Nissan Sold Record 1,986 LEAFs In Europe In September

OCT 21 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan announced that last month LEAF sales in Europe hit a new record of 1,986 units!

It seems that Europe finally is reaching sales levels that were previously reserved only for the U.S. and Japan.

Most of those European sales come from the UK – 851, or more than 43% of the total.

The total cumulative sales for the Nissan LEAF in Europe will probably hit 30,000 soon.

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No doubt it will bore many people who do not live in the UK to death, so please skip this if not interested. For those who are curious about the sudden jump though, it helps to know how the UK market works. The new car market splits into two, the fleet and company car market, usually for bigger, higher mileage motorway cruisers, or luxury cars for the top executives, and the retired or near retired market, usually Honda Fit or so size, and low annual mileage. For the retiree market even with petrol at $8 or so a gallon, the economics of electric cars don’t usually work out, and if they do the Renault Zoe size is often optimal. For the guy who gets a company car of his choice, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is selling a storm, as he or she can use it well for the family, and they get a lot of personal tax breaks. I suspect that most of the Leaf market is from the company fleet segment, as the limited range can be fine if electric is only part of the fleet. Fleet managers don’t jump in feet first, and a couple of years ago… Read more »

PS September is a new registration plate in the UK, and with March which also gets new plates is one of the top months for UK orders in consequence.

Thanks for the British perspective. It’s kind of interesting the differences. I assume that most working-class folks buy used cars that have served their time in the fleets? It must be frustrating having your options basically chosen for you by the fleet managers. Even more so that it would take literally years for a new technology (such as EVs) to even become available on that market!

Hi Brian.
Its not really that restrictive.
As I tried to indicate, a lot of people can chose their own company car, and a fair few of those are opting for the Mitsubishi.
Although of course plenty of people have two cars in the family, it is less common than in the US, so BEVs are less realistic for many.

Fleet cars are often shared by several users, so that for instance if you are on local authority work you may jump into a fleet car for appointments, and not take your own car, which may remain at home as you could have commuted to work in the city centre by public transport.

If you work for instance in the city centre here in Bristol, there is very limited parking, and it is costly, so most get into work by other means than the car.

So if you want your staff to go on company business from work, company cars are often used, or a plain old taxi.

Out of curiosity, how common is it for one to get a company car? Is this common, or just reserved for the VPs/CEOs? Here in the US, most people buy and own their own cars. I know of exactly one case where somebody was given a company car.

Many regional salesman and insurance adjusters get company cars among many job descriptions.

Not just plutocrats.

In my company (Germany) a lot of engineer drive regulary to lunch with a company car. We have a list, you just sign that you leave…

It looks like the number of EV’s on the roads in Europe are starting to hit that much needed critical mass at which people start buying larger numbers of them.

How the crical mass works is enough people have them to where they see them very few days and they are not super rare. When the EV’s reach this mass other people feel confident in them and start buying EV’s of their own.

Yep . . . I really think seeing a lot of EVs on the road helps give people confidence and trust in EVs. A LOT of people are just wary of anything new & different. But when they see the cars, when co-workers take them out to lunch in them, when people brag about how they pay nothing for gasoline (and their electric barely only went up a littl), etc. . . . more people get comfortable with them.

HEADLINE…………… World Wide Electric Vehicle sales break 30,000 per month barrier in September. ——————————————– Stats from EV Sales Blog show about 9,396 EV sales in Europe for Sept. with a couple countries not yet reporting. EV Sales Blog also has China sales at 11,991, but that includes the Kandi EV, that some consider an NEV, similar to the Twizzy. Without the Kandi sales, China sales stand at 5220. Japan sales of about 2500 added to China sales takes numbers in the Far East to 7,720 for Sept. Total for Europe is 9,386 plus a conservative estimate of 7,720 Far East sales equals 17,306. Add that to 10,538 U.S. sales from Inside EVs and you come up with 27,684. If you throw in scattered sales from non-reporting countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, East Africa, all of North Africa, and also Turkey, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe, plus the former Soviet Republics like Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, etc., and even Russia itself, then the picture becomes even more certain and clear…. We are at dead at 30,000 global EV sales per month. If you go ahead and count… Read more »

I put a comment on one of the stories a while back that asked if now that Nissan have started to sort out their battery supply weather sales of the Leaf would go through the roof.

I ask that question again, are we seeing a satisfied market or if Nissan were making more would they or could they sell more?

It’s nice to see the numbers going up. I hope it continues and we start to see other major players scrambling to deliver EV’s for the mass market.

I am really happy that another 30000 cars have stopped burning gasoline or diesel. I think it will make a big difference in the smog and improve the health of everyone on this earth. I wish I could justify buying a new EV but I only drive 5 or 6 1000 k a year.

2157 exactly including sweden, iceland and others small countries like malta…

But out of ~2000 Leaf’s sold in one month, approximately 1550 (77,5%) goes to two countries (UK + Norway).

– which means that the *potential* sales are a world beyond what is reported here!

Nice to see new record sales being registered, but all in all it doesn’t amount to very much just yet…