Nissan Puts e-NV200 Compact Van Into Production For 2013

MAY 23 2012 BY JAY COLE 8

Nissan announced today that they will be putting an all electric, compact van into production in its Barcelona plant for 2013.

“…the e-NV200 will become (the company’s) second all-electric vehicle (EV) following the launch of the multi-award winning Nissan LEAF in 2010, underlining Nissan’s long-term commitment to zero emission mobility.”

An EV With Cargo Space

At its core, the e-NV200 is a LEAF, using the same laminated 24 kWh lithium-ion battery, and 80kW (207  pound-feet of torque) electric motor, which, according to Nissan, will yield almost the exact same range (100ish miles/72 EPA), despite its much less aerodynamic profile.

The design of the vehicle is clearly unique to itself, but also lends itself to Nissan’s zero emission family, sporting a very familiar front fascia to that of the LEAF.

Nissan envisions the vehicle to have both public and  commercial value, especially in metro/city centers.

The new Barcelona plant will bring on 700 new hires to produce the e-NV200, and will be supplied with batteries from Nissan’s new Sunderland battery facility.

Andy Palmer, Nissan Executive Vice President, said:

“The (e-NV200) will offer all the spaciousness, versatility and practicality of a traditionally powered compact van, but with zero CO2 emission at the point of use and provides outstanding driving experience that is unique to EV’s.  Crucially, it will also offer class-leading running and maintenance costs which makes it an exceptionally attractive proposition to both businesses and families.”

And yes, it will be available in North America.  No word on pricing as of press time.

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e-NV200 Interior


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Would not care to drive this myself or with my family, but my work has several small delivery trucks and vans, so this is a really good idea for them

6.6kW charging please.

I probably should have included this in the story, but the e-NV200 (can’t we think of a shorter/easier name for this?) will have a 6.6 kW on board charger.

Makes sense when 2013 LEAF on which I assume it is based, has 6.6kW on board charger. Any idea on production size, see Nissan quote 100k units to date, wonder how many they are shooting for, to be electric in 2013? Any more info on how the Sunderland battery plant is coming along, or Smyrna for that matter?

Sunderland went live at the end of February, but in a very limited capacity. Smyrna is not yet producing cells for production AFAIK, but is scheduled for ‘near-term’, which I believe (after listening to way too many Nissan press conferences) is code for “after the summer shutdown” in a few weeks.

WAG moment: I doubt they will be shipping any US produced cells to Zama, Japan to ease constraint, but rather just stock-pile their early runs (and use them for PPD cars in TN), so the ‘when’ of production in the USA is really not the big deal that Sunderland is.

As for production on the e-NV200, all Nissan has said on record is that they are building it to accomodate “mass production”, whatever that means. I wouldn’t be too enamoured with the 100K produced already, the line is not high volume in Spain (relatively speaking), and that number represents almost 3 years worth of production (1st year being Japan only), and includes units produced in Japan, Mexico and in a partnership with Dongfeng Motors in China.

I would think the most they could build would be 5,000-10,000 a year without a significant build-out/retrofit.

Still another 5-10k units is not bad alongside current BEV production numbers. 10K would be a nice addition at this stage of the game.

With dealer inventory numbers for LEAF up 50% on a month ago to ~1400, curious where the volume has come from bearing in mind the new plants aren’t producing and there has been a shortage todate, any insight? Take it Nissan planned for all, or at least lots more, dealers to get supply in preparation for Smyrna starting up, so they have some demand to fill once it comes on line.

Any thoughts on what Nissan are going to do with the saving they get from manufacturing locally, pass part on in price reduction, or pocket the savings in profit/smaller loss?


Thanks Jay. BTW did you get that email I sent yesterday?

I’m wicked bad at checking the site’s mail this week. Been doing a lot of ‘remote’ work. I’ll have a looksie when I’m not trying to use a 3″ screen.