Nissan Sells 15,000 LEAFs In UK, Offers £500 ‘Electric September’ Customer Reward

SEP 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Westway Nissan 15k LEAF

Westway Nissan 15k LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan announced the milestone of its 15,000th LEAF sold since 2011 in the UK.  This mark comes about a year after reaching the 10,000 level.

The UK remains one of the largest markets for the LEAF in Europe, with nearly 25% of the total 61,000 sold in the region. Worldwide LEAF sales have now exceeded 230,000, including nearly 100,000 in U.S.

“The 15,000th LEAF customer was a Mrs Jenny Craik, who purchased her LEAF Acenta from West Way Nissan in Aldershot, Hampshire.

Jenny said; “When I was researching a new car, the Nissan LEAF offered great running cost savings against my 14-plate Ford Fiesta, even though the Nissan’s a bigger car. Together with the environmental positives made it a really attractive package. My husband drives a plug-in hybrid and he’s already competing with me to spend time in the LEAF as it’s just an enjoyable driving experience.””

Nissan also celebrates the 15,000 LEAF by launching a £500 ‘Electric September’ customer reward for new LEAF and e-NV200.

“The £500 reward is on top of a range of attractive deals available. A 24kWh LEAF Acenta is currently being offered on a 3-year PCP with £249 monthly payments, £5,000 Nissan deposit contribution, free home charging unit (worth £390) and just 5.99% APR representative.”

“The £500 reward offer is valid on all Nissan electric vehicle purchases until 30th September and registered by 31st December 2016. Customers will be issued with a £500 pre-paid debit card issued on registration of the vehicle. Available to cash and finance customers. For full terms and conditions, visit”

Ed Jones, EV Manager at Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, said:

“Nissan LEAF owners are some of the most satisfied drivers on the roads today. They’ve realised switching to all-electric power delivers so many benefits – running costs around four times cheaper than that of a conventional combustion engine and up to 40 percent savings in vehicle maintenance, to name but a few. There’s good reason the LEAF is the best-selling EV in the UK and we hope our September sales offer will inspire even more people to make the switch.”

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7 Comments on "Nissan Sells 15,000 LEAFs In UK, Offers £500 ‘Electric September’ Customer Reward"

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£249/mo. and £5000 down? for a 24kWh Leaf?

Sounds like the Great British ripoff to me.

Correct, fortunately you can get much better deals than this, depending on the dealer.

I don’t know how corporate Nissan can think they’re offering a good deal on the LEAF, especially if we believe Toyota that a 24kwh LEAF should cost less to make than a similar ICE car.

The £5k down is a Nissan deposit contribution not a customer one. Kind of irrelevant for a PCP where you only care about the monthly+your deposit.
The £249pcm should be zero deposit and even then you should be able to get a 30kWh for about that if you shop around.

Another interesting milestones might be that the world-wide Tesla Supercharger network just passed 700. Also, total U.S. plug-in sales have passed 500,000.

Another interesting note is that Britain leads Europe in Model S sales over Norway. I looking forward to seeing how the Bolt will affect U.S. plug-in sales. I suspect that last year’s plug-in total will be smashed in 2016.

*Comment about how cool Model 3 or Bolt will be* 🙂

Its all about DCFC density. Looking at Plugshare at the 50km level, its quite dense with charging stations. Way more than anywhere in the US, even CA. So no range anxiety when you are always within 25km (12m) of a charger.

Also having a working train system for longer journeys eliminates most of the need for long road trips. The US is very different and 200m+ range EVs are needed here.

A 500GBP discount is a poor substitute for decent-range EVs. Nissan, get with the program.