Nissan Says US LEAF Plant Not Equipped To Run At Capacity, Will Build To Demand

JAN 28 2013 BY JAY COLE 1

Technician At Nissan’s US Battery Plant Ratchets Down Cover On A LEAF Battery Pack

Nissan’s operations include two facilities in Tennessee capable of building 200,000 LEAF-sized battery packs (opened in November), and 150,00 LEAF electric cars (opened just this month).

But that doesn’t mean they are.

While Nissan has often touted their 200/150 capacity to build electric vehicles and their batteries, that is not what is happening right now.  We will let Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn explain:

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn At Nissan/AESC Battery Production Facility

“We have created the capacity, but have not installed all the equipment.  We have been more prudent.  We built the building, we put the infrastructure, we built the project, but we are installing the equipment in function of the evolution of sales.

So it is not ytat we are having all this equipment and it is being idled, we are in fact just building the infrastructure for that, and we are going step by step.”

2014 Infiniti LE And Battery Packs To Be Assembled In Tennessee

Beside supplying batteries for the LEAF, the Tennessee plant will also produce lithium ion batteries for Nissan’s new hybrid offerings, the e-NV200 electric van (that will be put into production late summer in Barcelona, Spain), as well as for the upcoming Infiniti LE, that goes into production late 2013 at Nissan’s Smyrna plant.

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Zippity Do Dah! the site is up and running.. that picture of the tech working on the battery really gives you an idea of its size