Nissan Revives Pulsar – Highly Innovative C Segment Hatchback Screams For A Plug


Like The Nissan LEAF, The Upcoming Nissan Pulsar Is a C Segment Hatchback

Like The Nissan LEAF, The Upcoming Nissan Pulsar Is a C Segment Hatchback

Oh Nissan….why do you continue to tease us with lust-worthy vehicles that scream plug in?

First it was the Nissan Lannia concept.

Now, it’s the Nissan Pulsar.

While the Lannia exist purely as a concept for now, the Pulsar is coming (back to Europe).

The Lannia’s exterior design screams plug in.  For the Pulsar, it’s the name that implies plug in to us.

As Autocar reports:

“Nissan is to reintroduce the Pulsar model name on a new five-door hatchback that will go on sale in the Autumn as a rival for the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.”

“The Japanese manufacturer has issued a teaser image of the new Nissan Pulsar, which will be built at Nissan’s factory in Barcelona, Spain.”

“The Pulsar name first appeared in 1978 and was widely used for models in Asian and Australasian markets over the course of the last four decades.”

But in this day and age, Pulsar ought to mean that the vehicle plugs in.  At least that how we see it.  And since Nissan says Pulsar is “highly innovative,” then a plug should be part of that innovativeness, don’t you think?

Nissan Pulsar Revealed

Nissan Pulsar Revealed

Nissan Pulsar Revealed

Nissan Pulsar Revealed

Source: Autocar

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Nissan Pulsar and Nissan LEAF are very similar

actually, the LEAF is the EV version of the Pulsar hatch, check out the wheelbase and the track.

at a local green show a couple of years ago, the local Nissan had a Pulsar and a LEAF side by side. hint hint

Beautiful design means never gonna happen, if is ugly it has a chance of become reality.

Pulsar – “Lose a bar, use an engine.”


Any highly innovative cars has a plug.
Everything else is old history.
Simple has that!

Wtf is this? No T-tops! No cool tail light treatment. No hot hatch look. And 4 doors?

This ain’t no Pulsar.

Pretty large fuel door on this vehicle. Could it be hiding a L2 and CHAdeMO plug? (wishful thinking)

Wishful thinking indeed, Nissan would locate those plugs in the front as with the Leaf and eNV200

Car has a tailpipe.

Look closely.

Now this looks way better than the leaf, no stupid obnoxiously oversized bulgy headlights, nice flush simple designed headlights and tail lights, this i like and would consider

And Pulsar sounds way better than Leaf

They should lose that antenna though. Thats a thing people may not notice about the Tesla, it has no visible antenna, it has multiple antennas and they are hidden in the side mirrors, dash, and rear.

I have to chime in here and stick up the look of the current Leaf, including the bug-eye headlights.

When I got my Leaf 15 months ago, I was neutral on the looks. I wanted an EV, this one was affordable and had plenty of utility, comfort, etc., so I didn’t much care about the appearance.

But in the last 15 months I’ve really grown to like the look, and I’m sorry to hear that the Leaf 2.0 will have a more “mainstream” appearance. I detest the weird “look at me” designs of many electric cars, but the Leaf looks almost boring compared to many of the non-EVs in a parking lot.

The Leaf is still a weird “look at me” design, just because you’re used to it doesn’t make it less so. 😉

You’ve been looking at too many recent Hyundais, I can tell. They seem deliberately overworked, especially the dorky little Veloster, whose nose looks like it’s designed to shave cheese from the inside walls of tunnels.

Less polarizing appearance, but still not as graceful as I’d hoped.

Still, using the Pulsar as the basis for a redesign would be a HUGE improvement of the over-the-top “futuristic” Leaf Aesthetic that EV currently has.