Nissan Positively Responds To UK’s £500 Million Electric Vehicle Initiative


Nissan LEAF at Sunderland, UK Factory

Nissan LEAF at Sunderland, UK Factory

According to Sunderland Echo, Nissan applauds the UK’s £500 Million Electric Vehicle Initiative for 2015-2020 timeframe.

The Japanese company has in Sunderland a factory that produces European LEAFs and batteries.

This is not strange if we take into consideration that Nissan is benefiting probably the most from current batch if incentives. LEAF sales in UK surged to new high and accounted for almost half of the Plug-in Car Grant claims in Q1. This £5,000 grant will be extended to 2020 and with £200 million reserved for 40,000 cars, Nissan could see the benefits from £100 million of those funds.

As the Sunderland Echo reports:

“Nissan is at the forefront of the UK’s pure electric vehicle market, boasting the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf and the 100 per cent electric e-NV200 van, which is due for launch in June,” said a spokesman. “With this in mind, Nissan welcomes today’s commitment from the Government to bolster the uptake of electric vehicles beyond 2015.”

“It is particularly pleasing to see the continuation of purchase incentives for plug-in cars and the introduction of measures that will enhance infrastructure and help to create the right environment for electric vehicles in the UK.”

Nissan, and others, will benefit from incentives on charging infrastructure.

The second part of the the Sunderland Echo article is on a Sunderland Royal Hospital doctor becoming the first person in the North East to pass his driving test in a Nissan LEAF.  Now that’s interesting too.

Source: Sunderland Echo

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Especially now that they recently switched from being an oil exporter to an oil importer, the UK would be very wise to reduce their dependence on oil.

I was reading a book called Twilight in the Desert about the oil peak. And in the book the salutation in the UK is a lot worse then they are trying to say it is. In that they should have used the oil in the North Sea for their county but they spent it all in exports. So they are almost running on E when it comes to oil around England’s sea costs.

A massive program with a few 100,000 EV’s getting on the road is exactly what they need to fix this bad set up.

This is great news! I’m glad more and more companies are investing into the future of electric cars.