Nissan Says It’s Selling 1 New LEAF Every 12 Minutes In Europe

MAR 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 81

Nissan kicks off the show in Geneva with news of a LEAF order tsunami in Europe.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan says it has received more than 19,000 orders for the new LEAF in Europe, including 13,000 of those being placed before the car was even in retailer showrooms.

A new orders is being placed in Europe right now at an average of one every 12 minutes! Well, that’s more than 3,000 a month right?

We believe that the previous report of 40,000 orders globally now stands at 50,000 or 60,000 or perhaps even more.

In 2017, more than 31,300 Renault ZOE were sold in Europe to capture the #1 title for electric car sales. The new LEAF will likely be able to beat ZOE this year, we think.

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“The icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the fully electric, zero-emission Nissan LEAF.  With more than 300,000 sold since launch in 2010 and more than four billion kilometers driven by customers, it’s the world’s most popular electric vehicle.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan is already a generation ahead when it comes to clean sustainable motoring, and with the launch of the all-new second-generation LEAF – on sale in Europe since last month – the brand is again rewriting the rule book for EVs.

Orders across Europe have now passed 19,000, with 13,000 of those placed before the car was even in retailer showrooms. It means the “Simply Amazing” new Nissan LEAF is Europe’s fastest-selling EV.

Currently, a new LEAF is being sold every 12 minutes across Europe.

Technology that debuted on the new LEAF is already being rolled out across Nissan’s range of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. For example, ProPILOT advanced driver assistance technology will be available on Europe’s best-selling crossover – the Nissan Qashqai – later this month.

ProPILOT is a building block of autonomous driving and an example of Nissan’s innovative approach to Intelligent Driving. ProPILOT is designed to increase driver excitement, control and confidence for Nissan owners.”

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They’re selling at a good clip in Japan as well.

US inventory could be low for a while.

Japan and Europe sales have no effect on the US. Nissan has 3 plants. 1 in Europe, 1 in Japan, and one in US. And yes they make the batteries at each location too. It’s a planned roll out. They started production in Japan first. The US is just a couple months behind on purpose.

inventory is not the issue. Production needs to increase here at the us plant since theres is a plant for each market. Dealers needs to put out better deals and you will see this car sell better then 40k. Include the tax credit in the leases.

Dealers don’t need to put out better deals. Nissan has 0% financing on the new Leafs. The demand is high for the new body style. You won’t see Tesla do 0% financing. Nissan is doing great with the lease and finance options. 151 miles is prefect for a majority of buyers. Even with battery degrading Nissan will warranty the battery for 8 years or 100,000 miles. I sell them in Arizona with the high temps. Most of the buyers mostly care about getting into the fast lane with only the driver, HOV. The ones who understand temp management systems will wait 9 to 12 months for the LG Chem batteries that will have it & better range.

4000 down for 10k miles lease, no thanks. 2500 for 10k it will be ok. I drive 15k year and more so no deal

True Tom but they no longer make batteries they are buying them now from a supplier.

For the 40 kWh battery they are buying from the supplier that purchased AESC/Nissan battery cell manufacturing facilities inside Nissan manufacturing facilities.

Nothing has changed. Maybe the 64 kWh pack will be purchased from LG Chem?

I guess Smyrna Tennessee is going through production hell?

No evidence of production hell. Also no evidence of lack of production speed. What we are talking here is the fact that they just started the assembly line (as planned) December 4th. 60 days later they were getting cars into the hands of customers. They have 1300 dealers. Sounds like from all the various articles that they also wanted to get demo vehicles into the hands of dealers then customers in a rather rapid 50 state roll out. Presumably at least the first month of production they take it slow as a matter of course to double/triple check quality and process. So one other post here noted 1000 ‘in stock’…probably not actually all on the lot. Add the ones already in customer’s hands and to me this doesn’t seem slow at all. If next month we only see something like 1000 sales then sure. But I fail to see how there is any evidence of ‘production hell’ or not producing at a necessary rate, or supplier issues, or whatever. By the way, their plant in Tennessee has lots of capacity. They won’t even begin to strain it.

I would just like to point out that Nissan had a several month commissioning period before officially opening the line. Cannot be compared to Tesla.

No production hell. Merica is all about SUVs. So they are producing the Nissan Rogue at their highest capacity. The demand is high for the Rogue, they have to import them.

Please checkout the Nissan Smyrna TN plant where Leaf Gen 2 and batteries are being built for US customers.

43,000 per year. Sounds about right.

There are over 1000 new Leafs in stock at dealers in USA. It makes no sense to stockpile them rather than filling orders, which makes me thing the US had very few pre-orders.

