Nissan Says “Thanks A Billion” To LEAF Owners – Video

DEC 3 2014 BY MARK KANE 19

One of the first Nissan LEAF owners, Kevin Slowther, drove the final kilometre with his wife Joanne and daughter Hollie at the Nissan Motor Manufacturing plant in Sunderland, where the world's best-selling electric car is made.

One of the first Nissan LEAF owners, Kevin Slowther, drove the final kilometer with his wife Joanne and daughter Hollie at the Nissan Motor Manufacturing plant in Sunderland, where the world’s best-selling electric car is made.

Nissan crossed the mark of 1 billion (09-30-2014) cumulative LEAF kilometers driven worldwide and, besides announcing that, would like to say thank you to each and every LEAF owner around the globe.

Data on mileage is gathered on Nissan’s Global Data Center via the CarWings, however Nissan claims that only 54% of drivers are registered for data collection, so we probably should assume that the real value for all 147,000 LEAFs is closer to 2 billion kilometers driven.

Anyway, that is a huge value reached in less than four years.

“Nissan has revealed that owners of the LEAF, its 100% electric car, have collectively recorded an impressive one billion kilometres on the CarWings telematics system worldwide; saving over 180 million kilograms of CO₂ emissions* in the process.

This incredible achievement comes almost four years since the LEAF was launched in 2010 as one of the first mass-market, pure-electric vehicles. It is now the best-selling electric vehicle in history, with over 147,000 LEAF vehicles sold globally to date, 31,000 of which have been sold in Europe.

Thanks to the innovative CarWings telemetry used in the LEAF, Nissan has been able to keep an accurate log of the total distance covered by every LEAF registered with CarWings since the car’s launch. Nissan has been recording the kilometres on an online counter and actively involving owners in the count with a series of celebratory videos.”

Paul Willcox, Chairman for Nissan in Europe, stated:

“Our aim was to see Nissan LEAF owners registered with our innovative CarWings system amass one billion kilometres by January 2015, and we are absolutely delighted to announce that we have achieved this landmark milestone earlier than anticipated. We would like to thank every single Nissan LEAF owner for helping us in reaching this world-first.”

“The Nissan LEAF was the first mass-market family electric vehicle ever built and the owner satisfaction scores are the best in the Nissan range. This huge distance landmark shows that many of our customers are rapidly clocking up kilometres as they enjoy the benefits of quiet, emission free driving.”

Pleas enlarge infographics to see Nissan’s road to one billion kilometers:

Nissan's road to a billion kilometres

Nissan’s road to a billion kilometers

Nissan's road to a billion kilometres

Nissan’s road to a billion kilometers

“When you pass one billion kilometres with an electric car on an epic, record-breaking journey, winning awards, breaking records and completing marathons on the way, you have to wonder: who made it possible? Then when you realise, there’s only one thing to say…”

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I wonder how the statistics work out here. Volts have driven well over 1 billion miles despite a smaller battery, and much lower worldwide sales.

Is this just because other non-US countries have shorter driving patterns?

Nissan is thanking their LEAF owners for their milestone…. has nothing to do with other electric or hybrid vehicle statistics. I am sure the Chevy volt has achieved it’s own milestones and Volt owners can be proud of their own achievements.

Why do the fanboys always turn a Leaf article into a discussion about why the Volt is better (and vice-versa on the Volt articles)? Can’t we just be excited about a major milestone from the world’s best selling EV?

What is fanboyish about asking a genuine question? I’m sorry if everyone is super defensive about their own preferences to electric vehicles.

I am simply asking about demographics internationally that lead to less miles for twice the amount of vehicles.

A Leaf fanboy could say that means the Leaf is twice as good as a Volt because they sold twice as many.

A Volt fanboy could say that means the Volt is twice as good because they did twice the electric miles in half the vehicles.

THIS poster just wants to know what demographics lead to that resulting statistic, independent of all the stupid infighting that people like to do about how their own EV is super cool and all others suck.

