UPDATE: Nissan Postpones Launch Of 60-kWh LEAF e-Plus

DEC 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 165

Due to the issues surrounding Carlos Ghosn, Nissan will delay the launch.

The higher-performance, longer-range LEAF was expected soon, but Nissan now says it will delay the launch until this Ghosn issue is cleared up.

***UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nissan had planned to debut the 60-kWh LEAF at the LA Auto Show too, but that reveal was canceled.

According to the latest news, the longer-range Nissan LEAF (with a 60 kWh battery), which was expected to be launched a year after the introduction of the base second-generation LEAF with 40 kWh battery, is postponed.

The reasons behind the postponement are the allegations and arrest of Carlos Ghosn, who led Nissan (for years as CEO and most recently as Chairman of the Board). Ghosn is seen as the father of Nissan LEAF, which was introduced in 2010. This postponement could be an in-your-face move to shun Ghosn one last time.

“While the automakers have stressed that operations and business are proceeding as normal, Nissan has postponed the launch of its high-performance Leaf electric car “to ensure that this important product unveiling could receive the coverage it merits”, a Nissan spokesman said.”

“Nissan called off the launch of a high-performance Leaf electric car, cancelling Nov. 28 events in Yokohama and Amsterdam.”

It’s totally understandable that for Nissan the situation right now is not comfortable to launch a new LEAF version, but we sure hope this postponement doesn’t last long.

The highly anticipated 60-kWh LEAF would surely revive electric car sales for the brand here in the U.S. where it’s struggle of late due to increasingly stiff competition.

Source: Reuters

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No it’s not understandable.
Once the launch is ready, it’s more expensive to cancel than to proceed.
This is the real reason Ghosn is out, the Oil MAFIA got to him.

Shareholders should be outraged.
Even Japanese shareholders.

As I understand is the background of Ghosn’s ousting is a power struggle between Renault and Nissan, nothing to do with the oil industry as the carindustry is no doubt fully aware at this point that it can no longer afford to pander to oil interests.

Ghosn is making Honda and Toyota look incompetent.
And Yes, Renault was looking for a takeover opportunity against Nissan.

But, slowing this release hurts Nissan sales, and profits.
Why would they do that, except that Ghosn’s ramp up was faster than Toyota’s and Honda’s. And this size battery is a tipping point. It would be very embarrassing for Nissan to take more marketshare in Japan and world wide, while being run by a French CEO. And Toyota’s and Honda’s slow roll out of EV’s is a response to the oil mafia.

I think Toyota’s and Honda’s HFCV enthusiasm had its root in off shore methane hydrate finds that would make Japan more energy independent though with sizable risks for the environment. So yes, FF industry lobby if not specifically the oil industry.

I see reports of a couple of tests by the Japanese to see if they can extract methane hydrate, but nothing at all to suggest a move toward commercial operations.

I certainly hope nobody starts commercial mining of methane hydrate. The last thing we need is a new source of fuel to burn, pumping even more CO2 into the air!

Renault saved from bankrupt to Nissan 20 years ago and due of this, owns 43,4% of voting stocks in Nissan, while Nissan has 15% of non voting stoks in Renault. So the reality is that even if Nissan is bigger and stronger, Renault (almost) owns Nissan. And this situation doesn’t look gonna change. And the Alliance is very profitable for Nissan, so I think is not in danger and in a few months all will return to normality.

Uh, Renault _already_ took control of Nissan… That’s why Ghosn became Nissan’s CEO & Chairman in the first place. Maybe this affair is Nissan trying to detach itself, IDK, but this postponement makes Nissan’s commitment ot the Leaf (and EVs in general) questionable.

Who’s gonna vote for that important decission in Nissan?. If renault has 43,4% of votes, Daimler and lot of banks are next main owners with poor percentages, is very difficult to collect the required ammount of votes. Probably hundred of shareholders will be required. And Renault will not sell its stocks. Obviously.

The 2018 Leaf has sold 75,000 in the first 10 months of the year. So it’s doing well. When they add the E-Plus next year, they will likely sell even more.

…you mean IF they add the E-Plus next year (not when) !

More likely Nissan is only delaying the big splash official release, not the production schedule of the car itself. They just don’t want Ghosn’s troubles to be associated with the new car….

