment of drinks for sale from a machine. Pretty nice experience all around.

I think it will greatly depend on the dealership. I had to sit in one for a couple of hours one time waiting for an L2 charge to get home. Actually, it was a Honda dealership, oddly enough. Everyone was nice but there really wasn’t much to do besides play on my iPad using their WiFi. There was nothing around within walking distance.

However, many dealerships are placed in a good location for this. The Nissan dealer closest to me is right on a major highway sort of smack in the middle of the DF/W area. So they’d be a good candidate, I think. And there are some restaurants within walking distance too.

I think if the chargers get used a lot, the dealerships will probably eventually take notice and figure out a way to take advantage of this. Most already have WiFi, which is great. But maybe larger waiting rooms, more vending machines, and eventually coffee or other type of thing there.

This would be a good idea to upgrade the existing level two chargers with level threes in areas between major cities that don’t have any other EV charging locations.

Compared to the Ford dealership with their charger off in a corner, hard to get and after hours (the charger itself is in a locked bx) behind the locked gate. I only have stopped by once as there is nothing to do and only got 30 minute L2 before leaving too bored to wait any longer.

That said, they were nice about it and even moved their car they had on the charger. They asked a couple of questions about the car so far (had it 3 weeks).