It’s rather cold over here as it is hot elsewhere, greater range is more of a premium in the U.S. and people that plan to purchase one will probably wait for the higher mileage model coming in October.

When you’re previous car was a 3013 Leaf, this is the higher mileage model!

2013 Leaf, sorry.

Yeah! You just about gave a new meaning to ‘Millennial!’?

Especially when that 2013 doesn’t have DCFC and is the only car in the household without home charging at the apartment. Which is the situation I find myself in. Going from my current SV to a new SV would be a massive improvement for my mobility.

ffbj – The longer range version is definitely NOT “coming in October”. I’d say early to mid 2019 at the earliest before you see it in dealerships.

How many Nissan dealers are there? I’d guess at least a couple of hundreds so 1000 cars is around 3 cars per dealer, that doesn’t sound like much.

There should be over 1,000 dealerships in the US.

So at the moment there is about 1 car per dealership at best. 😛

But of course the vast majority of dealerships at the moment have no Leafs while others have several.

1300 dealers. Less than 1 per dealer. And likely most of those aren’t really ‘in stock’.

Yes, it’s more likely one showpiece/demo car in a number of dealers.

Maybe 1000 dealers, but unless Nissan is crazy they are going to have the most vehicles on the west cost at this time of year. No reason to fill lots in the northeast this time of year.

1000 is hardly a stockpile, and chances are most of those are not actually available to buy. Dealers list in-demand cars all the time to draw people into the showroom, only to tell them the car is sold and they can order one. I just saw it happen with the Leaf a week ago.

The next 300 000 will come much easier than the first ones. Also, in 6-9 months the longer range model will come and further boost sales. Good times!

Longer range is coming out next year fall 2019

Has something changed? If not it is coming out THIS fall, as a 2019 model.

Great news! I am in agreement with these buyers. Great car, great value!

I took a 2018 LEAF for a test drive yesterday & I was so Pleasantly Surprised with the Size & all the rest of it . The LEAF SHOULD NEVER BE COMPARED To the Bolt Which Is A “TINY” Compliance GM Car at BEST ! The 2018 LEAF is the same size within 1″to 2″s if that, of a 2000 Mercedes “C”Class in length & width & the LEAF seating Height is Much more Pleasant than This C Class…. Although I wish They would Give the 2019 LEAF More Than 225 Miles per charge ..310 miles Plus is more adequate to my liking, And I would Buy one Hands Down TOMORROW If that were the case. I trust The Nissan Build Quality & Construction, Much More Than I do Tesla. Tesla Is So New at Cars, with it’s share of Growing pains… HOWEVER.., I haven’t Ruled out the model 3., mostly “ONLY” because of the Model 3’s Longer range of 310 MPC. …. This is my “NON BIAS” Objective Observation…..With “NO” intention to offend anyone .

I get that you are trying to convey emphasis with your capitalization of some words, but it just makes your posts unreadable.

I shall Refrain from that…But Not totally unreadable I hope..

You can use bold and italics for emphasis. The start code for bold is a lower case b in angle brackets, and the end code is /b in angle brackets. Italics use i and /i, again in angle brackets.

bracket [
brace {
parenthesis (
angle brackets need a special code to post which I’m not going to look up. They are the less than an greater than symbols.

A Special Code?

So would you pay $50k for a 310 mile LEAF? I think that market is quite small.

$50,000 + $6500 tax = $56500 + – Subtract Rebate of $14,000 = $42,500 + a Bit, for 310 mile SV CDN Dollars, Yes! at the drop of hat. A great Car with no Issues ..

Ontario buyer! Obviously! ?

Rite On Bro!

I was talking US dollars, in CAD it would be significantly more than $50k. Almost $65k apparently, according to current exchange rate.

USD $$ ? That would throw a Monkey Wrench into my deal. Tough Call..I may then have settle for the 225 Miler,Which is what I will probably end up with anyway.. & keep my Gas mobile for longer trips. (Or Buy a Model 3 & get rid of my Gas Mobile?) A Tuffy!.. on the other hand, 2 cars are always nice to have to Never get stuck.

I’m thinking starting at $39990 with S model. Top of the line SL for $46890 and $2900 for pro- pilot 5.0 that’ll have autonomous 5.0 driving

That would be an Ideal Price !

In the US you have Tesla pumping out 3’s and plenty of Bolts available. For the current price of a 40kw SV you can get a 60kw bolt.

Only advantage with Nissan is leasing as they apply the full tax credit unlike Bolt.

The lease rates I’ve seen for new Leafs don’t look any better than Bolt lease deals in CA.

