Nissan “Sells” 19,000-Plus New LEAFs In First Month On Market


New Nissan LEAF

Or probably more like 23,000-plus.

Regardless of what the actual figure is, the new Nissan LEAF is hotter than hot right now. And it’s not even available in the U.S. yet.

2018 Nissan LEAF

We’re not surprised by this, as the LEAF has been the #1 selling electric car worldwide, but 14,000, 19,000 or even 23,000 units “sold” in the first month of availability beats even our lofty expectations.

We recently reported that new LEAF sales nearly hit 4,000 units (3,629 to be exact) in its first month in Japan, plus a near equal amount in Europe. But that’s not all. If we look at orders, not refundable deposits, but actual orders placed through dealers, the numbers soar.

Some reports put the total ordered in Japan at 9,600 units in October alone. Nissan fulfilled 3,629 of these orders, but then was hit by an inspection scandal that brought deliveries to a halt on almost all Japan-built models. Daily Kanban reports:

“All but 3,629 could not be delivered, because Nissan is in the throes of an inspection scandal that continues to make headlines in the island nation…”

“On October 19, Nissan stopped all deliveries to the Japanese market.”

2018 Nissan LEAF

Editor’s Note:  The stoppage of vehicle shipment was due to Nissan’s discovery that non-authorized/approved workers were being utilized to do final inspections on vehicles leaving the factory.  Basically, the last quality control check was a big fail.  Subsequently, Nissan recalled those vehicles.

Were it not for this stoppage, Nissan would’ve likely been able to deliver all 9,600 orders units of the new LEAF in Japan, plus those 4,000 or so in Europe. That would’ve brought the first month total to nearly 14,000, an impressive figure, but still short of the number we’ve been told.

Admittedly, it’s hard to track foreign sales/deliveries, but when we test drove the new Nissan LEAF in Japan the first of this month, we received a firm number for Japanese sales from Nissan. In its first month on the market, new LEAF sales (in Japan alone) hit…are you ready for this?

“In Japan, the new generation of the electric hatch went on sale on October 2 and has already accumulated more than 19,000 orders. It costs 3,990,600 yen, or equivalent to US$ 35,000.”

An order should basically be considered a sale. All Nissan has to do is deliver the LEAF and it’s a done deal. The paperwork is all in place, meaning the buyer can’t really back out at this point.

So, if we’re actually at 19,000 in Japan alone, then with Europe included, the figure is an unmatched and astonishing 23,000-plus units for the 2018 LEAF is its first month of availability.

Source: Daily Kanban

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Does anyone know which markets in Europe it’s actually currently on sale ?

We dont get it until late Dec early Jan here in the UK and I understood it was only available in a couple of countries in Europe not all ?

I was thinking the same, in Denmark and Norway also first in Q1 of 2018.

I read that Norway “ordered” some thousands, maybe that is what this is. Just like the rest of the Japaneses “sales”.

You could be right, I heard Norway were getting to order them first, then Germany & here in UK where special edition is already available to order, hadn’t heard of any others as yet ?

Theses are orders, not actual deliveries.

First deliveries are said to arrive in January, and i have been told that things are being done in order to land with a bang, like it did last month in Japan.

That’s correct, I just re-read the e-mail from my Local Nissan dealer who said I can order the limited edition now but delivery in Jan.

The limited edition sits between the mid-top spec.

“If we look at orders, not refundable deposits, but actual orders placed through dealers, the numbers soar”

They’re SOLD. Unless buyers are willing to LOSE their deposits, or Nissan goes broke.
Nissan does NOT operate on Tesla’s marketing strategy… And no, I am not a Tesla hater, nor have any Tesla stock.

If 19,000 Orders are “amazing” ..How would you then describe 500,000 orders ???


Order versus deposit. One is a thousand buck hold my place in line but I can still back out. The other involves a “restocking” fee plus penalties.

In the same way you would compare 4000 actual deliveries to 400 deliveries to family and friends.

But in all seriousness, as stated a refundable deposit and a vague place in a queue are just not the same thing as a signed and paid for order with a confirmed delivery date.

Sales are sales, it makes no sense to put them in quotes, even if they are not delivered to final customer yet.

Not a single car company in the world would put these on the books as completed sales, no matter how impressive the numbers are.

They had a delay, they are working through the delay. When the delay is over, they will book the sales. Absolutely no big deal at all. This is business as usual in the manufacturing industry, but they still don’t count as sales until they actually work through their delays.

They’ll Book them when the money’s in the till & tail the lights are down the road ! Ha Ha Ha Ha OTHERWISE ….No Sale!…..that’s how we did it!

They’ll Book them when the money’s in the till & tail the lights are down the road ! OTHERWISE ….”Only A Promise”..No Sale!’s how we did it!

