Nissan Reveals The Unexpected – Guess What? It’s A LEAF


Yesterday, Nissan released a mysterious teaser video featuring a pair of eyes lit up by what appeared to be a set of headlights.

At the time, we speculated that the reveal could be one of these four possibilities, or maybe none at all:

Nissan To Show Off Three All-Electric Cars at Auto China 2018

Nissan Says LEAF SUV Will Be Game Changer For Electric Segment

Nissan LEAF Slide โ€“ 225-Mile Range, $35,000 Price For 60-kWh Version

New Nissan LEAF Expected To Get NISMO Performance Treatment

Turns out, all four of those guesses missed the mark, but we were still right with the none at all.

Are you ready to see what Nissan revealed just moments ago via Twitter and Facebook? Here ya go:

Total let down for us electric car enthusiasts, but on the flip side we’ve learned this is part of a national advertisement campaign that includes TV spots too, so that will surely raise EV awareness.

Maybe, just maybe, something else will be revealed later today? We doubt it, but we’ll stay on the look out.

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Hahahaha suckers. I am sure they enjoy the free press ๐Ÿ™‚

Not buying it. No thanks

Only misinformed buy it anyway.

You only Lease an Electric Car otherwise it owns you.

Yep, anyone who wants to own an EV needs to look at the used lot to avoid getting hosed.

I think, eventually, aftermarket battery packs will make first gen used EV’s a great value. However, it is hard to beat $99 a month EV leases. I expect rapidly rising oil prices will make all EV’s much more desirable.

Those were all money losing bits by the severely compliant types. You aren’t going to see that any more from Nissan or Chevy and never did/will from Tesla. Incidently the Teslas are holding up well on resale. A recent check for used Bolts seems to indicate also they are in hot demand and price is holding. Obviously there are only a few on the market but it is not the precipitous drop we saw in other models. Last year you could get a brand new Nissan leaf for $10,000 in certain situations. That and first generation range don’t lead to very good resale. I suspect version 2.0 (or 1.5 as some people call it) will do considerably better at resale. But sure, go hunt down that Fiat. Good luck with that. Nobody is going to make aftermarket batteries for it. There aren’t enough of them to justify the effort.

Fewer than 20k 1st-generation Honda Insight hybrids were built yet several 3rd-party battery pack builders are providing battery packs for these Insights. So I expect the same to occur with 1st-generation EV’s.

I have replaced several of those Honda Insight battey packs myself. Insight packs contain 120 6.5 amp-hour D size EV grade NiMH cells (about 0.9 KWH). The pack weighs about 34 Kg and can be lifted into the car by one person.

That is certainly a lot different magnitude repair job than a 20 to 60 KWH battery, but I agree that if enough EVs were on the the road, after market battery packs would soon be available. There were something like 17,000 Insights produced, but Dorman feels it worth it to make an aftermarket refurbished battery for them.

I believe until Nissan changes battery heat management technology, they will be saddled with short range and fairly rapid battery deterioration. I had a 1st generation LEAF I bought used for about $16K and sold for about $3.5K four years later. That was a pretty bad hosing, but I am glad I did not buy it new. I had a lot of electrical components on that LEAF fail prematurely and I was glad to see it gone anyway.

We will have to see how well the Chevy Bolt EV holds up on resale. If experience with the Volt holds, the battery deterioration will be moderate and will not hurt the car so much at resale.

EV’s move off the used car lot faster than any other car type.

A used Leaf is starting to look pretty good price wise since they will be offering refurbished battery units at about $3k installed; One hopes they will also offer upgraded cells as part of the program. That would make a lot of sense if they want to ‘save face’ after their low range battery problems.

What ever happened to BEVs are so simple they are practically maintenance free? How would buying a BEV own me? From my perspective, perpetually making car payments to a giant leasing company is the definition of being owned.

No thanks. I like driving payment free.

Amen! I drove my Leaf and Volt for 5 years without car payments. Bought both used so I never even ate the front end depreciation. Winning!!

