Nissan Teases New EV For Tokyo Motor Show, Could This Foreshadow The Next LEAF?

OCT 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 42

Nissan’s future vision of car intelligence and electrification is coming to Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Nissan’s future vision of car intelligence and electrification is coming to Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Besides the longer range 2016 LEAF’s debut in Japan (107 miles/173km via EPA), Nissan is preparing something more for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show – and we are not talking about Teatro For Days.

We have this one image and one sentence from the Japanese automaker indicating a new electric car with automotive drive:

“Nissan’s future vision of car intelligence and electrification is coming to Tokyo Motor Show 2015”

What we could actually be seeing here is a concept showing the stylings of the next generation LEAF – which is expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2017.

For the past few months there has been persistent rumors that Nissan would indeed show a concept vehicle at this show that will foreshadow the next LEAF design, perhaps to better get an understanding of the public’s reaction to the new look – this could be that vehicle.

As part of the next generation of EVs, Nissan has been considering offering more than the current LEAF’s traditional 5 door hatch styling.

Nissan Exec VP Trevor Mann touched on the subject this summer “There could be more than one Leaf. We’ve always said it needn’t be one car.”

On the right (above) we have the same image after few tweaks to help illustrate its lines a little better.

Nissan Lannia Concept From Beijing In 2014

Nissan Lannia Concept From Beijing In 2014

Last year from the Beijing Auto Show, we suggested that the Lannia Concept’s debut, despite being a petrol car, probably had a lot of 2nd generation LEAF in its styling as well – and we can’t help but notice the same design cues in play here again.


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Looks promising!

I wonder if Nissan is doing a similar thing to what GM did with the Bolt. Release a “concept” to gauge public response, then immediately announce production once it’s determined response is positive. Looks like it isn’t a hatch like the current Leaf though.

Looks cool. May not be the Leaf though. Looks more like a 3 door sporty coupe with flared out back wheel wells. Doesn’t look like you could fit 4 doors.

Maybe they will offer a regular 4 door hatch version and a sportier 2 door hatch version with a modified rear end like the Altima?

Leaf 1 comes 14 months after concept Car, so so Leaf 2 should comes out close with Bolt early 2017.

Yuck! More crumpled paper/origami styling.

The car in the lower image is a totally different car to the ‘next gen leaf’. We still don’t know what it will look like, so let’s not jump to conclusions, eh?

Still like the Leaf a lot. 50,000 trouble free miles in a gen1. driving an I3 , lease is up at the end of 2016…. hoping the next Leaf/EV from Nissan is a homerun. Looks like they are on better styling track than the gen 1 Leaf. If Leaf 2 has a 48+ kwh pack , good performance and styling I’ll be going back to Nissan.

A Z electric? That would be fun, it could even bring back to Nissan in a few years 🙂

oh man, we can dream!

If Nissan could put those illuminated lines down the side that would be one awesome looking car in the evening

I don’t care what you guys say. The current Leaf is a practical body shape…..reminds me of an old VW bug. Humble but practical and NOT ugly. :]

It looks futuristic and useful. I think people complaining about the shape just don’t like anything out of the ordinary.

It’s definitely not an attractive car, and for that reason, my mum, who really wants to buy an electric, isn’t going to buy one. Otherwise, she would have.

Tell your mum she’s missing out on a whole lot of driving fun.

And: you can’t see the outside while you’re on the inside.

They can joke about how ugly may LEAF is while I drive past them as they fill up at the gas station.

Ok, not ugly. How about weird?

Actually I rather like the looks of the Leaf, but I know I’m in a minority.

I used to be somewhat off-put by the Leaf’s looks.
But couldn’t pass it up compared to other EVs due to:
o Has ChaDeMo
o Is from a serious manufacturer (not a compliance car)
o I live in a moderate climate area (Pac NW)
Having had one for 18 mo now it seems to have changed shape slowly into something more normal looking. Quite pretty really. In fact I’ve fallen madly in lo . . . Oh never mind!

Definitely looks cooler than the current Leaf. Having said that, I don’t care much what my next EV looks like as long as it has 200 miles or more of range and a reliable battery for under $30K after rebates and tax credits.

Sorry Leaf fans, but I have to say that the gen 1 Leaf is the ugliest….car……ever.

Sorry jgi, but i have to say Nissan is the only company next to Tesla willing to sell EVs, and they do with 200.000 Leafs!

BMW sells the i3 all across the country. Not sure why that didn’t make your list.

Ok, next to Tesla i think Mitsubishi and BMW are very engaged to sell EVs, Mitsubishi I-Miev was to expensive and aligned for Japan market, BMW i3 is to much different to 3series which would sell better. All others are selling as little as possible.
We will see if BMW gets battery upgrade, then they deserve to be in top group.

Add VW to that list now that they’ve ruined their diesel reputation. And you say that i-Miev is too expensive? 🙂

Dark tinted windows on a Leaf helps.

On a black LEAF.

Kinda like a fat chick wearing all black.

Not the ugliest EVER, but certainly not good looking. I actually like the back, but the front just looks weird with a squircle flap where the grill should be. I know it doesn’t NEED a grill, but the door just draws attention to how abnormal it looks. Honestly, it’s not *bad* looking other than the grill/door, in my opinion.

Oh how quickly the Aztek was forgotten.

AMC Pacer takes the cake

Ha. I dunno. Did you ever see a Pacer Levis edition? Pretty hot.

I definitely like the new body sty in the renderings. The original LEAF looks good also with the exception of the front headlamps. My wife like the Gen 1 styling also.

Looks like more sensual curves and no torpedo bug-eyes.


Looks Busy Busy Busy….Better drop some of those lines……Un-Busy it ….

It’s a step up from the current one.


For sure much better, No Question about it!

I like the looks of the teaser better than the Lannia Concept.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the car. The future of EVs is still uncertain, but it is starting to look brighter every day!

A definite improvement over the turtle/salamander look of the current leaf! I like it!

I like how the current LEAF looks. I don’t care what the new design is as long as it continues to be functional and it has good visibility. I dislike the poor visibility out the back and slit back windows so in style.

Meanwhile, when did the new LEAF suddenly because second quarter 2017?

I thought the new gen leaf is coming out in 2016, next year, as a 2017 model. And the Bolt is scheduled for fall of 2016 production. Why are these 2017 dates being thrown around?

Second gen Leaf has always been spring of 2017, I’m not sure why you would think its coming sooner. The Bolt should be fall 2016 as a 2017 model, or not too far off that.

Yawn! Concept-schwamcept. If they just got on with it and did a 30kWh electric equivalent of the Juke and/or Qashqai they would clean up! MW

Mitsu this coming week at Tokyo Motor Show !

I am sure this will have 200 mile (320 km) range and will be priced below $40K.

This is what we call the Gen-2 Hybrids.