Nissan executives resented Ghosn for his aloofness and detached disinterest in the crisis at Nissan from its ongoing inspection scandal in Japan (now in its second year), where it is considered a very big deal. While Nissan execs were in crisis mode at their headquarters in Japan, scrambling to “address the latest outbreak of botched inspections, Ghosn blithely continued his family vacation on an island in western Japan.”

Ghosn refused to take any responsibility for the scandal largely attributed to cutting corners to meet cost reductions that he mandated. “In a country where rules are meant to be followed, the corner-cutting is an affront to Japan’s self-styled reputation as the world’s maestro of quality manufacturing.”

When it came time to bow and apologize to the public and press for Nissan’s transgressions, Ghosn washed his hands of the scandal and passed the buck, making newly appointed Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa, and Yasuhiro Yamauchi, the automaker’s chief competitive officer, bow and apologize at a news conference in late 2017.


Yeah, like the Fukishima nuclear plants, that was some quality engineering there.
So good in fact they’ll probably be paying for it for the next 500 years or so.
As regards to your general comment, I agree there was a lot of antipathy towards Ghosn.

Fukushima was an American designed reactor (GE). But it was the placement of backup diesel generators below flood level, not maintenance, that caused the problem.

Cool story bro.

He’s not the CEO of Nissan and wasn’t at that time. That’s the CEOs problem and job, not Carlos problem at all. Way to put a slant on the story. 👎🏼

Personally, I’m appalled that in this day and age Ghosn would let Nissan sell death traps in third world markets that get zero stars on crash tests. One pickup that Nissan sells in Africa, the Nissan NP300 Hardbody, crumpled like a cheap suit in a NCAP frontal crash test at 40 mph, “exposing a dummy in the driver’s position to significant risk of fatal injury.” They should rename it the Nissan Accordion.


I realize that to achieve a certain price point, automakers have to sell last generation car designs in developing markets that may leave out some of the latest safety features found on current generation vehicles sold in developed countries. But there is no excuse for a design where the passenger safety cell collapses and the steering wheel column doesn’t collapse, instead moving straight into the driver’s chest.


Well the Africans are free not to buy it or build their own 5 star Auto company…

I don’t blame Nissan for abiding by the Africans country’s non existent crash test standards since since selling one with 10 plus air bags and all the sensors to match is much more expensive… Which means they would most likely buy a cheaper competitors car with out them even if Nissan offerd it…

Unless you think your name and reputation have value I’d have to agree with you.

Consumers won’t even know who Ghosn is or care , as long as they can have their 200+ mile EV. There must be something else happening that’s stalled the launch.

You sound paranoid. They currently don’t have a chairman and are likely in crisis mode at the moment.

I don’t think there’s any paranoia in wondering Nissan’s intent, after they throw the “EV guy” in jail. Saikawa sounds like a company-guy, not an industry leader. It won’t surprise if he takes to mimicking Honda and Toyota.

All legacy makers are in crisis mode, or didn’t you get the memo.

Which automaker ‘nearly died’ last quarter according to its ousted chairman?

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

It sounds hysterical. Nobody is canceling anything, just postponing reveal/launch event.

Production schedules normally are not significantly affected by publicity events.

Unless they STILL do not have a functional 60 kWh version, which most people thought was going to be launched along with the 40 kWh battery (didn’t happen in Sep 2017), or perhaps in early 2018 (didn’t happen either).

As a EV insider working at Nissan who attended the ALL employee meeting in Chicago at the end of June this year, the official word from product planning was the 60 kHw version would have been launched in March ’19 with a range of 228 miles. The new LEAF “2019.5” will also include I believe a 15-20 Kw onboard charger that will give a full charge in about 15 mins. Pricing on this is going to be about $5K- $6k more in costs but that was not official…Nissan will then be launching a new EV CUV “Rogue Sport” that looks like a Lexus NX. with 320 miles of range. Anything else you need to know let me know. At this rate they will fall farther behind the industry thus showing the distain within the Nissan ranks Can you say Coup d’état….Nissan CEO Hirota Saikawa appointed himself as chairman as so he could gain control after Mr. Ghosn, as they say in the offices here at Nissan. This is a set up by Saikawa and the Nissan EM for the following reasons 1. Saikawa is losing market share and profit in the USA market and can take the focus off this… Read more »

There’s no way a 20Kw charger could recharge the car in 15 minutes.

60kWh divided by 20kW equals 3 hours.
Let’s try again!

The 15 – 20kW charger is the home charger.