People that can’t add 1+1 will always say stupid things like that. It has been shown over and over how even when buying you are not really loosing any money, but make money on evs. Last year you could buy a leaf for $12k. There was also a lease on fiat500 for $49/m with 0 down in SoCal. On top fo this all the gas savings. Mine will pay itself out by gas savings alone in about 12 years. ICE can never do that. How the hell are you supposed to lose mone on evs?

Just lease one but pay up front for it. Problem solved ๐Ÿ™‚

Depends on the EV. Tesla hold their value better than ICE vehicles. OTOH, something like a leaf or the i3 lose it faster than ICE vehicles.

I am glad my Leaf was totaled. Bought it brand new with 12 bars and dropped 2 after 2 years. Giving me a total range of 65 which is useless in LA area.

This is clearly targeted at the average person who doesn’t have a clue what an electric car is, not at we who come to Electrek or InsideEVs regularly. So to us it’s like, “no duh,” but I’ve seen the ad on TV (probably the first EV TV ad I’ve ever seen), and I don’t think they even mention that it’s electric. It’s clever, because it gets them excited about the car, gets them in the door, then they find out it’s an EV.

Yep, and that’s what it takes to get EVs into driveways. Also, it helps that Nissan does actually stock the Leaf outside of CARB states, so people can go down to their local dealer and test it out. The only big drawback right now is the relatively high down payment on the lease (nearly $4k) compared to other plugins.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

No Active TMS No Sale!

Maybe post that as your signature

That and we could throw in:
SparkEV: Free charging sucks!!!!
Pu Pu: Fud, no you’re a FUDSTER. You’re all FUDSTERS!!! Anti-Tesla Trolls everywhere!!!!

It’ll be like Wheel of Fortune where eventually everyone just picked RSTLNE so they spotted you those.

Haha, so true!!!!!
The big posters here have taglines.

Free charging does suck if the station is in town and can only charge 2 at a time. They’re crowded.

The 2018 Leaf at my local dealership has a $1500 markup. I thought the NADA said the consumer benefits from competition and price haggling?

It does. Try another dealership, not just the closest one to you. You see, for competition to work, you must have at least two in play. That $1800 mark up will melt away rapidly.

Welcome to the “drive around town for a deal” game called Dealer Wins! Here’s our first contestant, let’s all give a warm welcome to SparkEV. SparkEV, what do you have to say to your nearest dealer? “Free Charging Sucks!” Ha ha, well thank you for that honest answer. Here comes FFE, our next contestant. No stranger to dealerships, say hello to millions of viewers: “Elon is a liar, don’t listen to him.” Well, that’s great to get off your chest, isn’t it? OK, let’s begin. First, let’s go to the new car challenge. Now, the object of the game is to get the best price on a new vehicle. What will you do, SparkEV? Will you (A) spend several days driving in a Bayesian search pattern to find the lowest price, (B) buy used, or (C) arrange for a lease? “Buying is for suckers! I choose C” Very good choice. Now to you, FFE, which makes the most sense, or should I say costs the fewest cents? Ha ha. “If you look at the problem logically, a used EV is always going to be the better deal. Who would buy new?” Excellent choices, both of you! But wait, there’s a… Read more »

Good choice with Tesla and I read just the other day that after 160,000 a Tesla S battery only degraded 10%. That’s incredible.
Lead the way Tesla

Just ask that Dealer Marking a Leaf UP, if he like to hold Inventory, or to Sell Cars?

Ha! This made me laugh with delight, thank you!

Free charging SUCKS!!!

When (if?) I’m no longer with SparkEV, my new handle will be as above.

Spark, your New Handle “Sucks” just as much as your challenge, it seems!

Yeah, you really need some new material.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

I had some but they keep moderating it out…….lol

Driving 2018model for a month and love it. Made already over 2k miles on it!!!! Pro-Piolt WORKS!

Until it doesn’t and you hit a concrete barrier on the freeway.

The Trick for that – is to crank the wheel, pop the E-Brake, and slide into it – Backwards! Even MORE Crumple Zone!

What a buzzkill!
I thought it would at the very least be a cool new feature that we have never seen before!
They basically revealed nothing. Good luck getting people to pay attention the next time you tease a big announcement Nissan!

hang on a second, this isn’t the all-new LEAF at all this is the old LEAF 2.0 they already revealed a while back and is already in production.

