Nissan Reveals “Teatro For Days” Electric Concept Car

OCT 8 2015 BY MARK KANE 33

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan announced a new electric concept car for the upcoming 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

Meet the Teatro for Dayz, an all-electric model focused around new technologies for future generations.

Nissan notes that times change:

“Owning a car was once a kid’s greatest aspiration. Having a driver’s license confirmed adulthood, and driving symbolized freedom to go where you wanted to go, when you wanted to go there, and to do what you wanted to do.

But the generation that went straight from the cradle to the Internet and on to an ever-expanding universe of mobile devices holds different values.”

The younger generation clearly can not survive disconnection from friends during driving, so carmakers wanting to stay in business intend to liken cars to smartphones.

Teatro for Dayz will demonstrate a lot of connectivity and sharing stuff with on-board cameras, LED screens and more.

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Teatro for Dayz: Real mobile technology for connecting and sharing

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today released an overview of its exhibit at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight and open to the public from October 30 through November 8. Among the exhibits will be Teatro for Dayz, an innovative concept that signals a new direction in mobile technology. Designed especially for the digital native generation, this vision of near-future vehicles departs from convention and marks a shift in perception.

What kind of car will it take to excite the digital native generation? And how is Nissan designing such a vehicle today?

Step 1: Toss out preconceived notions regarding vehicles
Step 2: Understand that what moves kids today is not what moved their parents
Step 3: Be open to a new definition of mobility

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Teatro for Dayz is a combination of mobile technologies unlike any previously imagined in a car. Combined with Nissan’s EV technology, this car represents a radical new way of thinking about how vehicles can be used.

Call it a vehicle. Call it a hi-tech device. Call it the lifestyle driver of the future.

Driving = Time disconnected from friends

Owning a car was once a kid’s greatest aspiration. Having a driver’s license confirmed adulthood, and driving symbolized freedom to go where you wanted to go, when you wanted to go there, and to do what you wanted to do.

But the generation that went straight from the cradle to the Internet and on to an ever-expanding universe of mobile devices holds different values.

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

According to Nissan’s Product Planning General Manager Hidemi Sasaki, “The generation now getting their first driver’s licenses has always been connected through digital devices, email, social media and so forth. What moves these digital natives is capturing experiences in photos and videos and sharing them. Friends respond with `likes’ and share the experience further. What’s important is not whether something is experienced personally or virtually. What matters is the process of sharing.”

Sasaki calls this generation “share natives.” For share natives, excitement comes not from ownership of material objects, but from using things to connect with friends and share enjoyment.

For share natives, cars exist outside the orbit of connected life. Many of them describe driving as stressful because they can only share their current experience with the other people in the car. Sasaki says: “What share natives want from cars is not the joy of driving or their own private space, but a better way to connect with friends and share experiences.”

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

The car for share natives

Through repeated sampling of next-generation customers, Nissan began to form a symbolic picture of share natives.

Friends dressing in costumes and going out together…Taking pictures of the experience and sharing them…Playing games, connected to countless friends in a virtual world no matter where you are…Changing smartphone wallpaper on a whim…Online parties where the faces of social media friends appear.

Sasaki says that Nissan has identified some common car interests among share natives. “First, they tend to look beyond the car’s basic role of transportation. They want a car to be a versatile tool for creativity like a smartphone. This is different from customizing a car. It is more like the ability to modify a car to meet their mood at that moment. Share natives will use cars in ways we would never imagine. So we thought from the perspective of designing a car that would serve as a canvas for their inspiration.”

Nissan’s research indicated that minicars will be the vehicle of choice for share natives. “In addition to being compact, minicars remind them of the handy mobile devices they carry in their pockets,” says Sasaki. EV technology is a must for this generation. “Share natives are already accustomed to recharging their devices at home, so EVs fit their lifestyles far better than cars that require regular visits to a gas station.” With a driving range ample for short commutes, Teatro for Dayz can serve as a giant mobile battery, which can be used anywhere to recharge mobile devices.

Bringing together observations of share natives’ interests and lifestyles with Nissan’s technological strengths in EV technology and insights into how the future of car technology will unfold led to the development of the first car for the next generation of drivers: Teatro for Dayz.

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Teatro for Dayz —Inspiring share natives

From concept to interior and exterior design, Teatro for Dayz is simple: a clean canvas. When the car is in drive mode, meters, controls and maps appear on a pure white instrument panel. When parked, Teatro for Dayz transforms into an entirely new device. The entire interior, starting with the instrument panel, becomes a live display for a generation wired for connectivity.

Teatro derives from the Italian word for theater. It is easy to picture share natives making Teatro for Dayz the center of an impromptu outdoor festival, or embarking on serious new-generation gaming fun complete with top-quality sound.