Lease incentive cash is but only 1 part of the lease equation.

60kw Bolt is at least 5k more than 40kw sv and lacks much in equipment. I realy feal the new leaf, starting under 30k US for S model is a game changer, lots of tech and comfort and decent range (for most) for a very reasonable price.

No one can just go and buy the Model 3 for a year or so.
The Bolt is compliance only.

Strangely enough the Leaf is probably the only serious and affordable EV that you can buy today in the US.

Compliance or not, I think you can buy a Bolt without having to wait much. Certainly if you don’t insist on any very particular combo of options/colours.

In Europe it’s another story.

Alas, the new LEAF really disappoints with its low efficiency in cold-weather. The Norwegian EV association had a winter range test recently, and the 28 kWh Ioniq beat the 2018 LEAF, which in turn was only on par with the e-Golf.

I don’t know how EVs can vary this much in efficiency, but it matters. If consumption is 20% lower, range is 25% higher. If consumption is 33% lower, range is 50% longer…

Would really like to understand how the Ioniq with decent but not outstanding aerodynamics can trounce Model 3 in this department, even after Tesla scrapped the induction motor (for their mass-market vehicle, although they used to say Tesla used induction motors because they need much less rare earths – rather than admit they have just evolved the AC Propulsion motor they bought with the rest of the Roadster design).

It might be down to the battery chemistry and the design of the battery pack. If you have a wider operating range you need less heating/cooling of the pack.
The Ioniq also has much less battery to cool and heat then the Model 3.

Yes, very cold weather (colder than -15 C) has a dramatic effect on pretty well all BEV battery ranges. So not uncommon to see 30-40% range loss in cold winter months.

Those Bjorn tests were done in temps around -25 – -30C and yes the Leaf did fare worse than the Ioniq.

For another comparison, I know first hand that a Model 3 LR suffered 50% range loss during a -30C spell we had here in Canada back in January. So it happens to all of the models.

Bjorn did a follow up video to that Ioniq Leaf 2 test and suggested that there maybe as much as 30% error in what the dash says and what charge is actually left in the battery. He’s going to do a follow up video at some stage.

Per “I know first hand that a Model 3 LR suffered 50% range loss during a -30C spell we had here in Canada back in January.” Does that mean you work for Tesla, and were doing the Canadian Testing & Driving?

I understand that the upcoming new Solid State Batteries Tolerate extreme Cold& Hot Temps With very little to Neglidgable Degradation which shall be very Interesting & Exciting to see..

There are Bolts sitting on the lot here in Colorado. What do you mean they are compliance?

They had 6500 pre orders in Norway they did not deliver cars to. They just loved the news from the US with cars unsold for weeks in the lots..
They ended up with other cars, most of them.

I understand GM looses money on each car- so I understand they don’t want to export losses too.
They should just never have offered the car to begin with.
Sold it as a US car only.

Still doesn’t change the fact about the complain as compliance cars.

Selling it in EU makes absolutely no sense for GM since GM is existing that market.

US market is what GM is at and China.

Bolt is #1 selling EV in California last year despite all the choices available to Californians. It isn’t about compliance, but rather demand. Bolt EV fits what many Californians need, especially in cities like SF.

Compliance Car: These cars are built for “Carbon Credits” So that they may Comply & Apply these Credits Against the More Profitable Large Polluting Gas Guzzling Monsters without Being Penalized Or limited to certain numbers….IE: Tesla Sell their carbon Credits for Cash , since they do Not need Them…

Bolt a compliance car. Lol
That’s why GM is releasing a 2 seat, commercial version later this year right?

No, you are incorrect. If it were merely a compliance car, GM would have no motivation to sell as many Bolts as they do. The Spark EV was built in compliance numbers. The Bolt EV is not.

GM sold over 10x more Bolts across the US last year as they needed to sell for compliance. Plus they sold nearly as many Volts, which also count towards those same ZEV credits. (Although the Volt is worth less credits than the Bolt)
Plus they already had about 100,000 ZEV credits going into last fall. Enough to last them several years into the next decade even if they stopped Volt/Bolt production.

There are thousands of Bolts available all across the US and Canada. It is NOT a compliance car. But you’re in Europe right? Your perception of the Bolt as a compliance car is likely because of the Ampera-e’s limited availability there.

It seems to me that Tesla’s pump is broken

Not sure how the pricing is in US, but in Canada a fully loaded SL Leaf 2018 is $13,000 CAD less than the Premier Bolt. That is not a small difference and that is with any incentives (I’m using Ontario Canada numbers) included for both models.