Modern CCS chargers can give 350kW. The 60 kWh Leaf needs a 240 kW CCS charging capability for the 15 minute quick-charge.

The 240kW hard to believe because the Kona has a maximum of 100 kW.

Try studying arithmetic

Tin hat

Foiled once again!

What a load of crap nissan is killing the Leaf because Ghosn is out FU NISSAN

Yes the oil mafia gets a win. FU NISSAN

Most of the public doesn’t really know Ghosn’s relationship to the Leaf. Doesn’t really make sense to postpone the release based on his arrest, unless it’s an excuse for NIssan to fumble the Leaf, yet again.

Just get serious, would you want publicity event when everybody is talking not about your brand new product on the stage, but about your boss in jail?

IF it will be available soon, YES.

Who gives a crap about Ghosn I want a 200 mile EV for $35k

If all you want is a “200 mile EV for $35k” then just go get a Bolt.

Get it before GM in their infinite wisdom discontinues that one also.

Yes because the buzz would be all about the car. Now theres nothing else to talk about than the boss in jail.
Something stinks.

I wonder if their stated reason for delaying the next iteration of the Leaf is a cover for the actual reason; a product improvement that needs to take place for instance.

I don’t know what Japanese business culture is like, but in the US it’s common to blame all problems on the ex-employees.

Exactly. One possibilty, now its been eclipsed by Hyundai and Kia they need to work on eking out a few more miles of range.s

When you pay millions to have hundreds of journalists at your event to write about your great new product, you don’t want those journalists asking questions about your palace coup and writing stories about the fallen emperor.

They promised a swinging party well into the little hours.

You mean like the last Nissan Leaf launch event where they presented a pig with some lipstick (and didn’t admit to the lie until months later)?? Can you say rapidgate????
In Japan it’s called “SAVING FACE”, but here in the West we just call it “FRAUD”
To borrow Nissan’s favourite slogan: …..SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!

That’s exactly what I was afraid of. Ghosn was R-N’s public face for EVs (as well as other matters, but certainly for EVs).
I hope it’s really only tactical, rather than perhaps suggest that post-Ghosn they’re evaluating and eventually scaling back their entire EV commitment.

~Unfortunately, given the fact that this is a cancellation with just two days’ notice (all attendees would have already have travel plans, some already on site), it looks really bad. This launch has been delayed at least twice (official Nissan statement said “mid 2018”, then “Sept. 2018”, then a formal date was given for this week), and the Leaf is now losing first-mover advantage exactly at the point where there are several 60kWh mid-priced cars on the market already.

Why would they scale back their EV commitment? The Leaf is selling well this year (75,000 in the first 10 months of the year). The Leaf is also being sold at a profitable (high) price. So Nissan will clearly continue to commit to it.

They would scale it back because not everyone in the top echelons wants Evs or wants an EV that will upstage their ICE cars and now Ghosn is gone, they can try to alter the strategy
Either that or its actually not that great, lets say its not got the range of the KoOna/Niro/Soul trio and they want to launch with changes to upstage that.

Glad I bought a used Tesla model S instead of waiting for the 60 kwh Leaf. Nissan fumbles (again).

Product launch might get pushed back a week. I wouldn’t call it a fumble.

A stumble then, as this comes after they said it would be initially released in the Fall.

It’s freaking game over for me my 2016 leaf sv lease ends January 2019 and I was considering a 60 kwh leaf to transition into but now I’m stuck with uncertainty.


I’m in the same boat except March 20th of 19 is my end date.

And getting a lease extension was like pulling someone’s rear teeth.

At this point I have more loyalty to Carlos then Nissan unfortunately he doesn’t have a car.

Nissan dealership is pushing gas guzzlers hard, I might buy my leaf if 200 mile leaf is axed. And then get $35k model 3 if it ever happens lol

It will happen.

Although you might want a black 40k car with premium pack lol.

Model 3 that is…

The press events are cancelled, production is likely progressing as planned.

Try to get Nissan to extend your lease for a year. It worked for me a couple of years ago. You just have to indicate you’re looking to get a new Leaf. No formal sign-up needed.

Nope they will not extend it 1 year.
I had to fight super hard just to get 6 months. And now I am done.

Model 3 here I come.

There totally different cars. Why would anyone go shopping for one car then by another at three times the price and three times the size?

I am buying a short range TM3 and it will be 40k with black paint and w the Premium package.