Share natives could change Teatro for Dayz’s interior design, matching the look to the season, the weather, or simply the vibe of the day. Some might choose to share a dreamy scene with close friends far away. Others might decorate for an online party and share the moment with friends.

Teatro for Dayz’s plain exterior, too, serves as a canvas for ideas. It’s outfitted with LED screens that enable further self-expression. Any experience in or around the car can be shared instantly via an onboard camera. All the while, the EV battery keeps smartphones and other devices juiced up.

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

No-restrictions interface

Teatro for Dayz’s user interface is based on freedom. When the car is not in drive mode, all the driver sees is a steering wheel, an accelerator and brake pedals. As information illuminates on the white instrument panel, the driver can freely adjust the size and position of the meters, gauges and car navigation information on the instrument screen. Unnecessary information can be hidden.

The solid white interior suggests infinite possibilities for display. As technology evolves and share natives contribute ideas through feedback, the variety of ways the interior could serve as a digital native theater will expand.

Teatro for Dayz will start a new conversation about the function of vehicles. We invite you to experience it at Tokyo Motor Show 2015.”

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

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Why Nissan? Your EVs don’t have to look strange! Build nice looking EVs and the people will buy them in even greater numbers. And if your designers don’t know what nice looking is. Asking yourself: “Would I pay money, to own something like that?” Should be the mantra.

I wish Nissan would add a back seat to the 370Z, get rid of the engine, and put a 50kWh battery in there. Zoom!

They don’t really want EV cars to dominate their gasoline cars. They make more money with ICE cars because they have to be service regularly. Were as EV cars don’t need regular maintenance. That is the real reason why. EV cars will probably be easy for Mom & Pop EV shops to fix and restore used EV cars in the future. That will be a lot of business lost from dealerships.

“Owning a car was once a kid’s greatest aspiration… For share natives, cars exist outside the orbit of connected life. Many of them describe driving as stressful”

Calling lensma… err, Pushmi-Pullyu. A new generation is not wedded to autoholism, sprawl, and cages. Nor is it economic constraints. Ford and now Nissan are actively responding to their preferences, and trying to stay relevant in the 21st Century.

Gone is another area of relative privacy. I hope, they develop low spec models of EV’s without constant connectivity. I want to decide, what upgrade I want in my car and when it should be connected.
I don’t need Big Brother watching me or somebody hacking into my ride.

Or knowing how fast I drive in the snow… I loathe the generation below mine, and they’re not all that much younger; less than ten years in some cases. Is that bad?

Overall, this smacks of former GM brass trying to rationalize keeping Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, etc. instead of ditching them like the times indicated. Except Nissan seems to be putting more effort into the elaboration.

If Nissan were really serious, they’d ask what makes a better carshare platform (possibly a smaller car) or something for, say, UberPool- maybe a larger car, maybe not a car at all:

“If Nissan were really serious, they’d ask what makes a better carshare platform (possibly a smaller car). . .”

You mean something like the Toyota i-ROAD EV?

Holy Distractions, Batman! I sure hope automated driving arrives long before anything like this does. Forget privacy concerns – this car would turn our roads into an absolute bloodbath!

This just in! 98% of Teatro drivers end up in distraction-related crashes!

And I can’t believe nobody has commented on the name yet… Teatro for Dayz? Just… WTF? Is that a bad translation of something?

Two things:

First, everyone calm down. There’s approximately zero chance Nissan or any other car company will produce anything with the interior “features” shown above anytime soon, at least not without very competent autonomous driving capability. This is more a design exercise than is the average concept car.

Second, As for the overall shape, I still contend that Nissan missed an opportunity by not making an EV version of the Cube. (The Cube was used as a test mule for the EV power train, just to rub salt in it.) The funkiness/eco cred would appeal to some, while the high seating position would be a boon to older EV drivers (i.e. those with knee issues). This was supposedly one of the surprises for Honda and the Element — they positioned it for 20-somethings, and a large portion of their sales went to 60-somethings.

No, not the Cube! If there is a single car in Nissan’s lineup that is uglier than the Leaf, it is the Cube!

Besides, the Leaf is plenty “upright”. Far too much so for me. That’s one of the things I dislike about the Leaf – how tall it is.

The saving grace of the height is loading kids in carseats. It sure saved stress on my back compared to my old Honda Insight. Other than that, I would much rather have the Insight for its low, dynamic stance.

That’s what I said until I test drove the then newly released in the USA ’09 model. I stopped laughing when I realized what a wonderfully useful design it was as a city car (highway it was ah ‘ight). Instead of the Rogue that I came into purchase, I left in the Cube.

I’ve always thought it was a natural candidate for electrifying; especially since they introduced e4WD via an electric motor to the rear wheels over 10 years ago.