“Not a single car company in the world would put these on the books as completed sales, no matter how impressive the numbers are.”

It isn’t exactly what the article is about. Accounting rules vary in the world. They may put sale on books once ordered car is produced before delivery. This isn’t the point, if you want to count deliveries, you count deliveries. If you want to count sales, these 19,000+ or whatever are sales without quotes. It is how new car sales are typically done in the world except US – you make hard non-reversible custom configuration order, pay for it, and take delivery months later.

Another Euro point of view

If you have a look at this thread on Norwegian Elbilforum (using Chrome G to translate) they mention that 10-20 are sold every day in Oslo alone. So cars sold but delivery only sometimes in end of Q1 2018 or Q2 2018.
They mention that Leaf 2 seem to benefit from Norwegian customers of the AmperaE who cancelled their orders.

So it is sales, not deliveries.,36564.0.html

We can order a limited edition version here in the UK already but not the standard builds, not sure on lead times for this though, probably Q1 2018

So sales has started in the UK, which the article is about. But deliveries will come later.

Even though sales can be interesting to follow it is deliveries that really counts.

A local Nissan dealer told me I could order one but doesn’t have a demo car !

For market acceptance and penetration it is sales (orders) that count. Deliveries is more about production and logistics, less about the succes of the car in the market.

I personally are far more interested in what this car is doing in the market than in the production and logistics of the delivery.

Agreed, these are firm orders which you can’t back out of, paperwork has to be in place and either full price or large deposits have to be made (at least here in the UK anyway).

It is similar in Japan, the transaction is firm, but the “sale” itself is only counted once the car has been produced (in this case at the Oppama facility)…but ahead of the physical delivery.

So the November number for Japan, while we don’t know what it will be …we do know at this point it will be much larger than October’s result of 3,629.

It’s a pretty fair bet in that case that the 2018 Leaf will already have more global sales than the Bolt by the end of November after only 58 days !

They will have to actually complete the inspection step in the manufacturing process, and fix any items found during inspection before each car can be considered as done being built.

The problem was not with the quality of the inspection. You can measure that looking at the recalls, cost of repairs, repairs under guarantee etc.

The problem was with the legality of the inspection.

I would normally agree. For EVs though with all the limited production I’m more interested in actual deliveries.

As soon as production limitations goes away for EVs I will once again fully agree with you.

Another Euro point of view

Interestingly in that same Elbilforum thread I refer above they mention the likely effective range of the 40kwh Leaf2 in the cold Norwegian winter (with eat on and some buffer to avoid being stranded). 140 Km to 160 km (80-100 miles). My current dirty TDI never does less than 500 miles on a tank even on a very cold winter. Obviously 40kmh is still too small a battery for many.

I did wonder about the cold Norwegian winter climate being an issue with only 40kWh battery & no TMS, maybe the 60kWh battery made by LG Chem will have it ?

When do you learn that appels to oranges comparisons are not really helpful?

And change your screen name. Your comments suggests that we Europeans are dump.

Another Euro point of view

🙂 I may consider removing the Euro be only if you remove the “nl” in your screen name as well. I mean soon you might tells us stories about need for EVs to have good towing capacity so you could pull a caravan all around Europe full of bottled water and toilet paper (as those are cheaper in Rotterdam, a known fact) while wearing orange T-shirts, shorts, socks & shoes.

Obviously there are many who have the luxury of not having to drive over 100 miles a day in the dead of winter. Here in Sunny California it is predominately strugglers that have to do that and they usually can’t afford new cars but even they will benefit in a few years as used EVs hit their price points. Those who need longer ranges will just have to wait an extra year or two.

Another Euro point of view

By the way thinking of it the orange clothing on holidays has always been a mystery to me. We all know the link with orange Nassau family of course, but why wear it on holidays. Is it a differentiation effort ? Is it not ok just to smoothly mix with those “stupid”.


Uhm, you spelling apples incorrectly as appels makes you guys look more dumb than his screen name 😉

Just throwing it out there.

Regardless way to go Nissan!

Touché. 🙂

Je ma appel’, ..oui oui ? mon ami.

“Cold Norwegian winter???”

Average winter temperature is -3.6c° and above that on the west south shore.

Thank to the warm Gulfstream flow.

That ain’t cold, it’s pretty mild from anywhere in Canada or north of U.S.A.

I doubt you’ll encounter such range reduction, unless you’r close to Sweden.

I looked, the rainy night Oslo is having is warmer than the sunny day I’m having in Pennsylvania.

The average winter temperature you quote is for Oslo, possibly the warmest place in Norway. If you head north or inland some average winter temperatures are around the -15 degrees Celsius or about 10 degree F. And you must also remember where the Arctic circle is in relation to Norway. I’d happily sit through an American Winter then an Arctic Norwegian one.

