Nissan Offers Free Gas to Show Drivers What It’s Like to Own an Electric Vehicle


In celebration of National Plug In Day, Nissan is kicking off the festivities by offering free gas at 4 fueling stations in the US.



The idea is to “provide local drivers with a taste of what it’s like to eliminate the cost of gas by offering free fill-up,” says Nissan.

We rather like this idea, but giving away free gas alone will not convert ICE drivers over to electric.  All locations have experienced (naturally) a huge surge in customers today!

Nissan knows this and will encourage those free gas drivers to “calculate their potential yearly savings from going gas-free using an online tool (with help from a Nissan representative and an iPad).”

By the time you read this, most of the free gas offers will have ended (not that it matters to us though, as we mostly drive only plug ins, right?)

  • Nashville – 12pm – 4pm (regional time)
  • Los Angeles – 12pm- 4pm (regional time)
  • Atlanta – 12pm – 4pm (regional time)
  • San Francisco – 2pm -4pm (regional time)

Anyways, it’s not the free gas (locations listed below) we care about.  It’s the spreading of the EV word.

United Oil Gas Station in  LA

United Oil Gas Station in LA


Los Angeles:

United Oil

4700 W. Slauson Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90056

San Francisco:

Shell Gas Station

1201 Harrison St.

San Francisco, CA 94103


BP Gas Station

610 Spring St. Northwest

Atlanta, GA 30308


Exxon Gas Station

1111 Broadway St.

Nashville, TN 37203

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9 Comments on "Nissan Offers Free Gas to Show Drivers What It’s Like to Own an Electric Vehicle"

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Definite WTF.
They should offer discounted gas instead.

I think Chevy/Holden did this first for the Volt.

Making it totally free was just silly. They should have made it 25% the current price of gas.

Then, when people are all like “why?” perhaps it would dawn on them that driving electric could cost them only about 1/4 of what they currently pay to guzzle gas. At least then the stunt we have actually been educational.

What a silly promo!

Lol….. no comment

Another way to save gas is traveling through bus. Take a look here
They offer many fun bus tours.

Copy cats….
Holden Australia did that with the Volt – just charged them $2.50 as that’s what it would cost to
charge a Volt with Electricity!

Actually this is brilliant. Yes, I know Holden did this in Australia but unless you are an avid EV follower, you aren’t going to know this if you live in the USA. And considering what a television ad costs, this is probably cheaper and will make headlines and get a lot of people talking.