Nissan, Tesla & BMW Urge Australia To Up EV Support

MAR 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Plug-in electric car manufacturers complain about the lack of incentives and support for the infrastructure rollout in Australia.

2018 Nissan LEAF

As it turns out, only some 191 electric cars were sold in Australia the past year, which equals half of what New Zealand sold in the single month of January 2018.

The number of just 476 charging stations does not encourage the switch to electric.

The biggest criticism seems to come from BMW Australia Group CEO Marc Werner:

“Our industry is doing the heavy lifting on its own and the short-sighted attitude of the government is honestly disappointing,”

“At BMW, we are clearly on it, but here in Australia we continue to languish in the doldrums as senior government officials concentrate on their private affairs rather than formulating the advancement of our society.”

“We need, urgently, a set of short- and medium-term support options to kick-start our market. Things like strong electric vehicle targets, CO2 emission targets, extended infrastructure and tax incentives. That all works in other countries, why not in Australia?”

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BMW i3

BMW isn’t willing to introduce new electric models until there is support from the government.

Also, Nissan and Tesla are against the nation’s lack of incentives.

Nissan Asia and Oceania sales VP Vincent Wijnen said:

“I was amazed when I first visited your country for work, last July. I always had this imagination you’re very green, very outdoor-focused, where quality of life is very very important, but this hasn’t switched on yet.”

Tesla Australia representative said:

“I believe we’re the only first world country to have a tax and no incentives on electric vehicles.”

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Kind of funny to hear this critic from a company like BMW. In Germany they do everything to sell more diesel cars and keep electric cars like Tesla away from their doorstep, while closely cooperating with the German government and its authorities. When Brussels proposed more strict emission rules, BMW was the first to give a large donation (750.000 Euros to be precise) to the ruling party (Chancellor Merkel) that effectively resulted in a 4 year postponement.

BMW, lately, seems to actually be trying to sell more than 700 i3 per month in the USA. Maybe that diesel scandal has hurt all the big Euro makers.

“I believe we’re the only first world country to have a tax and no incentives on electric vehicles.”

Australia believes themselves to be a first world country?

Australia is most definitely a First World country.

Its just one who’s national government has been almost completely captured by the fossil fool oligarchs funding the conservatard Party and the economy is pretty dependent on resource extraction/exports to China.

However, cheap solar + Musk and Tesla Energy are doing a great job of BLOWING UP their hugely overpriced/somewhat unreliable domestic electricity sector by selling the people storage to add to their burgeoning solar self-generation.

It is really a leading example of how the fossil fools are losing the game in the not to distant future.

Having a bad day Tom?
I say this based on your “shallow” insults but hey maybe you work in the fossil fuel business or for a big utility.

Look I spent considerable time in Australia doing joint training with the Australian Army and I love the country and people. I’m still friends with many people I met there and sometimes I go to visit or they come here.

Australia is a clear cut case for both RE and PEVs since it has to import oil and it is and will suffer more then most from the effects of climate change.

Hopefully your fellow countrymen will continue to seize their opportunities with solar/battery storage and eventually widespread PEVs although its unclear what you are doing about it.

Currently Nissan don’t sell the LEAF in Australia.

Australia is run by corrupt monkeys hell bent on keeping the coal industry alive.

Australia needs to remove these Liberal anti-green idiots for any progress to happen. Our PM Malcolm Turdballs is a coal loving parasite.

I don’t believe the government needs to give us incentives to purchase electric cars, but I do believe they should be assisting to get the infrastructure installed and they should be seeing targets that manufacturers need to meet.
Honestly, if BMW and Nissan know electric cars are going to be the future, then they should be getting together and funding the infrastructure as well. The old model of service stations being independent of car manufacturers is not the new model, so get over it and put some of their $bil profits to work on building DC fast charging along the major travel routes.
I applaud Tesla because they have been doing this anyway, without any support, and personally if/when they bring the Model 3 base model to Australia I’ll buy one. And Nissan lost my business basically because they have not installed one CHAdeMO charger that makes the Leaf more usable for me (in fact they stopped importing the Leaf, so there you go, that is their commitment to EV’s and the environment).

True. The best incentive for EVs would be to balance the equation for polluting vehicles and tax them heavily to accurately represent their cost to the environment.

Living in Sydney I see the lack of action on all fronts. It’s a bit disingenuous for most of the ev manufacturers to not bring models here and then complain there are not enough incentives/charging ifrastructue. It ends up being a chicken and egg scenario where we all lose.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any assistance to make the transition from ICE to electric vehicles. Our RWNJ federal government have fought tooth and nail to undermine the unstoppable transition from coal power energy to renewable energy and hence our national grid is in chaos, it exists only to benefit FF power generators and that’s the way this government will keep it. Can’t blame auto makers for not getting involved in Australia’s poisonous political state.