Nissan Recalls 47,538 LEAFs Over Brake Issue


There has been an ongoing investigation into the Nissan LEAF’s braking performance in extremely cold temperatures.

More than one year ago, Canadian regulators began to look into the problem. Just four months ago, Nissan acknowledged the issue and stated that it was working on a fix.

Well, now there’s a full-blown recall involving 47,538 LEAFs sold in the U.S. (46,859) and Canada.

Nissan states:

“Nissan North America, Inc. (Nissan) is recalling certain model year 2013-2015 LEAF vehicles manufactured November 19, 2012, to July 31, 2015. During very cold temperatures, the relay inside the electronic brake booster may freeze, requiring the driver to exert more effort to slow the vehicle down.”

Nissan LEAF Brake Recall

Nissan LEAF Brake Recall

Nissan says that no injuries or accidents have been reported due to the issue.

Dealers will reprogram the software that controls braking on the affected cars free of charge.

The LEAFs involved in the recall were manufactured between Nov. 19, 2012 and July 31, 2015.

Nissan LEAF Recall Notice

Nissan LEAF Recall Notice

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26 Comments on "Nissan Recalls 47,538 LEAFs Over Brake Issue"

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Another car recall, due to software issue…

IMO, car makers would save money in long term, if they implemented OTA updates.

Ironically, a software update for the brake module was released, but didn’t help much.

Nissan really sucks at software.

Brake boosters are hardware….not software…..

I like to see booster update….Ota….loooool

“Dealers will reprogram the software that controls braking on the affected cars free of charge.”

Looks like software fix to me….

It is just a software fix, and the notification I received is that it was a voluntary recall.

Also, thanks to the dealership rules (i.e., a manufacturer must use dealerships to provide service), OTA updates are a no-go. Tesla, who doesn’t have dealerships, can still do OTA updates. This just goes to show how out-of-date the laws are.


I have been complaining about the brakes for so long, to the point I’m contemplating getting rid of the car.

Nissan always said nothing was wrong with the vehicle. While there might not be any official accidents, there have been plenty of close calls. I even discourage my wife from driving the vehicle because of all these brake issues.

I really hope they fix all the brake issues with this recall.

I bet they have a similar hope.

47.000 Leaf recalls, thats more than most other sold worldwide (except Tesla).

Yeah.. interesting how a S update would fix that.

How does a software change fix a sticky relay?

you would think they would need to change the relay or something.

I’m curious, too. One way would be to send current while parked to heat it before driving, but I don’t know how else they would fix it, and whether that’s reliable. Maybe I’m getting too old, but software fix for hardware problems seem like “hacks”.

I am curious too.

If the problem is due to low temperature or freezing, how does SW fix it? Does it heat up some part of the brake system to keep it from freezing during start up?

Ours was done months age.

As was mine.

Nothing to see here. A recall means that the manufacturer has owned up to the problem and is correcting it. When there isn’t a recall, that’s a problem. Some of us remember exploding Pintos and Ford’s slow response.

Ours too. Got the notice about 8 weeks ago. They did the fix when I took it in for tire rotation. No big deal. But admittedly not a big issue for us as we live in central California.

Seems insufficient. Btw extremely cold is not a temperature.

So only USA and Canadian LEAFs? European LEAF’s produced in Sunderland/UK are not affected? After all, it can get pretty cold here in Europe as well.

This has been reported some time ago, but the fix was awaited.
Still the brake blending in my 2012 is unstable when press mildly to gain the best regeneration .
It’s not a safety issue, so they won’t fix it, but it’s annoying because it yo-yo the braking force in wave a lot and it should also be fix.

Myself and other Leaf-drivers have experienced similar, but I believe it is the system for controling braking and regen that is getting confused about the reading of the brake pedal. Pushing the brake all the way down seems to reset and clear the problem. You can do this when the car is standing still.

My wife was in a minor accident caused by the brakes, but they never admitted wrongdoing and made us sign a waver in exchange for covering the repairs. The weather was not a problem

I have never noticed any yo-yo or surge effect in application of brake force in my 2013. I suggest B mode in Eco mode as the preferred way to maximize regen, because the longer accelerator pedal travel of Eco mode makes it easier to feather the amount of regen. Plus the braking effect is faster than relying on my foot to move from accel to brake, so it enhances safety as well as efficiency.

Remember, when you are at the dealer, DON’T allow them to install the P3227 update, it reduces regen when cold!

Any idea what the latest update # is? Has it been out some time now? I had a brake s/w update installed in Feb.

OK, the way I read this is that they are NOT fixing the problem, only turning on a trouble light to tell you there is a problem. What am I missing here?

The update fixes the problem. The light comes-on if there is an issue regardless of a update or not.