Nissan Teaser Reveals Front End Of Next-Gen 2018 LEAF (Update, or not)


The latest 2018 Nissan LEAF teaser image apparently reveals even more of the front end of this highly anticipated electric car.

Revealed by Nissan over the weekend on its Twitter feed header, this teaser provides us with an overhead view of the front end of the next-gen LEAF.

Update (July 4th): Or at least that was our first impression, as Nissan did not document the image.  So when we compared it with the previous teaser released just days before (below) we assumed it was also of the 2018 LEAF.

The thing is, the more we looked at it, the more it seemed more and more familiar, and not just because the new LEAF has taken so many design clues from the 2015 concept EV – the IDS, but because we had seen it before.  A search of Nissan’s media database turned up nothing, but then we recalled the IDS Concept’s launch, and sure enough – there it was (or at least a photo that is darn close), on stage behind CEO Carlos Ghosn.  See below for what we mean.

So, if that recently posted photo by Nissan is of the new 2018 LEAF (which we tend to not believe with this new information in hand)…its near identical.

Yupe, there is the image we remember, at the Nissan IDS Concept debut in Japan in 2015

“Look-a-like” 2018 LEAF teaser from last week:

Nissan teaser for the 2018 LEAF, looking very IDS Concept-like

Official 2018 LEAF teaser image #1

2018 Nissan LEAF gets a new look inside

Add in some of the recent spy photos we’ve captured of the 2018 LEAF and the vehicle comes to life:

2018 Nissan LEAF

2018 Nissan LEAF

2018 Nissan LEAF

Inside the 2018 Nissan LEAF

We can speculate, but there really is no confirmed information on the 2018 LEAF, beyond the fact that it’s coming soon. We’re certain it will boast more range than today’s LEAF (via 2 battery options, ultimately) and that it will be priced very competitively, but beyond that it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

As for the September 5th debut of the new LEAF that Nissan is confirming, that is actually happening at a special event in Tokyo (so technically, it’s really happening on the 6th at the point of origin).

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I have mentioned this before, the angle of those headlights from the official teaser images are not the same angle as the spy shots of the mules, neither is the shape of the front faux grille, in fact they actually look more akin to the IDS concept car.

I am beginning to wonder if these mules we have been seeing are deliberate BS ? Could it be that Nissan know people are taking these photo’s to mask what the real 2.0 is going to look like ?


Looks pretty similar to me, can’t see any considerable difference .. ?

Jay Cole

Update: Nissan put this up on their Twitter feed/right above the last most recent 2018 LEAF shot of the front “faux grille” (which as one can see has a near identical look), without explaining/documenting what was going on.

Upon further inspection, and feeling like that shot was familiar, we scoured Nissan’s media database and came up with nothing…then I remembered the IDS concept’s launch and watched the live video from 2015, and tada…there it was.

So, Nissan got us on this one. The 2018 LEAF and IDS Concept front fascia are very, very similar (as you can see), but the image Nissan hosted today…is definitely the IDS Concept and not the new LEAF.

/shakes fist of death, apologies on the mix-up this morning


No doubt the production LEAF will be nicer looking than what meets the eye on the spy shots so far.


Good for you.
No big deal for me.
Looking good but specifications is everything here.

Josh Bryant

Agree on specs mattering more, specially since it is expected to have range in the middle ground out of the gate.

philip d

And I would be money that performance will be middle ground as well.

Will probally be priced low 30s so will be less than M3 or Bolt but will have no soul. Which is ok since not everyone cares about looks, performance or either.

Chester Koenig

All speculation at this point, so why even bother making assumptions?

Mr. M

Makes fun.


Like the look so far

Andrew S

Honestly, the headlight from teaser #1 and the headlights from this teaser look entirely different. I’m a little confused.

Josh Bryant

The “eyebrow” across the light is missing on the new one. Good catch.

The teasers look like renderings so far, so possible they mixed up the headlights on the latest one.

Andrew S

Yeah they definitely look like renderings. Maybe it’s possible that this newer rendering is teasing the headlights for a higher end trim level? I can see Nissan wanting to make the ProPilot enabled LEAFs look different than the standard LEAF models.

Yanik L

Right, this seems to be a picture of the Concept IDS. Eric are you sure Nissan said this is a teaser for the 2018 LEAF? Can’t find the source as opposed to the other pictures posted from Nissan Electric on fb..

Bob Nan

That’s correct, the light in pic#1 and pic#3 are different. I don’t know whether they took the pics in different angles. Let’s wait until Sep-6.


Looks to me just a closeup with slightly different angle (because of which the eye-brow is reflecting strongly). The newer picture is how it will actually look in person.


As I wrote further down in this thread, to me this looks like the Micra, not the Leaf.
That would explain the steeper angles as well.

What could this mean? Did media misinterpret the teaser as a Leaf teaser when it should have been something else?

An electric Micra teaser? A Juke-electric teaser?


A little perplexed on the dissimilarity between the headlight teasers, that appear to be renderings, as well. Are we starting to see the “Leaf family of vehicles” (more than one) that will be offered for Model year 2018?
They are probably just Leaf trim options, “S”, “SV”, “SL”, or SV & SL with standard and/or optional ProPilot+ ?
Nissan may have a little more to offer than what they are leading on with their teasers shots?


Still ugly

Warren M

This dash look more attractive and more higher end than the Bolt in utilization of dash material’s and colors. Doesn’t have as much of a hard plastic look of the Bolt.I like it.

Chester Koenig

Hmmm… Subjective matter, this. I like the look so far, personally.


Yep, still wouldn’t drive it.


I like that they are going for a mainstream look but I think the elephant in the room will be the price Vs range combination. If they come in under 28K for a well equipped car with >150 miles of range I think the car will sell well at least in countries where hatchbacks are popular.


200 miles is pretty much the minimum to be taken seriously. Nissan may no like it but people will look at the new Leaf, the Model 3 and the Bolt and if the Leaf only has 150 miles of range, will buy something else.

Nissan are having to extend leases to stop people ditching the leaf prior to the launch of the new version already.


Liquid thermal cooling?

James P Heartney

That’s the big unanswered question. If they are going to have 40/60 kWh battery options, I don’t see how they can avoid needing a good thermal cooling solution. Otherwise quick charging would need to be very not-quick, and we’d have to suspect that battery life would be compromised.


This actually looks like they misplaced the Leaf spyshot with a micra spyshot. The micra has that small sheet between the hood and the headlight. Judging from the other picz of the Leaf, the Leaf shouldnt have these.

If it is the micra, that would explain the steeper angles as will.

I would like to have the source of these teasers. Maybe it was not intended as a Leaf tease


As a Bolt owner I love the styling on the dashboard, plastic doesn’t bother me in the least. However I am envious of the drive selector in the Leaf, much cleaner looking and intuitive than the stupid auto trans looking thing in my car.


Saw one of these this week. Screw Nissan. Call me when you are serious about sustainable transport.