Nissan Switches On Solar Farm To Power UK Car Production, Will Build 31K Cars on Renewables

JUN 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 17

Nissan switches on solar farm to power UK car production (including LEAF)

Nissan switches on solar farm to power UK car production (including LEAF)

Nissan expanded its renewable electricity generation in the company’s Sunderland Plant, UK.

The latest additions adds a 4.75 MW solar array, with some 19,000 solar panels – which is on top of the 6.6 MW in place from 10 wind turbines, displacing some 7% of electricity usage.

Nissan states that a total 11.35 MW of power will supply enough electricity to build over 31,000 cars a year.

Nissan Sunderland Plant is currently the largest car manufacturing facility in the UK.

Recently, the Japanese auto maker passed 50,000 LEAFs (and batteries) produced locally at the facility. In the near future, Sunderland has also been confirmed to produce also generation batteries (it does not build the current 30 kWh packs in the 2016 model).

“Nissan has switched on a new solar farm at its biggest manufacturing site in Europe, the latest landmark in the company’s journey towards Intelligent Mobility.

Made of up 19,000 photo-voltaic panels, the new 4.75MW facility is now fully operational at Nissan Sunderland Plant, as Nissan strives towards its twin goals of zero emissions and zero fatalities.

The solar farm has been installed alongside 10 wind turbines already generating clean power for Nissan in Sunderland, the European centre of production for the all-electric Nissan LEAF and its batteries.”

“Nissan began integrating renewable energy sources in Sunderland in 2005 when the company installed its first wind turbines on site. These 10 wind turbines contribute 6.6MW power, with the 4.75MW solar farm bringing the total output of renewables to 11.35MW in Sunderland. This equates to 7% of the plant’s electricity requirements, enough to build the equivalent of 31,374 vehicles.

The solar farm has been developed and installed within the loop of Nissan’s vehicle test track in Sunderland by partner company European Energy Photovoltaics, with 100% of the electricity generated to be used by Nissan.

Its installation comes as Nissan celebrates its 30th anniversary of manufacturing in the UK, having become the biggest UK car plant of all time and now supporting nearly 40,000 jobs in Britain in vehicle design, engineering, production, parts distribution,  sales and marketing, dealer network and supply chain.”

Colin Lawther, Nissan’s Senior Vice President for Manufacturing, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management in Europe, said

“Renewable energy is fundamental to Nissan’s vision for Intelligent Mobility.”

“We have built over 50,000 Nissan LEAFs in Europe, and the industry-leading new 250km-range LEAF is now available. With 10 wind turbines already generating energy for our Sunderland plant, this new solar farm will further reduce the environmental impact of Nissan vehicles during their entire lifecycle.”

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Just get the Leaf 2.0 on the market ASAP.

Yeah, I’d like to trade my old one for a 200 miler.

I’m glad Nissan is focusing on total carbon foot print. I’m with you, I’m past ready for Nissan to release a $35K 200+ EPA miles Nissan Rogue.

I would trade my Subaru Forester for an electric Rogue ASAP! Ready to have another EV join our Leaf, but it can’t be one that breaks the bank or is overly complicated.

LOL great advert for the UK solar industry, look at those clouds! Added to that it is so windy they have had to idle one of the wind turbines.

Interesting that in a country where air pollution results in the premature death of 40,000 people that Nissan have gone for a “… zero emissions and zero deaths.” target. I know Nissan are probably the best of the bunch but really the zero emissions and zero deaths target for a car company reads a bit like an advert for an abattoir with a tag line of “No animals were harmed in the making of this advert”

Ya. 19,000 panels delivers less power than 10 wind turbines. One has to wonder if another 8 turbines would have been a better choice there.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Wind turbines are generally rated at their maximum output, which they almost never achieve.

If wind turbines were rated at their average output in a given location, then solar panels would look far better by comparison.

Wind turbines don’t exactly spin like fan blades. You’re not going to see motion in a photo.

New leaf already please.

BTW: My local Nissan dealer told me that to their knowledge Nissan is working on 30kWh battery retrofitting on 24kWh cars.

Wow that’s a bit advanced as sales pitches at Nissan go, I just got an attractive woman who laughed at my jokes and told me I was funny.

My jokes aren’t funny but I would believe that over the idea that a salesman from a Nissan dealership was shooting the breeze with group of Nissan engineers when one of them let slip about the retrofit project. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen I’m just suggesting it is more likely that he wants you to buy a 24 kWh leaf and might be a little economical with the truth.

Either that or you are secretly a Nissan salesman deliberately trying to start a rumour on a well known ev web page to try and shift some leafs.

Sure he could have lied to me but he also knew very well that I was not there to buy a second Leaf.

The “industry-leading 30 kWh”, until next month..!

2017 i3 becomes available in July (in the US), ending the Leafs short reign as the affordable EV range topper. And by December both the i3 and the Leaf will look silly next to the Bolt – unless Nissan has something new for 2017 to show us.

I no longer know what to think about whether Nissan has any news for 2017. On the one hand it seems inconceivable that they’ll try to sell the current car, unless they lower the price a LOT, but on the other there’s not much point presenting a 36 kWh battery improvement or similar incremental improvements – if Nissan wants to compete in 2017 Leaf 2.0 is the only realistic option.

Perhaps they’ll just dump the price and introduce the Leaf in Q2 2017??!?


Great, now I can’t get the image of Andre the Giant out of my head, along with the spaniard saying “I do not think that word means what you think it means.” 🙂

Okay, but…

It was the Vizzini (the Sicilian) who kept lisping “Incontheivable” in “The Princess Bride”. You are correct to say that it was the Spaniard (Inigo Montoya) who finally said “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

Fezzic, the giant, had nothing to do with that exchange.

And now, back to the discussion of EVs and renewable energy…

Ghosn said they will compete with the Bolt. Do you mean he has nothing, just look the film Revenge of Electric car, Ghosn likes surprises and he don’t lile others looking at his cards.
Today in autocar they said Nissan Roque and Juke electric are possible. I would say Nissan is further and will present plenty EVs in 2017 & 2018.

Excellent initiative.