Nissan Sentra SE-R Converted To Electric – Video


BetterPlace pack - AKA Leaf

BetterPlace pack – AKA Leaf

Because “GasSux” for a license plate, no BMS, a BetterPlace pack from Jack Rickard at EVTV, and that smoke detector?  Priceless.

Got smoke?

Got smoke?

Kidding aside, go to 7:44 of the video below for a walk-through of all of the various parts and pieces of his (very clean) drive system build, around the Netgain Warp 9, and a full compliment of conveniences.

Bits and pieces of EV sweetness

Bits and pieces of EV sweetness

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That’s an Impulse 9 not a Warp 9 motor. Nicely done conversion! We have to wonder how many people will still do conversions now that used EVs are so cheap. I just bought a 2012 iMiEv with less than 10,000 miles still under warranty for $7999. And it has Chademo, Air Conditioning, heated seats, power everything, and a remote control. I’m embarassed to admit i spent this much to convert my Geo Metro Convertible to electric in 2008 and i have none of those features. I also just bought a 2015 Leaf out the door for $17698. A friend spent more than that to convert his Saturn. I wonder what we wil talk about at our electric car meeting in a few years. Maybe what new cars are coming out, or where there is still a free charging station? Things are progressing rapidly, 4 years ago there was only one public charging station within 100 miles of my house. Now there are hundreds!

Good points, wonder if governments could grant tax benefits to 2nd hand ev’s. After all less harmful emissions.

There won’t be many cars that qualify for the Colorado tax break. Most were leased, and the dealers took the tax credit, and anyone who could afford to actually buy one took the tax credit.

That Is a great Buy!…

With cheap used gas cars with over 300hp, nobody restores old Mustangs and Camaros anymore 😉

Agreed… I converted an Eagle Talon back in 2008 and spent about $8,000 on the conversion for a car that could barely reach 55 mph when going downhill and about 20 miles of range. I wanted it to be faster and have more range, but it would have added significantly more to the cost. Now it is possible to buy a used Leaf in good condition for $12,000. And I dare say the Leaf will be more reliable than a home conversion.

“I wonder what we wil talk about at our electric car meeting in a few years”

You will be discussing conversions where somebody put a Leaf powertrain into another car.

I would suggest buying a used Leaf, tearing out the back seat, and adding another 24 kWh pack from a wreck. But by the time you finished, the Bolt will be out. If only they can extend and pretend the economy for a few more years, I’ll have a real electric car.

Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t hear him talk about the suspension and tires at all. With less weight in the front and much more weight in the way-back (behind the rear wheels!), I’m thinking that without some suspension mods and staggered tires (wider in the rear), this car would be a handful to control during an emergency maneuver, especially in the rain. Also, since it’s front-wheel drive, I’d think that a full-throttle start would result in endless wheelspin.