We all expect marketing to be misleading, but why take the leap to an outright lie?

What next? Nissan discover fire and try to issue a patent for it?


Makes no sense. But maybe that’s good. Pointless PR campaigns is what we recipient from more mainstream models. Errr. Leaf ascended to main league?

Instead of making sum ridiculous looking leaf, Nissan you should be spending the money on improving the signature cars and trucks a
you already have. The Altima for instance , the power in that thing sux to no end. It’s fine if you want to putter on the highway but on the open interstate people want to feel the power, quick responsiveness, and the soft leather. A quiet car that can move. You made SUV and they have that sorriest power of all. Where’s the Rogue with 265 hp? That other frog looking thing they call an SUV ( juke). What now ? Nissan Sentra would be cool car… If it had sum power. Just saying. Spend dollars making what you have better faster and safer. Not a putt putt.

Pretty sure they’re done with the Juke, at least for the moment in the US market.

I’m no marketer, but I instinctively knew that they weren’t going to announce 225 mile range / 60 kWh battery. Why would they throw a bucket of ice water on 2018 LEAF sales only 3 months after first deliveries of them?

It would only be a downer if they priced them the same. But I’m pretty sure that the 60kWh would cost more, so the sales of the 40kWh really shouldn’t suffer all that much. Especially if Nissan was able to lower the price a bit, perhaps to where the PiP starts (and price the 60kWh from about where the Volt starts).

From Nissan video commercial:
โ€œThis may look like a car but itโ€™s not a car because we donโ€™t just make cars… we make technology that move people.โ€

This may look like a banana but itโ€™s not a banana because we donโ€™t just grow bananas… we make technology that feed people.

At least they going mainstream and trying to sell the leaf compare to GM 1 or 2 volts and bolts campaign but then at the end deals for impalas and Malibu cars๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜’

Whatever EV fans thinks?
Nissan PR have other view for people not familiar with real green car and know how to sell to some.

So, in the end, if this attract just a tiny of the 98.5% outsider of those hanging here all day long, it’s a real good reveal.

For the 1.5% standing still waiting for their ideal car, it’s no big deal, since adding a couple more month to eternity isnโ€™t very palpable.

Yes, Djoni. This ad example is Nissan doing what some EV blog commenters have raged about… any EV should aim to take market share from ICE car models – Djoni’s 98.5% – not (just) from other EV’s. Nissan has a handful of ad execs, who don’t make the ads. The execs pick a world-class ad agency, who is Really into the weeds on targets, trends, comprehensive campaigns. Here’s a look
at ‘analytics’ on this very ad.

Thank you, Djoni and MikeB!

It’s rather surprising, and rather sad, to see so many EV supporters here slamming Nissan for doing what most of us have been loudly clamoring for legacy auto makers to do: Put out ads for their EVs aimed at mainstream buyers!

We should be applauding Nissan for this ad campaign.

Go Nissan!

Me too push, at least they are trying compare to GM . Seem the ads during the NBA playoffs

Uh… What an underwhelming reveal. Why doesn’t GM go ahead and re-reveal the Bolt today, with no changes? Basically the same idea.

“….Introducing the ALL NEW 2018 BOLT ev – NOW with automatic Steering wheel heater Turner – Oner…”

It was mainstream ad for the non-initiated . Seen it during the NBA playoffs

Whatever PR p!ss head thought up of this stunt should deserve a stern lashing from every one of us EV enthusiasts out there.

At least it wasn’t as bad as the Volt dancers. GM will never live that one down.

Uhh my god. You actually reminded me of that…

Nissan has definitely outdone themselves this time. This New “Cry Wolf” Marketing campaign, is “Innovation that Exits”. I sure hope ProPilot is able to hit all of the necessary off ramps when needed.

I’m so Excited, I just can’t Hide it!

This is stupid

Nissan hasn’t resolved it’s battery issues.

Nissan reveals – just don’t click onto them.
If I wanted to see something interesting from them , it would be proper battery management tech