I agree with you and Lou; alas, instead of electrifying the Cube, they are discontinuing it.
To me, the Cube has a funky oddness about it, while the Leaf is just odd and ugly.

I think the cube has an interesting look, but when it comes to aerodynamics it must be terrible. Until batteries drop in price, good aerodynamics are critical in improving EV range at highway speeds.

Ive seen even stranger cube car, also for teen gangs.

Chill out. It wont go outsidera Japan 😉

This looks so lame I didn’t bother reading. Nissan has the coolest SUV to turn into electric(Xterra) but I heard they are killing it next year. Why do they insist on self neutering themselves. Just look at the Pathfinder. Turned an iconic brand vehicle into a station wagon. Throw a battery skateboard and dual motors into a maxima and offer an electric option. There is so much cool stuff they COULD be doing.

Nissan is actually making an interesting and valid point. Things are certainly changing in what new drivers are looking for (or what is deemed important) in a ‘car’ today. They are spot on regarding the importance of car ownership, obtaining a license, and driving just NOT meaning what it USED to mean….even here in the U.S. How would I know? My daughter, and most of her classmates could care less about driving. They are intimidated by driving in the very traffic we’ve been swearing in for years (while they remain glued to phones and friends to drown us out). 🙂 Yes, this car looks more than a little ‘odd’ to us but I can see it’s appeal to a younger generation. All screen activity other than gauges or GPS turns off when not in ‘park’ so the distraction factor while driving is minimized. However, they now have the option to pull over when feeling ‘stressed’ and reconnect with friends, play a game, or upload a video. Too be sure, this is NOT how most of drive (or would be caught dead driving in), however… times ARE changing and this concept by Nissan speaks to that reality (for better or worse).… Read more »


Meh. It’s all relative. The Nissan Teatro concept is quite the looker compared to the Toyota FCV Plus hydrogen fuel cell concept. Both will debut at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

What kind of a name is that? Teatro for Dayz?

Probably what autonomous cars will be like, no steering wheel or controls, lots of screen surfaces.

That just looks too boxy for an electric car. Upright may be worth the loss of aerodynamics, like the Bolt, but the corners of this car are only good for rare pieces or cargo. Batteries are nowhere near good enough for this to be appealing.

They managed to make the Cube even uglier. A feat I didn’t think was possible. Bravo!

I have to say I kind of like it. Then again we like the “chopped top” look of our ’08 xB (in limited edition trim). To each his own.


Seriously, Nissan, WTF?

Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics!

Sorry, is it April 1st already or is this s*** serious? Am I missing something here?

Kids are sodding dangerous enough when they first get their license. Giving them more distractions? GREAT. Let’s just encourage them to chat on Messenger at the wheel, shall we?

Oh, and the concept is terrible. It looks blocky as hell, quirky and ugly as hell, and it looks like a clown car with toy interior. I know it’s a concept, but Japanese are pretty damn renowned for making stupid crap and then acting surprised when it fails outside of Japan.

I guess I’m in the minority. As a concept car, I like it. I like the fact Nissan is trying to stretch their imagination.
I probably wouldn’t buy this, but it’s interesting.
If they want to capture Millennials, all they have to do is create an EV with 100% autonomous driving at a very low price. However, that’s probably true for most of us.

Most of us? Im pretty sure most of us want to drive the car ourselves. That’s the best part! If you don’t enjoy driving your car, you are doing it wrong. Or you are driving the wrong car. While my Leaf isn’t as fun to drive as my Corvette or my 23 T-Bucket, its still better than a minivan. If you don’t want to drive, take a cab or a bus. If there ever is a day where all cars are autonomous, i guess ill go back to riding a motorcycle every day to work. Driving shouldn’t be a chore, its a leisure activity. I dont inderstand these kids not wanting to get their licenses the minute they turn 17. I was there waiting for the dmv to open on my birthday. But then again, our parents didnt drive us everywhere like parents do today. Our parents were busy working or relaxing after work. I never got driven to school. Took the bus all 13 years. If you missed the bus, you stayed home all day while your parents were at work, there was nobody to drive you to school. You can see why it was so important to get… Read more »

Of all the automotive design studios, Nissan’s seems to have the best handle on “Fugly”.

A couple of things here:

Dayz is a kei cat – the smallest class and engine size available in Japan. Cube is a compact, which has both a larger engine and a larger body. Kei cars are super popular in Japan. Dayz is no exception.

I work in the auto industry, and the #1 (or 2) concern is on how to get the millenniums to buy vehicles of today’s standard. Many of you seema not to underatand a few thinga: vehicles are super expensive to own because of insurance and parking, super stressful to operate due to today’s traffic congestions, and it represents a disconnect to the rest of the world while driving. That’s why more millenniums are living downtown, taking transportation, and latch onto their moblile devices as long as they feel like it.