I was commenting more on the larger pattern of infighting that goes on in the comment threads. BEV purists and EREV pragmatics seem to always clash, even if the article is in no way comparing the two.

As for your actual question, it is an interesting one for sure. But the article states that only 54% of cars are connected to CarWings. I believe the Volt stats come from a much larger percentage of vehicles. And I bet that shorter driving ranges outside the US also contribute. They probably also affect the relative popularity of the two cars (Leaf seems to sell well internationally, while the Volt seems more concentrated in the US).

…yet it was a reply to my comment. :-p

Which, by the way, was asking about driving demographics in foreign countries, not claiming that EV’s can’t drive as many electric miles as EREV’s, or anything fanboyish like that. 😉

Check your facts, Mr. Cote. It was a reply to James Haberberger’s comment.

I’m not sure how his comment could ever be construed as being fanboyish either.

I was attempting to commiserate with him on the level of infighting between people who *should* be on the same team, with the goal of reducing gasoline consumption. It looks like I failed.

I apologize for seeming to imply that your post was fanboyish, that was not my intent.

No worries.

On another note, between the 1,000,000 km Leaf milestone, the 1,000,000 mile Volt milestone, and the 100,000+ plug-ins sold in 2014, this is shaping up to be a fantastic year for the segment of vehicles having a plug.

Oh dang, I missed a few zeros. 1,000,000,000 km on Leaf and 1,000,000,000 miles on Volt 🙂

It’s about only a small portion of Leaf’s being part of the statistics.

The total number of electric km are far far higher for the Leaf than the Volt.

Even though I’m very pro personal integrity I also love statistics. So it would have been fun if the Leaf had a system to anonymously report the km driven for every car to Nissan so we could get some real numbers.

I might spend 10 minutes tomorrow to make some calculations and get a close to real world estimate for Leaf km driven. Just to get a hint…

You are Welcome Nissan, Thank You for making a fantastic electric car and for your continuing support and research in electric vehicles.

You’re welcome, Nissan, and I can say in all sincerity that the pleasure has been all mine.

My wife and I have owned a lot of cars, including Toyotas, Hondas, one BMW, one Fiat, one Ford, and a couple of Chryslers, and my Leaf is easily my favorite of the whole lot. Quiet, a blast to drive, as close to zero maintenance cost and hassle as a motor vehicle can be, stupid cheap to refuel, etc.

Now, as for your plans to increase the battery range…

This 1 billion kilometers doesn’t include LEAF S owners like myself who don’t have CarWings. Could it could be as high as 2.5 billion?

The number DCQC is interesting. France with an area of 640,000 sq km has 131. The province of Ontario with 1,000,000 sq km has 3 !!!!! One of those is at Nissan HQ, the second is at Mitsubishi HQ and the last is at PowerStream HQ. (local power generating/distribution company)

French population. 66 million
Ontario population. 13 million

International headquarters of Renault. France

Average Ontario home has a garage
Average French home does not

In the end Ontario should have more fast chargers
Especially along the Trans Canada Highway

But France “needs” more as the driving patterns are not so linear as they are in Canada, it’s harder to charge at home in France and my guess is that there are fewer 2 car homes in urban France and obviously France has a vested interest in these since EVs support their car industry and the are not as oil focused as Canada

a question for Leaf owners. I live in SW Virginia near Roanoke, it is hilly topography and we have cold weather too. I’m 25 miles from town. So if I go to town drive around a little and come back home, I could need 75 miles of range. Is a Leaf good for this after a few years? Have read some disappointing posts about battery decline.

If there is no opportunity to charge around town, this will get dicey in the winter a few years down the road. However, if there was a CHAdeMO in Roanoke, you would be golden for many years.

Yet another example of the need for a real QC network.

Checking Plug Share dot com, I see there are a plethora of level 2 chargers around. About an hour of charging at one of those would be enough to cover your use case, even with a few years’ degradation. If they are located where you would be parking anyway, this is a good option.

If this is too close for your comfort, you can either go the EREV route (Volt or i3 are fine choices), or the Kia Soul EV has another 20% more range than the Leaf, if you can get one of them.