Yes, but your TDI also kills people. But I guess you germans don’t care about that…

Another Euro point of view

Well, our total ecological footprint is so much lower around here (not Germany by the way) that should I be able to drive two TDI’s at the same time I would likely still miserably fail to match the awful footprint of the average Californian Tesla driver. But indeed we need to soon switch to EVs, or better, ride bicycles as often as possible.


I am not surprised by the big sales numbers. I had a Nissan Leaf and really liked it (with the exception of the looks). My understanding is that the new one is a new shell with an updated battery. I fail to see why Nissan didn’t at least change the shell years ago. The car would have sold a lot better.

It is ironic that Nissan is actually selling nearly 5000/wk…where have we heard that number before?

It Musk have slipped my mind !


And yet we keep hearing that somehow 5K/wk is some sort of huge number that is somehow unattainable. Why is that?

For companies that are run by professionals that know what they are doing it’s not.

Because one of those companies has 4 plants on 3 continents dedicated to building them and up and running for years and has been building millions of cars and been in existence for 85 years. The other one has never built that many vehicles sum total in any given week, has a single plant, and can’t seem to decide if their story for delays is to blame welders, battery packs, software, subcontractors, or all the above for the delay rather than admit ‘hey this is hard, it’s going to take awhile, we shouldn’t have made such big claims’. I don’t think people doubt the 5000 per week. They doubt the ridiculous claims, blatant misguidance, secrecy to the point of being embarrassed by your skillsets as a company, inexperience and novice at many basic parts of manufacturing while touting you’re the greatest of all time, and just plain hubris. The car is amazing and will be and is a real game changer. The clowns seem to be jumping out of the management clown car though based on the speed at which execs are leaving.

You can’t blame Tesla-Options-On-Margin-Nix for always trying to paint a pretty picture that everything is great at Tesla right now and all problems there are trivial.

Seriously right? Who in the world said that 5k a week is unattainable? In reality what people said was that 5k a week by this time for a car company that is consistently very late, has slow as molasses roll outs, and that chose to buck the norm and not do the tooling the right way just so that they could “sell” 30 cars months before they truly should have, was likely unattainable and they were proven right. I’m sure that Tesla can work out the kinks and get up to the 5k a week #, it’s just going to take them longer than Elon had said but then again anyone with half a brain would know that.

Asking Tesla how many cars they’ll build a week is like asking a teenage boy how many girls he’s slept with… Well with the boy you have to drop one zero but Tesla you have to drop two zero’s.

Another Euro point of view

Thank you for the good laugh ! (last 3 lines)

I would gladly swap my 2016 leaf SV that has been at Jenkins nissan for 6 days getting a new battery pack for a 2018 Leaf.

Part exchange it when it comes back ?

Another Euro point of view
In the Model 3 threads I wrote several time that Tesla would be well inspired to hike the base price of the Model 3 to somewhere between $40K-$45K. That would solve two issues at the same time, reduce losses and allow a slower/reliability orientated ramp up. I bet this is exactly what Tesla is currently doing. Now the much lower price of the Leaf 2, rather limited range and absence of supercharger network will likely make it a very good family “second car” (and that’s a huge market). Something that Zoe is not doing as good as it could in northern Europe. For the Europeans among us, let’s face it, a Renault can be a sweet car but perceived interior quality is just not up to par with what many northern Europe customers expect. This is one of the reasons why eGold sells so well in Norway for example. This is where this Leaf 2 could do a kill as I understand that Leaf 2 is much better than Zoe in that respect. Not to mention that is a bigger car, thus has much more use for a family than a Zoe. Not to mention the fast charging issues the… Read more »

Sounds like you’ve got a well balanced informative comment there.

“Another Euro…” posted more anti-Tesla FUD:

“In the Model 3 threads I wrote several time that Tesla would be well inspired to hike the base price of the Model 3… I bet this is exactly what Tesla is currently doing.”

Sure, you FUDsters want to convince everyone that Tesla will be forced to significantly raise the base price of the Model 3, which means significantly fewer sales, which means significantly lower production, which in turn means significantly higher per-unit cost, which in turn means Tesla would have to raise the price again… Death spiral.

Yeah, you Tesla haters are just salivating at the prospect of making people believe that will happen, aren’t you? You want people to PANIC AND SELL THEIR TESLA STOCK NOW!

It will happen when hell freezes over, because those running Tesla are not stupid. But apparently you think those reading your FUD are so stupid they’ll swallow your B.S.!

Another Euro point of view

Cool down Pupu ! I simply think Model 3 has the potential to sell for a higher price without probably that it affects the total sales number (I saw Doug De muro test drive that seem to support that). I bet it will be a very good car and people will just pay the extra. And no I don’t believe that producing cars in expensive California is a successful recipe to try to compete on a mass market level. That Chinese factory should be completed and then it will be time to sell at lower prices IMHO. You give me way too much credit when you call me fudster, shorter etc. etc. I mean I can’t even really write English correctly. You need to have more faith in Tesla as a strong brand/company with a strong potential.