Hardly three times the price and hardly three times the size so maybe get real.

Japanese never heard the phases the show must go on

Is this actually a postponement of production or deliveries or anything material, or just a postponement of having a PR event?

That’s just it — noone knows, but it’s possible that without Ghosn’s commitment to EVs, Nissan’s new management might back out of the whole EV enterprise.

Nissan might slow down a bit, but their complete strategic planning for the next decade is based on electric driving. They started production of the Sylphy in China last month.
It is too late to slow down production of the Leaf-60kWh.
Cancelling the upcoming SUV-EV models would cost billions.
Their new platform for next generation vehicles is based on a battery electric drivetrain.

My guess is that the point of no return has passed for Nissan.

It would make no sense for the deliveries to get postponed over this.

Deliveries have not been postponed over this. The launch, the reveal to the media, of the larger battery Leaf has been delayed, not the on sale date.

Yup. You won’t see the new car in the 2019 model year, just a mildly tarted up version. The actively cooled big battery will not be seen until next year. The Bolt and Kona should be pretty well established by then.

Bolt is established, Kona will be sold in low volume and only in Calif. to start.

“Is this actually a postponement of production… or just a postponement of having a PR event?”

That’s the $64,000 question. Or, given the very high levels of capital needed for automobile mass production, more like the $6.4 billion dollar question.

Very puzzling, clearly Nissan needs this car to remain a credible player in the increasingly important EV market. Nissan already squandered the lead it once had in the EV market, I really don’t see what good any further postponement would do.

It would be a huge self-inflicted mistake for Nissan to delay the 200+ mile Leaf by a substantial amount of time, since it would further cede that segment to GM with the Bolt, and now Hyundai with the Kona and Kia with the Niro. Doing so would just drawn more attention to the turmoil of Ghosn. Launching on time would show that the Leaf has a bright future even without Ghosn.

More importantly, French CEO Trounces Toyota and Honda.
Or, ignores oil control of Japanese Government and secret industry agreement to slow walk EV’s.

And as for global oil collusion, look at how the global auto industry has designed their first EV’s: Poor suspensions, poor interiors, high prices, and bad looks, from all manufacturers except Tesla. ( Ok, the Volt is a great looking car too, but, then there’s the Bolt. )

Have legacy auto makers gone out of their way to ensure their initial efforts to make EVs won’t offer significant competition to their own gasmobile models? Yes.

Is there evidence of collusion with Big Oil? No.

We don’t need any conspiracy theories involving Big Oil to explain why legacy auto makers are dragging their heels about moving towards making and selling compelling EVs in large numbers. That trend was perfectly predictable, and is a symptom of The Innovator’s Dilemma.


Kia and Hyundai can only ship in miniscule numbers so this is not really an issue yet. Maybe in 2020.

Tesla Mod3 SR however may ship in bigger numbers mid next year.

If the ePlus was available in Nov, I might order it instead of waiting for the M3 SR further.

Not quite miniscule. There are indications they’re attempting to increase production to at least 30K unit per BEV model (Kona, Niro, Ioniq, Soul), and none of them will have range of <150mi. That's ~120K and possibly 150K units this coming year, which was the maximum Nissan hoped for this year (they're nowhere close, will do about half).

Looks like the Kona EV might be available nationwide in decent numbers. Hopefully Hyundai learned their lesson with the mythical Ionic EV.😄

Exactly. If anything I think Nissan could use some positive news right now like a Leaf that’s actually competitive again.

As the allegations against Ghosn, CEO underreporting income, have got nothing to do with Nissan’s launch of a new battery OPTION for a single car line. Especially since Mr. Ghosn didn’t work on the assembly line, or in the finance department, or as negotiator for the battery contract, which you’d assume has already been signed, with the assembly line ready to accept delivery.

This is a Horrendous Blunder of Nissan current Management.
And you wonder why they needed a French CEO?

That’s a ridiculous reason. Now, without Ghosn, Nissan doubles down on dragging its feet on EVs.

Because they were being super duper responsive before, right?

And now GM sounds like they’re canceling the Volt. Hell of a day for EVs. Here’s the link.

Yes, they are cutting and running, which is to be expected.
As Tesla grows legacy makers shrink.


Ghosn ousting Means the End of the EV for the Alliance …

Legacy makers are in a lot of hot water. All of the ev followers are lucky to be here at the turning of the tide.