I’ve done extensive comparative shopping for the available BEVs here in Canada and the Leaf is by far the best value-for-cost I can see. I have actual quotes from dealers for several brands and the numbers don’t lie. So no surprise the 2018 Leaf (even with a 40kWh battery) is and will continue to do very well. It’s hitting a sweet spot of pricing/value here.

I biggest advantage for Me over the Bolt Is That LEAF is almost 2X the size of the Bolt..I’ve seen Both In Person , Plus the LEAF is Superior Engineered & a Higher Quality Build, Also the LEAF is a Non Compliance Car, Unlike The Bolt . Btw “LEAF” is an acronym not a name , Hence The Caps. …..Cheers !

Someone needs to check the prescription of their glasses.

Ok, If you say so. But the Bolt Is Dinky compared to the LEAF ,,it’s Shorter & narrower..The LEAF is C Class , BMW 3 series Size +/-, We Compared them Side by Side.The LEAF looks small Or shall I say, Bolt size in Photos . Seeing the LEAF Live is surprisingly Larger . I expected a Bolt Sized LEAF , I pleasantly Surprised by the Larger Size.

I’ve still only seen one in my neighborhood. But I know another neighbor (and colleague) who should be getting his – trading in his Kia Soul EV – next week, so the population is growing exponentially. 😛

I have seen three 2018 Leafs in the wild and 0 Model 3s.

I have seen 0 Leafs and 3 Model 3’s. Interestingly for me is all the Model 3’s were in the last week. One I saw twice because it was at my school.

In the last week, I have only seen 1 Bolt.

So my conclusion is that Tesla has sold 10,000 Model 3’s in Feb. /sarc

I’ve seen two on the lot at my local Nissan dealer in a non-EV frenzied part of CA, but none on the road yet.

one every 12 minutes sounds like a whole lot more than 3600 / month.

I think it’s right for an ‘average’ month. I get this: 30 (days) x 24 (hours) x 60 minutes = 43,200 minutes in a month. 43,200 / 12 = 3,600

Nothing new here – Leaf is the market leader !

Depends on the market you are looking at. In Europe the Renault Zoe ZE is the market leader, closely followed by Tesla Motors, and in China BYD sells enough cars with a battery to be the #1 in worldwide EV sales.

Great news, love that the new Leaf is continuing the original Leaf’s trend of spurring EV adoption!

I hope the Nissan mobile app receives an update too. The current interface is terrible! I have a 2017 SV and I’m also an early Model 3 reservation holder. The terrible nissan app is enough to make me keep my M3 reservation and not look for a longer range LEAF later this year. Did I say terrible enough?

Went up to the dealer here in the UK to have a quick look at my new leaf as I’m taking delivery in under two days \o/ can’t wait to join all you BEV guys and girls around the globe. Am I excited? Oh yes!


You can’t go wrong with the Nissan Leaf. Nissan has done a great job with updating the style, options & pricing. Tesla is a great option for those that can afford $60k right now. Nissan has gone from 2011-2012 models that went 73 miles, 2013-2015 models 84 miles, 2016-2017 models with 107 miles & 2018 models with 151 miles. They’ve kept the price relatively the same each and every time. Can’t wait to start selling the 2019s that’ll have approx 230 miles. The Leaf was designed as the affordable commuter car. I still wouldn’t drive the leaf across the country (U.S.) but it is possible.

Ok – when I configure my Model 3, it is $43,500 after tax credit. Why does everyone refer to it as a $60k car?

Might be because they expect the incentives to run out before the cheaper model hits the road. After all the current production is focused on making the versions that cost around the $60k before incentives.

Glad to see the new Leaf selling well in Europe. Worldwide gen 1 sold very well and I think the more mainstream styling this one has should only improve things. For the U.S. if they incentivize the lease terms it will do quite well. It is too early for that though they might as well milk out as much profit as they can in initial months here.

It will be interesting to see the deals on 40k ones once the 60k ones hit the ground. I still have hopes (delusions?) that my m3 reservation comes in time with some tax credit left, but I would not rule out leasing one of these at some point if the deal is right. Purchase I would have my concerns with resale in the U.S. and/or longevity but hope in time that improves for gen 2.

Nissan stuck to its guns with their battery timeline. Though frustrating watching the slow climb in battery capacity take its time the sales numbers of the 40kwh car does help the company. For every 2 – 60 kWh cars they would have sold they are selling 3 – 40kwh cars.

Yes they Did. I only wish that they increase the KWh capacity for a longer than promised “Long Range” range . The LEAF is very comfortable and nice handling at higher speeds . A Great highway Car..