Pu-Pu has had his knickers in a knot for years. He ain’t capable of cooling it, Tesla is all- conquering & Musk NEVER, EVER exaggerated ANYTHING…

We must hope Tesla gets its act together soon; GM’s lack of interest in Bolt sales has seemingly been Tesla’s best news in a year.

Absolutely accurate. Tesla’s China factory is forecast to be up & running in 3 years; by that time [even IF that’s a realistic estimate] who knows how far ahead the competition will be?

Hey Nix, looks like we have found the drama!!

…and just a few weeks ago so many on this board proclaimed the 2018 LEAF DOA because it couldn’t compete with the Bolt on range. You naysayers seem to have the same view as the Bolt team that the three most important factors are range, range, and range. Reality is the three are price, range, and recharge time.

I think it being a nissan leaf must be the most important thing. unless the bolt is selling for more than $35k in japan it can’t be price as according to this article that’s how much the leaf2 is going for in japan — which I find astonishing.

The Nissan badge may count in Japan but here in the US not so much. If your theory is correct then we would expect the Bolt to out sell the Leaf in the US. Yes? Care to place a wager on that?

Nissan sold 1.4 million in the US last year compared to Chevy’s 2 million. They are both well regarded in the US.

…and Nissan outsells Chevy heavily in Japan. Both points support my contention. So bottom line is you range range range theorists should be willing to wager that the Bolt will heavily outsell the inferior range Leaf in the US. This was the collective thought only weeks ago. Why so shy now?

Wait. You’re struggling with the cognitive dissonance and I owe YOU an explanation? You need to release some gas from your bag before you explode, dude.

Both the Leaf and the Bolt will do very well in the US. It’s not an either or. They target very different market segments, and both manufacturers have been very successful in the US EV market.

Nissan is in 4th in the US sales behind Toyota, GM, Ford and then Nissan. They are doing quite well

Pretty sure the Bolt isn’t sold in Japan at all since I hear GM doesn’t want to do a RHD version.

I believe there is a perception that the Nissan product has better quality, battery not withstanding.

….so you completely disavow the range range range theory now? Is it quality and seats now?

I believe the factor here is which market we are referring too.
In Japan and Europe a LEAF 2 is fine on range for a lot of consumers, but here in the U.S. not so much, hence the attraction to the Bolt.

Despite the range, the present Leaf has been decently popular here in America and of course, there are options like the IoniqEV which has even fewer miles than Leaf 2 that is sold out for months due to demand that Hyundai didn’t foresee and is having trouble filling.

Quite so. Why does range matter so much in Japan, a country a fraction of the size of USA with a vastly superior transport network?

Since you can’t buy Bolt in either the EU or Japan, it really isn’t a factor at all in Nissan sales in those markets.

So then you would expect the Bolt to out sell the Leaf in the US. Yes? Care to place a wager on that?

I think that the Nissan Leaf sales numbers in Japan will slowly keep increasing.

In October 2017 the Nissan Leaf was #19 on the models ranking in Japan.

About a year from now (Q4 2018) the Nissan Leaf will be close to #10 on the models ranking in Japan.

And in 2019 it will be in the top 10.

I have a 2013 Nissan leaf I love the car for around town range anxiety is what keeps most people from getting into the ev market I would of bought the new Nissan if it had the same range as the bolt

Leaf not available until end of February here in Ireland and only the limited edition which looses leather , heated seats and steering. Think I’ll pass. Probably end of March for full spec and I need a car beyond 24th January.

I assume it’s too expensive to rent a car for a few weeks ?

Probably not but I wouldn’t want cloth seats that are not heated and no heated steering. It makes a big difference when you already have it. Means waiting another 5-6 months.

“which looses steering”?

They sell it without steering?

Level 5 pro-pilot !

“heated seats and steering” meaning heated seats and heated steering.

It’s starting to sound like Nissan has managed to hit the sweet spot of acceptable cost and acceptable range for an EV. Here’s hoping that in the future, they can manage to lower the cost of the entry-level Leaf so that sales *really* take off. That would really be something.

No news here – Nissan Leaf EV World Leader !


A 60kwh option would have tripled orders. Hopefully all the kinks the new model will have will be fixed in time to get a 60kwh 2019 LEAF.

Tesla got 300K orders in a week (which they can’t fulfill yet), why shouldn’t Nissan get 24K orders in a month (which they can’t fulfill yet)? Seems very reasonable to me.


They still need a TMS better than my 9 bar 2013.

The looks on the new Leaf are nice. Way better than the alien look of the previous model. With the 150 mile range, there is no doubt that the car will make thousands of sales in 2018.