We all forget that the Japanese Gov’t funds and backs FCVs and Toyota and Honda are the main proponents of FCVs,Nissan being the sole BEV booster of BEVs with Carlos Ghosn at Nissans helm ,the Japanese Gov’t sure does not want a foreigner taking Nissan far forward leaving its 2 big car companies in the dust.Call me a conspiracy theorist but that’s what it looks like.

There are the ones that arrested Ghosn.

OK, “you’re a conspiracy theorist” – but that doesn’t mean you are wrong about this particular conspiracy, I agree it stinks, if you have bad news you try to bury it with good news not postpone it … or cancel it? 🙂

“Nissan Postpones Launch Of 60-kWh LEAF e-Plus”

Major Blunder

Gotta agree but could it be the new car just wasn’t ready for prime time? Offering a car that has bugs would be an even bigger blunder.

Reasonable. CEO crisis could spill onto the car. Waiting few weeks and letting new CEO intrude it can alleviate bad PR.

I agree. Smart PR move to delay this introduction by at least a week or two … any headlines that the introduction would generate this week would be tagged hand-in-hand with the negative Ghosn news. Might be able to generate a positive narrative in a few weeks with a new CEO in place.

Me thinks it’s just an excuse for not releasing the car just yet. It has already been delayed and I bet it has more to do with battery pack supply and/or the deal negotiated with LG Chem for the cost and number of packs (and associated TM, BMS, etc.). LG can now afford to squeeze the legacy OEMs.

My Leaf’s battery exploded and burnt the car to a cinder. Don’t buy one. They will not help you, or admit that it happened, which the firemen who put it out assured me that it did start at the battery and that they’d seen it many times. It was not charging or even being used for a couple of weeks. It can happen to these batteries without warning and could have been fatal had I been driving it.

You have my sympathies.

Sympathy for your imagined loss.

It’s hard to say.

Don’t be so mean, maybe just don’t comment.

Sounds like an anti-EV troll. I mean, after all, gasoline cars NEVER catch on fire, right?

First send pictures, and then we talk!

While I always like to give someone new to posting here the benefit of the doubt, at the same time it seems highly unlikely that any individual fireman has “seen it many times” when it comes to EV battery fires. Such events are still so rare as to qualify as news, as opposed to gasmobile fires, which are quite common.

Better not buy an ICE car then they burst into flames at a rate 11x that of EVs.

Nissan was the first car maker to sell 30k plug in cars in a single year in the US with the Leaf, way back in 2014. Since then, nothing.
That 30k is pretty amazing, considering that no other car maker has sold that many plug in cars of a single model (US sales) until this year, when Tesla did it with the 3.
How the mighty have fallen.
Nissan could have brought a longer range Leaf to the market long ago, and by failing to do so, they left the door wide open for Tesla to dominate the market with a car that still costs substantially more than the Leaf or the Bolt. Nissan could have been the low end of a low/high mix, but chose not to compete.
GM tried to hit the middle of the market but fielded an underwhelming vehicle with the Bolt.
The next year or two appear to be all about Tesla.

Nissan has introduced multiple upgrades to the range of the Leaf over the years. From the initial ~80 mile range, to ~ 105 mile range, to ~150 miles now. They deserve some credit for the improvements over the years, though we all wish they did more, and cheaper. LOL

Os built longer range EV with their premium brand Infinity.

Why underwhelming? A fairly roomy small car that gets 250 miles for 35K and has a record of reliability is rather remarkable.

With the green champion Mr. Carlos Ghosn out of Nissan, we will never see 60 KWh or TMS version of Leaf.
With Volt confirmed dead, its timeline buddy: Leaf will also go away. Many CEOs are anti-EV.

Don’t worry guys: Tesla is there, BYD is there, BAIC is there and so is BMW. A whole lot of EVs will be hitting the market soon.

Very doubtful. I’d say the 60kwh Leaf is pretty much ready to go, and it will be released.

Smart PR move to delay it for a little bit, IMO. The negative news surrounding Ghosn is overwhelming right now. Let that pass, get new leadership in place, and introduce the new Leaf as part of a positive change in direction.

Carlos gave Nissan the Mojo they had.

The CEO they have currently is a yes man, and hardly a leader.

I won’t call this a smart move.

If they really want to go with the new Leaf, they would have delay the reveal of Goshn misconduct after the release of the 60 kWh Leaf a couple of week or month until they find somebody who could carry on.

