UPDATE: Nissan Teases Something With #NissanLEAF – Reveal (?) Today


What might it be?

Nissan lit up its social media channels earlier today with a brief teaser video that seems to show the reflection of two headlights in the eyes of the person on screen.

The only clues we get are in the hashtags:


***UPDATE: Turns out Nissan’s hyped reveal was for none other than the already-seen and on-sale 2018 LEAF. Bummer.

Those two hashtags are often linked to the new 2018 Nissan LEAF, but since we’ve all seen that already, there’s gotta be something new we’ll see tomorrow.

Telling is that it’s on the Nissan Electric Twitter and Facebook pages, so it won’t be some gas-fueled Nissan.

It’s anyone’s guess right now what we’ll see tomorrow, but below we’ve linked to four possibilities, all of which could be wrong:

Nissan To Show Off Three All-Electric Cars at Auto China 2018

Nissan Says LEAF SUV Will Be Game Changer For Electric Segment

Nissan LEAF Slide – 225-Mile Range, $35,000 Price For 60-kWh Version

New Nissan LEAF Expected To Get NISMO Performance Treatment

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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Is that the “Innovation that excites”?
Hey Nissan, you need to keep up with the GM Bolt and at least a few Hyundai (supply limited) EV offerings. The 2018 Leaf is a decent offering, even with the #chargegate kerfuffle. Give us a fast charging and a decent TMS battery system, and we won’t bash tomorrow’s 60 kWh Leaf reveal.

Let’s not compare to apples to oranges.

Hyundai is currently a compliance producer with extremely limited production (their EVs are unicorns in most of the countries in the world).

The Leaf is widely available and is produced in decent numbers.

Apart from that, I agree, that Nissan needs to up their game.

Yeah, the “Unicorn” Hyundai EVs, that are “Extremely” supply limited, are not much of a comparison, when looking at anything that resembles real world 2018 Leaf availability.

I saw two Ioniqs today. I live in New Zealand

Well if you can find hobbits in New Zealand, it is not as unexpected to find a couple of unicorns as well.

In Global EV Sales YTD 2018 the Nissan Leaf is outselling both the GM Bolt and Hyundai.
Hyundai is also outselling GM in Global EV sales YTD 2018.

Just give me an electric van or a small electric truck. Like 90’s S-10/Sonoma small.

Same! Van please! So many options in Europe but none here. I need it for my business.

The only announcement they can make that I would care about is larger batteries that are Supercharger capable and a partnership with Tesla on their Supercharging network.

“. . . . partnership with Tesla on their Supercharging network”

Bah! Humbug!

The last thing in the world Tesla drivers want to see is a Supercharger clogged up with Nissan Leafs.

And I say this as a 2-time Leaf lessee.
This shared Tesla Supercharging zombie-meme needs to die!
(And, yes I know its origins can be traced back to the words of one E. Musk. But times, they are a-changin.)

I doubt it will be the longer range Leaf. Mostly because the buildup of excitement they are trying to create would not really be in line with that. It’s the same car, just more range (and a higher price tag) My guess would be another EV of some kind.

LeafE+, Leaf SUV, leaf van


Yeah you nail it!
Plus 1

How about making decent cars that don’t need free charging to sell? If Leaf is gas powered car, it’d be an epic fail at its price point.

Who gets free LEAF charging? The charger (1) at my stealership always has ICE cars in front. Most people bought the Leaf because it is a decent car at a decent price.

How about teasing a properly engineered TMS for their batteries?

It is 2018 after all.

Considering your ‘name’ and comment I found this appropriate and HILARIOUS!

Nissan have bought Tesla and all Teslas will be sold under Leaf name.


I also think John probably nailed it with LEAF Nismo. Congrats. I was going to choose two from the list of three, mash them together. Meaning the ‘leaked’ 2019 60 kWh LEAF is actually also the CUV/SUV. That still wouldn’t rule out the Nismo part…

It seems like the timing (the China show is 10 days away??) should give us a clue but I can’t see what the clue is.

Replacement packs for earlier Leafs, from 24kW to 60kW at affordable prices. (A guy can dream, can’t he?)

Electric Almiera or SUV

Some improvement to the Nissan Leaf?

Sorry, was that really supposed to excite me. Kind of a joke honestly. No, not kind of. It was a joke and sorry I wasted time looking at it.

I would love to see the NISMO in real life however. What I remember of that…it was pretty cool and I would have considered buying something like that over the continued wait for the Model 3 I reserved that first day.

From what I can see, the follow up tweet today is just a promo for the current 2018 Leaf. We may have to wait a bit longer to get a confirmation on 2019 specs and availability.

I hope so! Because this was really lame..

Lame but hopeful if its a start of a national ad campaign for the Leaf 🙄

Chrome plated radiator cap?