Or if they really want Goshn out, they should have prepare a quick turn around, and showing that the man was not so valuable.

But really IDK.

I thought the SOP for management snafus was to create a distraction. The Leaf release might be used to change the narrative if it is only delayed by a couple weeks. Putting it off any longer smells of a conspiracy, whether or not one exists.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

The Leaf 60kWh would be a really big deal. It’s their EV future.
It would make sense that they’d want a launch led by the new head, in order to show that they are still a big EV player.

But right now they are showing they are NOT.
Else they would just introduce the 60 without further ado, showing a new, massively improved is what Nissan simply does before breakfast.

The whole event would have hinged off ghosn presentation.

The Ghosn story is not a credible explanation at all for postponing the new Leaf launch indeed, it is an explanation that is absurd.

Well, the only reason I can think of is if Ghosn had planned to give a speech at the reveal and now nobody knows who to replace him with?

I’ve been trying for some time to figure out what the heck Nissan was doing with the 60kWh Leaf, given that they’ve been shipping 40kWh pack Leafs for weeks. The unofficial story for a while was that the E-plus was going to be an additional trim level (in addition to the S, SV, and SL), which never made sense to me. Neither did a wholesale replacement, as in making all Leafs or all SLs, say, 60kWh. And making it an option always felt like something Nissan wouldn’t want to do.

I guess we’ll have to hang on a bit longer to find out what they’re really up to.

This makes exactly 0 sense.
IF the car and battery capacity are ready, what better thing to remind people there is more to Nissan than a criminal as a CEO than this new model that should FINALLY put them on comparable footing to Bolt and Model 3.

May translation: if we anounce the new 60 version the 40 will be dead and this bad because we simply cannot ship the Leaf 60 yet.

The rest is a smokescreen.

The pr event is postponed till they can let the dust settle.

The car is ready

They killed the momentum.

As soon as Tesla releases the M3 on the cheap, they are screwed.

They’re already years late with TMS.

The 60 kWh car has TMS.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

and it’s years late!

They were looking for a reason not to bring it.

60-kWh version will come out eventually. But I fear that the LEAF is dead without Ghosn at RNM.

The planning and presentation as to the Nov 28 unveiling would have had him as the main man.

Too close to get someone else up to speed when they actually haven’t appointed.

Why? There are plenty of professionals on the Nissan board. Surely one of them knows how to stand on a stage and same some words.

We don’t know what additional Video presentation, that was possibly planned to be shown in the Nov. 28th EVents, in Yokohama and Amsterdam. It is possible that it might have included Nissan’s Mr. G in the video, in some capacity.

Also, printed Press Releases need to be updated, and whatever else that may need the proper adjustments, and/or alterations.

My thoughts exactly. There is a lot of detail that goes into launches and its not simply a case of the next guy in line can speak instead.

…as we know from the last unveiling, apparently all you need to know is TWO words:
The rest you can call lipstick on a pig (without telling you that it’s a pig, of course).

Depend how long Nissan have been investigating on him.

7 months.

Why? LEAF sales have been dropping. The LEAF is increasingly becoming obsolete. Do something!

Just a smokescreen for battery supply and performance problems

Those LG Chem batteries, that are about to be delivered to Nissan in decent numbers in Smyrna Tennessee, from the SK plant, are going to need to be installed and out the door, before it starts to become an additional 60 kWh Leaf manufacturing extended warehouse inventory expense item.

Any significant delay over 60 days, would suggest that Nissan Corporate is now conveniently using the dismissed Mr. Goshen as their opportune, Late 2019 e-Plus Leaf, fall guy.

Nissan is pulling an Audi. Sack your director prior to conviction, then delay your product launch.

Look what happened to the etron. Still hasn’t been delivered to customers.

So…exactly like the much vaunted $35K Tesla?

That doesn’t make sense. They need to launch the car as soon as possible because of competition. Shows strength to launch the car while company has trouble

They’ve delayed the launch event (reveal), not the actual car!
Now in consultations with Audi about how to handle this situation 🙂

There’s a European article about the cancelled launch where a Nissan exec clearly states the release date has not changed only the launch date, or the date the new car is presented to the media. As for cancelling the launch, I can easily understand it as you don’t want to be fielding questions about issues other then the car you’re there to talk about.

I don’t know. They’ve delayed before. Seems like Ghosn could just be an excuse for an on-going technical delay.

1) Nissan sells battery production plant
2) Raises prices on leaf replacement batteries
3) Ghosn gets arrested
4) 60 kw delay…..

Fishy ????????

Nissan SUCKS I am giving up on them as far as I am concerned are not a player.

Everyone calm down. I just spoke with my Nissan rep. They are only delaying the unveiling.

From past experience we know that what Nissan reps are told is not always the truth. Most of the time they know ****all. Hope that’s not the case with yours! 🙂

It always seemed rather strange that Nissan would update their car in two consecutive years. If they hope to stay competitive however they better not drag their feet too long. There are some very interesting cars on their way in the next year or so.

Yes, I found that very strange too. Doesn’t necessarily mean that’s related to this delay, though.

OMG. WTF does ousting Ghosn (or not) have to do with Nissan’s business strategy for moving towards making and selling more compelling EVs?

What a disaster! This is a real setback for the EV revolution.

Over-react much? They delayed a PR event, not production or sales.

Yes, this delay is almost irrelevant in the big scheme of things. Model 3 standard range is going to be postponed a couple of times more and the world will keep spinning.

Goshn killed Goshn.
No conspiracy theories needed here.

The Tin Foil Hat stuff is just so LICE-e HOT!

It’s just darn too hard to resist, with my Jiffy Pop!

How much is it to make bail for Carlos?

Instead of going into Ghosn pockets the money should have Ghosn into the developed of a LTMS for the Leaf, and some better batteries.

Gosh, I think you might be onto something.😉

Advantage now goes to Hyundai/Kia in the U.S., when S.K. can actually get around to shipping some serious LG Chem EV Kona/Niro numbers.

The Lack Luster Leaf is Lost to Lousy Legacy ICE New CEO’s.

For me they are still undecided about the charge port to give to the Leaf. Probably they weren’t even thinking about it just a few months ago but the rapid developement of Ionity and Electrify America, and the fact that Tesla Model 3 in Europe will be equipped with CCS, are creating some doubts about the effectiveness of sticking with Chademo.

I don’t think Ghosn dismissal is related only to the Leaf delay (conflict between Renault and Nissan about their Alliance surely is the main reason) but they knew ousting the man behind the Leaf’s idea, who happened to also be the CEO and the person expected to make a speech at the unveiling, was a logical way to justify that.

Yeah right. It’s just more BS from Nissan as it won’t sell the longer range until 2020 at the earliest in order to not jeopardize sells of it’s ICE cars.

There is no need to make a big deal about it. If the car is ready, send the news to the 10 largest newspapers and online magazines. Then film an unveiling, and stream ti to youtube. Give the 20 people invited a change to drive it, and they they’re done.
It’s just a car, and they need a car with that range too – to show potential competitiors that they are doing.

Boy at this rate it should show up about the same time you can get a 35,000$ Model 3. I always thought the 35,000$ M3 makes the Leaf and Bolt 30000$ cars. Heck Tesla is already out selling these cars by almost 20:1 with a 10000$ price premium and no lease options. Hard to make any money with a depressed price against a company that is/may be willing to sell as many cars as people want.

Nissan sales nosedived 22% and Leaf sales also declined as prospective customers would have shied away because of the unfair arrest of Mr. Carlos Ghosn.

The much expected Variable Compression technology that went into Altima MY-2019 did not give any sales boost, instead sales declined 36%. Unless some type of electrification (at least full hybrid) is introduced, the mileage will not improve.

They deserve this punishment.

If you have some proof his arrest was ‘unfair’ then you should probably share it with us.

Nissan already planned to launch 60 KWh version of Leaf and all logistics should have been put in place, so why should it be postponed. Its the decision of saikawa san who does not like any type of electrified vehicles. For a while Leaf will hold the worldwide sales lead at 375,000 mark, but it may fall by end of 2019 as some chinese vehicle could capture it.

Who cares what they say or when they say it. Let a product loose on the market and let it speak for itself.

Update on the update ….. according to Electrive.net (German) and mentioned from Electrek:
The Leaf 2.1 “E-Plus” with 60 KWH battery and 149KW motor will be introduced at the CES in Las Vegas starting Jan-08, 2019.

And it will NOT have liquid cooling !!! – just a passive air cooling with a fan blowing outside air (whatever ambient temperature) on the pack. Good luck for this in Arizona, Nevada etc.. in summer.